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Skanda Sashti in 2019: Mantras To Appease Lord Kartikeya

Appease Lord Kartikeya with Skanda Sashti fast, attain happiness & success! Know the importance of the fast, mythological legend and entire worshipping rituals.

Skand Shashti, also known as Skanda Shashti, is a festival celebrated every year in South India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. Like other Indian festivals, this festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil. The natives worship Lord Murugan, Subramanya and Kartikeya, sons of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, on this day. According to the Skanda Purana, fasting on Skanda Sashti holds special significance and this fast is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya.
Skanda Sashti in 2019

As we have told you that the fast of Skanda Sashti is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, the son of Shiva-Parvati, which is celebrated for six days. In the year 2019, this festival begins on Wednesday, 4 September. In North India, Lord Kartikeya is called the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, whereas in South India, natives worship Lord Murugan as their son. Especially in the provincial states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. in South India, there is a provision to worship Lord Kartikeya, which is also known as Skanda Shashti Puja.

The festival of Skanda Sashti celebrates the birth of Lord Murugan and destruction of the Asuras. Hence, anyone who worships the Lord with true devotion gets rid of his/her sufferings and attains happiness and prosperity. Every year on this six-day festival, all the devotees gather in large numbers in the temples of Lord Kartikeya. On this occasion, grand processions are also organized at many places. Apart from this, the famous temples of South India like Thirupparamkunram Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Subramaniam and located at the Udupi and Palani Hills, organize special poojas for six days on this festival. A huge fair is also organized in many places.

Skanda Sashti & Its Religious Significance

Skanda Purana is a sacred scripture like all other eighteen Puranas. According to Skanda Purana, in the mythological time, Tarakasura, Surpadma, and Simhamukha defeated the Devtas with their divine powers and chased them away from Heaven to Earth. By conquering the Heaven, those demons started terrorizing the Earth by torturing the Devtas and humans. 

Of the three demons Tarakasura, Surapadma, Simhamukha, Esurpadma had attained a boon from Lord Mahadeva that no god or man could kill him except the son of Lord Shiva. The terror of the Demons was increasing day by day. On the other hand, Lord Shiva was extremely upset due to Goddess Sati getting engulfed in fire, and as a result, immersed in severe austerity. The demons took full advantage of this situation, as they were aware of the fact that none other than Lord Shiva can stop their deeds.

Troubled by the increasing terror, all the Gods and Goddesses went to Lord Brahma for his help. At their request, Lord Brahma requested Lord Kama Dev to awaken Lord Shiva from his tenacity. However, everyone knew very well that it is not an easy task to wake up Mahadev. There were a lot of risks, as it was difficult for anyone to escape the wrath of Lord Shiva. But to control the worsening situation, Lord Kama decided to go ahead and attained success in his efforts. However, due to the disturbance caused in his tenacity, Lord Shiva's Third Eye got opened wide due to his anger, which consumed Lord Kamdev with its fierce fire.

It is believed that at that time, Lord Shiva's body was dismembered into six parts, which fell into the Ganges River. Then, Goddess Ganga kept those six fractions of Lord Shiva in the jungle. Many years later, Goddess Parvati created six sons of Lord Mahadev, one of them being Lord Murugan.

The Skanda Purana depicts Lord Murugan in many forms. According to it:-

  • Lord Murugan has one face, and two hands.
  • According to the second form, he has four hands and one face.
  • According to the third form, he has six faces and twelve hands.

When Goddess Parvati was creating Lord Murugan, the terror of Demons was increasing day by day. Adding to it, they had held several Devtas and Devis captive. Observing this, Lord Murugan decided to put an end to all of it, and challenged the Demons for a battle, which lasted for days. On the last day, Lord Murugan finally killed the demon Surpadma and saved the world and Gods.

The day the Asuras were terminated was the day of Skanda Sashti, which established the fact about the Good triumphing over Evil. Since then, it is believed that the people of South India celebrate this festival with great reverence every year to celebrate this victory.

Since Lord Murugan is known by many names in many different states like Kartikeya, Murugan Swami and Skanda. Hence, this day is known as Skanda Shashti

Things To Remember During Skanda Sashti

Do not consume meat or alcohol during these six days.
During this time, many people avoid using onion, garlic etc.
Those who fast on Skanda Sashti must recite Lord Murugan, Kanta Shashthi Kavasam and Subramanya Bhujangam Path.
During this time, visit the Lord Murugan's temple in the morning and worship him.
Throughout the fast, nothing should be eaten. However, if this is not possible, then you can have one meal or fruit diet throughout the day.
Fasting for all six days of Skanda Sashti is considered to be auspicious.
Several natives who are fasting drink coconut water for six days.
During this time, the native should avoid lying, fighting and quarreling.

Appease Lord Murugan With These Mantras On Skanda Sashti

According to the scriptures, worshiping Lord Murugan with these mantras during Skanda Sashti is very auspicious. Chanting these mantras brings happiness in married life.

  • ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विधमहे: महा सैन्या धीमहि तन्नो स्कंदा प्रचोदयात। / oṃ tatpuruṣāya vidhamahe: mahā sainyā dhīmahi tanno skaṃdā pracodayāta।
  • ॐ शारवाना-भावाया नम: ज्ञानशक्तिधरा स्कंदा वल्लीईकल्याणा सुंदरा, देवसेना मन: कांता कार्तिकेया नामोस्तुते। / oṃ śāravānā-bhāvāyā nama: jñānaśaktidharā skaṃdā vallīīkalyāṇā suṃdarā, devasenā mana: kāṃtā kārtikeyā nāmostute।

We hope that Lord Murugan gives you immense happiness and prosperity on Skanda Sashti 2019 festival. We wish you a happy future.

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