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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day Gifts for You

Valentine’s Day 2014, the February 14, belongs to the love birds. St. Valentine gifted this day to us, which added the red hues of love and affection in our life. AstroSage has collected some gifts for you on this holy occasion...

Couples everywhere, red roses all around; 
This is Valentine’s Day, love is swirling around.
Valentine’s Day Gifts for You

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” 
~Emma Goldman

Arms of your sweetheart around, fragrance of your darling everywhere, life is so perfect, so complete. What if everything disappears in a flash? Grey clouds of isolation starts surrounding you?

Love belongs to the most sensitive emotions. A minor mistake can ruin everything in a lurch. Sometimes, it’s neither a mistake of you nor your darling’s; it is just about the situation. Sometimes, we even know that something wrong may happen, but we don’t give it a damn.

Indeed, the power of love is enough to deal with any difficulty. But, there is always a weak point of anything, be it you or your relationship. Once the hammer of bad time bangs your weak point, everything shatters down. 

Yes, we are sounding too depressing on this love filled day. It is because we want to see you in bliss always. You can prevent all these mishaps very easily and the resort is “Astrology”.

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Astrology can predict your future. It can even make things better if the hardships are foreseen. Many astrological services, paid or free, are available online. But, sometimes, you feel cheated when you don’t find the expected results out of them. But, here it is different.

We, at AstroSage, offer you most of the FREE services, so that you can get an idea of our work. Further, if you like our work and wish to know something personal in detail, you may take our paid services that are given directly by our proficient astrologers. On this Valentine’s Day, we would like to share some love life and marriage related FREE services here with you.

Easy To Fall - Easier To Maintain

People say that it is easy to fall in love, but is difficult to maintain. But, we don’t agree to this anymore. Because, we know astrology. 
Valentine’s Day

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Love doesn’t just come on February. It is like matter, which can neither be created nor destroyed. Love was always here, it is here and it will be here. We keep you updated about your love life with our love horoscopes. In order to stay updated about your love life a week advance, click here - AstroSage’s Weekly Love Horoscope

So, these were the gifts we had this Valentine’s Day. If you like our free services and wish to go in a little more detail about your love or married life, you may take our service here - Marriage & Love Analysis

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You must have heard that love just happens once, but very few of us have left faith in this quote. However, it is true. You may think many times in your life that you are in love, but you don’t realize that it is not always the truth. It actually happens once and when it happens, you finally get to know that yes it has happened. Also, you get to know about that feeling, which you can feel for the first time in life. Ultimately, you realize that that quote is true - “Love just happens once.”

Check out more on this month of love here - February: A Month Long Celebration Of Love

If you haven’t found the love of your life till now, follow the path of astrology and clear the way of bliss in your life.

We hope this little piece of information would be helpful to you. Utilize the best of it and change your life. Be blessed!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lohri 2014: Celebrating Fertility With Bonfire

In Punjab, the festival of Lohri will be observed on January 13, 2014. Lohri is considered to be the most important and most awaited day. People who belong to Punjabi community are mostly robust, fun-loving and enthusiastic by nature. The festival of Lohri symbolizes their enthusiasm for festive celebrations.

Lohri 2014

The festival of Lohri will be observed on January 13, 2014. With the first light of the New Year, people in India are all set to get started with the journey full of celebrations and festivals. The distinctive and perfectly assorted Indian culture is attracting the inhabitants to get closer to some of the very thrilling and enjoyable festivities. The commencement of these celebrations is to be initiated by the festival of Lohri. It is a festival related to harvesting and is celebrated annually in January. 

Legends And Traditions 

On the day of Lohri, little children demand for Lohri from their elders in the form of money and eatables such as Sesame seeds (Til), Gajak, Jaggery, Rewari and Peanuts, to name a few. The children also sing a festive song in praise of Dulla Bhatti. He is considered as the Punjabi Avatar of Robin Hood. He robbed the riches to assist the poor people. 

Performing Bonfire On Lohri

On the day of Lohri, as the sun sets in the evening, huge bonfires are lit in the harvested fields. A few people also perform this in the front yard of the house. At the time of Lohri celebration, a lot of people gather up at one place. They circle around the rising flames of fire and at this time, they throw edibles like puffed rice, popcorns, etc. While doing so, they say “Adar Aye Dilethar jaye”, by this they mean to pray that “may honor come and may poverty peter out”. 

At the time of celebrating the festival of Lohri, they also sing folk songs. Lohri is a festival in which people offer prayers to Agni (fire) to let their land get blessed with fertility and abundance. After they are done with the rounds around the bonfire (Parikrama), gift exchange ritual with relatives and friends begin. Once the Pooja and other related rituals are done, Prasad (holy food offering) is distributed to all the people present in the celebration. The most important part of this celebration is the Lohri Prasad, which includes sweets like Gajak and Rewri together with some other munchies such as peanuts, popcorns and jaggery. After that, all the guests are served with some traditional edibles like cooked mustard herbs with multi-millet chapattis for dinner.

The Traditional Performance

After getting done with all the related rituals, Bhangra, which is the traditional dance of Punjab, is performed by men. This celebration goes on till late night on the day of Lohri. These traditional touches add up more vigor and excitement to the festive mood.

Maghi: The Day Following Lohri

The day of Maghi falls on the next day of Lohri. This day signifies the commencement of Magh month. In accordance with the beliefs of Hindu religion, Maghi is considered to be the most auspicious day for taking a dip into the holy river together with doing some charity. Sweets such as Kheer (sweet rice porridge dessert) are prepared by adding sugar cane juice, rice and milk as Prasad for the day.

Showing Gratitude Toward The Harvest God 

The festival of Lohri comes up with a chance for the people to put aside all their tensions and worries. On this day, people get an opportunity to keep away from their hectic work schedules and to enjoy this festive day to the fullest. On this day, people offer prayers to the harvest God so their land could get the blessings to be amazingly fertile.

Hope you will have a great time this Lohri 2014. Stay tuned to AstroSage for more such interesting stuff.

Happy Lohri 2014!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

With warm wishes for the New Year 2014, AstroSage family would like to offer something to all of you. On this occasion, we are delighted to offer you the gifts we have collected for 2014. Find your surprise below!

Happy New year 2014

New Year comes with many new hopes, expectations, resolutions and lots of excitement. Whole-heartedly, we prepare ourselves to welcome the ‘New Year’ with an incredible zeal and gusto. Indeed, this occasion is special, more like welcoming a new born baby to this world. We understand your excitement for the ‘New Year’. Everyone of us wants to know how the new year will be. Also, we sometimes get confused with the ideas of ‘New Year Eve’. Not only this, the confusion arises again when we start finding gifts for our loved ones; so many things to do on this one occasion. You need not go panicky. Our exclusive article on this beautiful occasion will come to your rescue; please have a look - Happy New Year 2014!

Let’s now begin with the chain of surprises we have to offer you:

Horoscope 2014: Know how your entire year will be, with AstroSage’s Horoscope for 2014. This horoscope has been written by our proficient astrologer. Please utilize it and stay planned!

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On this special occasion, we resolve to offer you the best astrology services. Stay tuned to for our upcoming updates in 2014. Subscribe our astrology blogYouTube channel to stay updated with us.

The AstroSage family wishes you a “Very Happy New Year 2014”. Stay blessed!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AstroSage’s New Year Newsletter

New year 2014
With new year right around the corner, we bring you some amazing new year surprises & services, that will be perfect way to start your new year 2014. AstroSage brings to you different services that will assist you in all the aspects of your life. We also have Calendars for 2014, that will help you keep your 2014 organised and well sorted. 

With new year, comes new year resolutions. So, what is your resolution for this new year? Having trouble in deciding? Then have a look at our New Year 2014 article. 

Click here to have a look at what New year has to offer - New Year 2014

Let’s start with knowing the auspicious Muhurat for all the important events for 2014. You can also check out, how the share market and commodity market fares in 2014. 

Know how your chances are with the share market in 2014. Will it rise? Or, will it drop? Our Share Market Prediction for 2014 will tell you. 

Our day-to-day living depends on how our commodity market fare. And 2014, is yet another gamble with the market prices. Let’s see what astrology predicts about the Commodity Market Status in 2014.

With Annaprashan Muhurat for 2014, find out the perfect day to make your baby’s first meal a special one. 

With Vivah Muhurat for 2014, find out the perfect day to tie the holy knot with the love of your life. 

With Namkaran Muhurat for 2014, find out the most auspicious time to bestow your little one with the perfect name. 

With Karnvedh Muhurat for 2014, find out the most auspicious time to perform your child’s ear piercing ceremony. 

With Chaulmundan Muhurat for 2014, find out the most auspicious time to perform your child’s Mundan ceremony.

With Griha Pravesh Muhurat for 2014, find out the most auspicious date to perform the house warming ceremony Puja for your dream house. 

With Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat for 2014, choose the perfect time to begin your child's most precious part of his/her life, Education (Vidya).

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start your work? Then, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga Muhurat for 2014 or Amrit Siddhi yoga in 2014 or Pushya amrit Yoga in 2014 will be the perfect time to perform that task to ensure success.

Horoscope For 2014

Horoscope 2014 Next, we have for you one of the most sought after topics for the new year. Horoscopes 2014 are here to get you a kick start ahead of everyone else. Our horoscopes are available in English, Hindi as well as other regional languages. We have covered all the aspects of your life with concise and precise content. So, make use of our horoscope for 2014 to the best. 

Calendar For 2014

Calendar 2014
Calendars provides you a perfect sketch of all the events lined up ahead. With this, you can plan your schedule well in advance and make sure to enjoy each and every event to the fullest.

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New Year Services From AstroSage!

Services Start your new year with AstroSage’s various services. We provide services concerning every aspect of your life. Be it career, family or finance; everything is made available to you by AstroSage. So, make the best of it. 

We will keep on sharing information with you on our new updated stuff. Stay tuned to AstroSage for more such interesting things, informations & FREEwares. Utilize the best of our services and stay blessed!