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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February: A Month Long Celebration Of Love

Welcome to AstroSage's Monthly Newsletter. We are giving you the February Newsletter comprising all the important events taking place in this month. February, the month of love and romance is the most awaited month of every year, as it is the owner of Valentine’s Day. It is the day when the air seems fresher, flowers appear brighter and sky is painted with the color of love, red.

Welcoming February, the month of love

Valentine’s Day fever starts with the beginning of February. Falling every year on the 14th of February, the day gives love birds a chance to express their love, feelings and emotions to their partner. Also known as the festival of lovers, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to live some very beautiful moments with the person close to the heart. Flowers and hugs are exchanged and chocolates are gifted with love and feelings.

February: It’s All About Love & Romance

With February being the month of love and emotions, a compatibility meter is a must. Whether you want to find your perfect match or the compatibility you both share, you can get answers to all with our compatibility tools. To make sure your Valentine 2014 is filled with love and romance, try our software now. 

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If you are planning your marriage in coming days and looking for a memorable day, why not schedule your special day on this Valentine? Match your horoscope with your would be horoscope and double up the celebrations of February 14. 

To match your horoscopes and check the most favorable marriage parameters, click here - Horoscope Matching

This Valentine, explore the intensity of love you both share with the help of your names. Yes, only names of you both can reveal a lot; in fact, all about your relation. Excited to know how? Well, it is simple and merely a task of seconds with our name compatibility tool. 

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Lovers, when in love, don’t leave any stone unturned to know how much they love each other. If you are also one of those madly-in-love couple, zodiac sign compatibility is exclusively for you. Click and judge the strength of your relation with ‘Sign Compatibility Tool’.

Good friends are not less than a family, as they are always there for our support and help. Valentine’s Day is not a day which you can celebrate with your partner only, but it’s also a day to enjoy with your best friend. Test your compatibility with your friends for life here - Friendship Compatibility

February Predictions

Don’t miss to check out your astrology predictions for the month of February. Click here to know your monthly horoscope - February Horoscope

Important Dates of February, 2014

Important Muhurat of February, 2014

(Stay tuned to AstroSage for the latest articles on upcoming festivals.)

Service Of The Month

Planning your marriage in February? What can be better than marrying your love on the day of love? Start the bond of happy married life this Valentine’s Day with our service of the month. Keeping in mind the theme of February, we present to you - Marriage & Love Analysis. Generate your love and marriage report at reasonable prices via AstroSage. 

In case you have planned everything about your marriage and a Shubh Muhurat is the only thing left, then here you get the best help of the month with our Muhurat service. Keeping in mind all the certainties of marriage Muhurat, you will get the best dates and time for your wedding day. Start your lifelong journey under the most favorable stars and Muhurat, and keep off all the negativity. 

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We hope this newsletter will be helpful to you. We will keep on sharing our endeavors, to help you lead a blissful life. 

Have a great month ahead!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome January 2014 With Astrology!

Welcome to AstroSage's Monthly Newsletter. With January being the first month of the year, we start the New Year of 2014. Everything new & improved is what should define this month. New plans, new resolutions, new ideas; bring it all with the start of a New Year. Give your life a kick start with this New Year. AstroSage brings to you some exciting services and details of important events taking place in this month. So, buckle up for a fantastic year ahead!

Welcome January

January - The New Year Begins! 

2014 is here! Time to start a New Year with new ideas and thoughts. Everybody should get a makeover for both body and mind. AstroSage brings to you all the important events and things lined up for the month of January such as horoscopes, transits and important dates of the month. Let’s start with having a look at how your stars favor the year 2014. 

Horoscopes For 2014

If the stars shine, you shine. AstroSage’s Horoscopes for 2014 tell you how your stars will shine in this New Year. Is 2014 the year your long awaited dreams will come true? Is this the year someone new will join you for a lifetime of togetherness? Know all this with Horoscope 2014. 

January Predictions

Don’t miss to check out your astrology predictions for the month of January. Click here to know your monthly horoscope - January 2014 Horoscope Predictions

Know All The Holidays For 2014 With Calendar 2014!

2014 has begun and yet another roller coaster ride is waiting for you all. So, hop on and enjoy the joy ride. New holidays, new events, new trips and so on. Plan your entire year well in advance and enjoy it just the way you want to with Calendar 2014. AstroSage’s wide variety of calendars have covered all the topics that are deemed important. Right from Regional, Chinese, US Holidays, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and what not! Every type of Calendar is available for you. 

Important Dates of January, 2014

Service Of The Month!

Muhurats For 2014 

Every occassion or task when done with family and friends is a special occasion. As such, rightful care should be taken to achieve e the desired results of that. With the help of Astrosage’s Muhurat for 2014, you can perfectly pick the desired muhurat and perform that task peacefully. 

Also, check out how the Share Market and Commodity Market will fare in 2014. 

Health & Fitness in 2014

Health is wealth. When you are healthy, you can move mountains. You will have the strength both physically and mentally to meet with any kind of challenging situation. So, do you have it in you? Will 2014 be in your favour? Know all this with the health of our Health & fitness analysis service.

We hope this newsletter must have helped you a lot. We will keep on sharing our endeavors with you, to help you lead a blissful life. 

Have a great month ahead!