Valentine's Day Special: Best Gift Ideas for Beloved

Valentine's Day Special- Make the day special for your beloved by using these tips! 

Valentine's Day, is annually celebrated on 14th February internationally, and honour love, loyalty and selflessness. In India, this festival has gained massive following due to its romantic nature and influential universal approach. Couples express their heartfelt feelings to their partners and renew their vows of love.

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Valentine’s Day as per Vedic Astrology

On the day of Valentine’s Day, Moon will remain posited in the sign Taurus under the Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is known to be a lover and represents compassion, romance, thoughts, love for country, family life and personal matters. Hindu mythology says that the Moon loved Rohini the most out of all 27 daughters of Daksha he married. This is the reason why this day becomes more special. Being the closest nakshatra, it symbolizes love, beauty, care, satisfaction, lust, passion, and possessiveness.

On the V-Day, planet Venus, the ruling lord of Taurus sign, will also impact the lives of natives, hence making them sensitive, emotional and filled with feelings and aspirations. Also, fifth house in a birth chart indicates love-related matters. Therefore, the combination of planets and nakshatras will definitely influence your birth sign. 

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Lucky Colour & Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Let’s read the astrological impact and know what actions you must follow to make this day more beautiful and special. Find out best gifts to give to your valentine and what lucky color you must wear.


For Aries natives, the fifth house of their kundli is the house of love and governed by zodiac sign Leo, whose ruling planet is Sun. On Valentine’s Day, Sun will be posited in your 11th house, which represents fulfilment of desires and new relationships. Hence, your every wish will be fulfilled. If single, there are chances of meeting new people and initiating new relationships. Though, try and remain patient, and do not hyper-react in any way.

  • What to Wear: You should wear thick thread garments such as jeans, woolen clothes, coats or jackets.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Orangish Red, Copper and Rust on this day.
  • Gift: You can gift any branded merchandise to your lover and make them feel special and loved.


In your kundli, fifth house represents love and relationships and is ruled by Virgo, whose sign lord is Mercury. On the day of Valentine’s, Mercury will be in your 10th house, which is a house of extrovertness, straightforwardness and expression. Hereby, on this day, you’ll speak out loud and express your feelings confidently. You’ll be rather direct with your words and speak your heart and mind than communicate through any medium. On a contrary, don’t go overboard and maintain the decency. Being direct doesn’t mean scaring the other person away with your over-enthusiasm.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear funky clothes and accessorize it with chunky rings or earrings.
  • Lucky Color: Use different shades of Green when dressing up to meet your beloved.
  • Gift: Buy soft toys such as plushy teddy bear or dolls to gift your beloved. 


5th house, which tells about love, is occupied by Libra zodiac sign. Venus rules Libra sign, and will be placed in the seventh house on the V-Day. This planet is the factor for serious relations, marriage and new relationships. Hence on the love day, there is a possibility of single natives engaging in a new relationship. Those who are committed or married, the day will be highly filled with love and affection, as Venus naturally owns the seventh house (house of marriage and spouse). You need to keep a check on your behaviour and avoid being hasty or rude.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear flamboyant dresses such as golden jacket or silver top to showcase their passion.
  • Lucky Color: Get a silver-coloured outfit mixed with shades of bling. 
  • Gift: Gift beautiful flowers to your lover on Valentine’s Day.


In the kundli of Cancer natives, Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is posited in the fifth house of love. On 14 February 2019, Mars will be seen in 10th house. This planet represents passion, energy and anger, and as a result of its influence, natives can witness some low moments throughout the day. You can get aggressive or behave badly with your loved one. So, watch out for it, remain calm and express your care nicely.

  • What to Wear: Wear leather outfits such as a leather jacket or pants.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour to wear on Valentine’s Day is Blood Red and Maroon.
  • Gift: Buy electronic gadgets for your beloved that can work as a cherry on cake if s/he is tech-savvy.


We analyse the fifth house of Leo natives to know more about their love life. Sagittarius is the 5th sign/house of their kundli and Jupiter governs this zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jupiter will remain in the fourth house on this main day. This house depicts your inner feelings, intuition and emotions. Hence it would be a day which will highlight your emotions for your beloved, hereby strengthening your relationship. Keep in mind not to overthink at any cost, as it can hinder your actions and love.

  • What to Wear: Dress simply on the V-Day or try wearing traditional clothes to mark an impression.
  • Lucky Color: Light or Normal Yellow is the colour of the day for you. 
  • Gift: Gift interesting books and witness that shine in your lover’s eyes.


Capricorn is placed in your fifth house, which represents passion, romance and love life. This sign is governed by Shani, which is a factor for lethargic nature, sorrow and delays. On Valentine’s Day, it will remain in your 4th house, which is the house of happiness and home. Hence, this day can result in delays or conflicts in your relationship. Avoid getting frustrated and try not to ruin your beloved’s mood as well.

  • What to Wear: Wear stylish faded, ripped or distressed jeans with a smart T-Shirt or shirt for a powerful impact.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Black colour on your date with your love.
  • Gift: Gifting Dark chocolates to the one will definitely make your day sweeter.


For Libra’s, their fifth house of love is ruled by Aquarius zodiac sign, whose governing planet is Shani. On V-Day, Shani will be in your 3rd house, which represents courage and short distance. Hence you’ll go on short-distance travels with your lover, such as overnight trips etc. Also, you’ll gain courage to speak about your true feelings to your crush. Don’t hold yourself back and just go for it. You might act possessively with your beloved or crush on the day of love. Be careful about acting in such a manner, as after a limit, things can go wrong.

  • What to Wear: Wear thick, cotton clothes made of Khaki or Chinos.
  • Lucky Color: Black or Blue coloured outfits will make you look attractive.
  • Gift: Gifting Chocolate cake to your beloved will definitely make your day better.


To know about one’s love life and relations, astrologers analyse the fifth house. For Scorpio natives, Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, is posited in this house. Jupiter is the planet which shows our true feelings for our loved ones and on Valentine’s Day, it will be placed in your Lagna house. This house tells us about our overall personality, nature and physical features. Hence, Scorpios are advised to keep it simple and avoid any kind of flashiness. Just be yourself and do not try to make something else out of things. Also, try dressing up simple and change your overall look. Things will turn out to be very rewarding for you.

  • What to Wear: Scorpios can dress in simple, fine and brand new clothes.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Yellow or light yellow colour on your date will definitely attract your lover.
  • Gift: Gifting something related to music such as CDs, music album or musical gadget will be ideal.


Planet Mars is the lord of zodiac sign Aries, which rules the fifth house of love, in your kundli. On Valentine’s Day, Mars will remain posited in the fifth house only, resulting in an energetic and passionate day for Sagittarius lovers. As a result, the day will prove to be lucky for the natives. Closeness between you and your partner will increase, and your relationship will strengthen. You’ll find yourself fiercely attracted to your lover.

  • What to Wear: Wear camouflage clothes such as military print clothes to mark a strong presence.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour for the V-Day can be Maroon and Dark Green.
  • Gift: You can buy a ticket to an amusement park or any sport-related arena, like ice skating and go with your beloved.


The fifth house in the kundli of Capricorn natives can be analysed to know about love, relationships and romance. This house is obtained by Taurus zodiac sign, whose ruling lord is Venus. On Valentine’s Day, Venus will be placed in your 12th house, which is a factor for loss and separation. As a result, the day doesn’t seem favourable from love point of view. You may suffer from a loss of relationship on this day or get separated from your lover. In order to save your relationship, you must not argue or suppress your partner in any way. Keep your emotions in control and try not to overreact.

  • What to Wear: Wear something trendy and creative. Ditch your old jeans and hop into something stylish.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Pink colour on Valentine’s can make your day better.
  • Gift: Surprise your lover by taking him/her on a romantic movie date. You can watch a romantic play at a theatre.


Mercury planet rules the zodiac sign Gemini, which comes in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. Fifth house is the house of romance and love. On Valentine’s Day, this planet will get placed in the first house or Lagna itself. Lagna bhava represents one’s personality and nature, whereas Mercury reflects majorly on your thinking and your way of speaking. Vedic Astrology suggests that the native must get rid of their narrow mindedness and set the beloved free while giving him/her some space. Don’t try to cage your beloved with limitations. The day will turn out to be good, as you’ll get ample opportunities to declare your love in front of your lover and express your real emotions.

  • What to Wear: Wear fitted clothings like dresses or jeans. You can also wear short-sized clothes such as capris or shorts.
  • Lucky Color: Try to experiment with Sea Green colour when styling yourself for the big day.
  • Gift: What’s better than gifting a beautiful and classy watch to your lover on V-Day!


Moon, the representative for feelings, love and caring nature, rules the Cancer sign. This sign gets into the fifth house of love for Pisces natives. On the day of Valentine’s, Moon will be in your third house, and as a result, you’ll come across opportunities to show your real, caring nature to your beloved. This will be the perfect time for making your beloved feel that you are serious and dedicated for him/her. Apart from this, don’t let others poke into your personal matters in case something isn’t going right between you two. Rather, be straight and speak out your feelings.

  • What to Wear: Dress formally and surprise your lover with a new look. Go for the classic look comprising of a crisp shirt, fitted trousers and a blazer or coat.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing any light colour on this day will do wonders. 
  • Gift: Get a personalised gift like keychain with your lover’s name engraved on it or heart shaped pillow.

Hope you’ve liked our article and find the perfect gift to give to your beloved. Wishing you and your loved one Happy Valentine's Day.

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Paush Purnima 2019 Vrat: Rituals & Significance

Tomorrow, on January 21, the first Purnima of 2019 will be celebrated as Paush Purnima. Know how this fast can make your life prosperous.

On Purnima or Full Moon day during the Paush month, taking a dip is considered propitious. As per Hindu calendar, the full moon day of this month is a day dedicated to fasting and charity. On this auspicious day, people around the world gather near the banks of holy rivers to take a bath and free themselves from the sins of their past life. The month of Paush is dedicated to Lord Sun and Purnima is relevant with the Moon, hence, this creates a rewarding combination that one must take advantage of by worshipping the almighty and praying for a better life. As per astrology, worshipping the Lord on this day brings you eternal bliss and all your desires get fulfilled. 

The word Purnima constitutes of ‘Purni’ and ‘ma’. The former means complete and later means Moon or Chandra. Hence, the day when Moon is visible as a complete circle, shining bright in the sky is called Purnima or full moon day. Every month, on the day of Purnima, one or the other festival is celebrated. However, the month of Paush and Magh have a special significance astrologically. People in Northern region of India consider these months to be particularly auspicious.

Paush Purnima in 2019

Paush Purnima Vrat

Muhurat for New Delhi, India

Poornima Tithi Begins at 14:20:20 on January 20, 2019
Poornima Tithi Ends at 10:47:11 on January 21, 2019

In the year 2019, on January 20, Purnima tithi will begin at 14:20:20. This will continue till January 21 up to 10:47:11, after which Purnima tithi will end. You may also gain the blessings of the Lord by taking a holy dip, doing charity and performing the prayers and rituals. 

Significance of Paush Purnima

It is believed that Paush Purnima is a day extremely important in Hindu religion as it is considered capable of providing moksha to the individuals who worship God on this day with complete dedication. The baths in holy rivers are done during this phase only. It is believed that one who fasts and bathes in the holy waters on this day attains salvation or moksha and becomes free from the birth-death cycle. Since the month of Magh is particularly auspicious and every single day of this month is rewarding, people believe that anything that is started on this day always brings fruitful results. Donations made or religious deeds performed during this month are also of great significance.

Importance Of Holy Dip, Charity And Fast On Paush Purnima

Since the holy baths of the month of Magh begin with Paush Purnima, it is considered auspicious to take bath in any of the holy rivers, fast on this day and perform prayers. Astrological as well as religious considerations for the day suggest that by fasting on Paush Purnima you pave your way to heaven. For the whole month of Purnima, devotees take bath in holy rivers, keep a fast on selected days and perform the necessary rituals as per the shubh muhurat in order to attain eternal peace.

Fasting and Puja Rituals

As stated before, someone who takes a bath in the holy river and thereafter offers donations to the poor and needy attains heaven after completing their life on Earth. Chanting of mantras or shlokas, keeping a fast and other rituals are important to get the blessings of God on this auspicious day. Given below are the rituals involved in Paush Purnima vrat.

  • Early morning, on the day of Paush Purnima, take a bath and pledge to observe a fast.
  • If possible, go to a river, lake, pond or a source of water present at any religious place.
  • If you are taking bath in a river, don’t forget to worship Lord Varun, the God of Oceans. 
  • After taking a bath, chant Surya mantra and offer Arghya to Lord Sun.
  • It is auspicious if you worship Lord Krishna, also called Madhusudan, after performing the bathing rituals. Offer Naivedyam to him as well. 
  • After that, offer food to a Brahmin or a beggar. Make donations as per your capacity.
  • Donating sesame seeds, jaggery, woollen clothes, blankets etc. is beneficial.

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Makar Sankranti 2019 And First Shahi Snan Tomorrow

Shubh muhurat for Shahi snan. This Makar Sankranti, welcome Maa Lakshmi to your home by taking a dip in the river of wealth.

Makar Sankranti is a major festival among Hindus. In India, this is one festival which is celebrated in different forms in different regions. The rituals and names may vary, but the intention of celebrating the hard work of farmers is the same. Makar Sankranti is observed on 14th January, but this year it will fall on 15th. It is the day when Sun starts its journey towards the Northern Hemisphere, thus warming up the days. With this change in movement, Sun transits into Capricorn sign

Though most of the dates of Hindu festivals are calculated on the basis of Panchang, this is one festival which is celebrated as per the movement of the Sun only. With this festival, people bid goodbye to winters and welcome the refreshing spring which is fast approaching. With sweet breeze flowing, days getting longer, people fly kites on this day.

Makar Sankranti Muhurat (New Delhi, India)
15 January, 2019 (Tuesday)
Punya Kaal Muhurat
From 07:15:14 to 12:30:00
5 hrs 14 min
Maha Punya Kaal Muhurat
From 07:15:14 to 09:15:14
2 hrs 0 min
Occurence of Sankranti
19:44:29 on 14th, January

First Shahi Snan of Kumbh begins with Makar Sankranti

As per religious beliefs, the first Shahi Snan of Kumbh begins after the transit of Sun in Capricorn sign. Though Kumbh and Makar Sankranti are two different aspects, first holy bath generally takes place after the transit of Sun in the sign Capricorn. Kumbh Mela is organized every twelve years. In the year 2019, in Prayagraj, Allahabad at Triveni Sangam, the fair called Ardh (half) Kumbh will be organized. Ardh Kumbh is organized every six years. 

Significance of Shahi Snan

Among several religious places in India, there are places where pilgrimage or prayers are considered to be auspicious, particularly during the month of Magh, especially on the day of Makar Sankranti. Kumbh mela and Sabri mela in Kerala are such occasions which are so huge that they become tourist attraction. People take a dip in Narmada river and pray for a prosperous year. It is believed that taking a bath in holy rivers clears your past sins.

Scientific Significance of Makar Sankranti

On the day of Makar Sankranti, it is better if you take a bath after applying til (sesame seeds) oil all over your body. You must, thereafter, donate jaggery, sesame seeds, oil, blankets, fruits, umbrellas, etc. to the poor and needy as per your capacity. Scientifically, this day is significant as the day and night are nearly equal on this day. The days start becoming longer and nights get shorter, which is an indication of the winter season to be over. The weather is warmer and pleasant as Sun starts moving towards North.

While Sun is moving towards the South, the rays do not seem to be good for one’s health but when the direction of movement is towards the North, the rays of Sun become beneficial for health. 

Festivals Associated with Makar Sankranti

During the month of January, farmers start harvesting the rabi crops. The season of Spring is around the corner and the atmosphere is of bliss. This festival of harvesting has different names popular across different states, but the motive is to celebrate the rewards of the hard work farmers put in to receive good yield in their farms. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Pongal: Pongal is primarily the festival of farmers and the harvesting festival of South-India. It is celebrated in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. There is a trend of worshipping cows along with worshipping God and showing gratitude towards them.

Uttarayan: The festival of Uttarayan and International Kite Flying festival has made the state of Gujrat so popular that people recognize it with its festivals. Every year, on 14th or 15th January, Uttarayan is celebrated. In Gujrat, people also keep a fast on this day which is contrary to the tradition of eating Khichdi prevalent in North India.

Lohri: The most renowned festival of Punjab, Lohri is celebrated on 13th of January every year. It is a festival of harvest celebrated by lighting a bonfire, singing and dancing around it, and just like any festival of Punjab is incomplete without food, enjoying traditional dishes. Popcorns, Sesame seeds, jaggery and sweets made from these are popular snacks consumed on Lohri.

Magh/Bhogali Bihu: A festival of Assam which is celebrated thrice a year is Bihu. One of the three Bihus is Bhogali Bihu which is celebrated with pomp and show. Bihu dance is an inseparable part of this celebration, and so are the traditional cuisines. Til (sesame seeds), rice, sugarcane and coconut are the crops popular in this region. Dishes are made from these and served to all the guests.

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Hartalika Teej Today, Know Muhurat Timings

Why fast for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati today? Know Hartalika Teej Vrat Puja rituals. Also know the significance of this auspicious festival for girls and married women.

Just like Hariyali Teej and Kajari Teej, Hartalika Teej is the festival of married women. Dedicated to Shankar Bhagwan and Maa Parvati, the fast is performed by married women for the wellness and long life of their husband and family.

As per Hindu Calendar or Panchang, this festival is observed on the third day (Tritiya) in Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. It is believed that this auspicious fast was performed by Goddess Parvati to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Therefore, the fast of Hartalika Teej can also be performed by unmarried girls. This festival is also known by the name of Badi Teej in some parts of India. It is especially celebrated in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan along with other states with lots of zeal and happiness.

Hartalika Teej Puja Muhurat
Muhurat in Early MorningFrom 06:03:49 to 08:33:02
Duration2 Hours 29 Minutes

Note: The Muhurat is valid for New Delhi. To know muhurat timings in your city, click on Hartalika Teej Muhurat

Hartalika Teej Vrat Rituals

The festival of Hartalika Teej is celebrated on Tritiya of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. This time period is of great significance as God Shiva and Mata Parvati are especially worshipped in this duration during Hasta Nakshatra.

On this occasion, Shiv Parvati idols made of clay or sand are worshipped. Since, this is a Nirjala Vrat (without water), therefore, the devotees should only offer fruits to the deities. At night, Jagrans and Bhajans are performed to worship Parvati Maa and Bhagwan Shankar. This fast of Hartalika Teej is completed after immersion of Puja material (Samagri) in the morning, the next day.

Hartalika Teej Vrat Katha and Significance

According to religious beliefs, Parvati ji performed difficult austerity to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Seeing her condition, her father Parvat Raj Himalaya was very sad. Meanwhile, Narada Muni brought the marriage proposal for Maa Parvati on behalf of Lord Vishnu. When the Goddess heard about this, she became upset. After being asked by one of her friends, Parvati told them that she’s performing penance to get God Shiva as her husband. After this, her friends took the Goddess to the forest. Since then, the festival is known by the name of Hartalika Teej, as Maa Parvati was abducted by her friends, so that she could achieve her goal to marry Bhagwan Shankar.

Here, the word Hartalika comprises “Harat”, which means abduction, and “Talika” that signifies female friends. After taken to the forest, Goddess performed severe austerity. On the Tritiya of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha during Hasta Nakshatra, the Goddess created the idol of Lord Shiva with sand and worshipped him with complete devotion. Pleased with her sincerity and Puja, Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife as desired by Mata Parvati.

Thus, performing this fast with utmost devotion, and worshipping Shiv Parvati while following all Puja rituals sincerely, blesses a girl or women with luck and prosperity. This is the reason why Hartalika Teej Vrat and festival is of high significance for girls and married women.

AstroSage wishes our readers a happy Hartalika Teej and hopes that Maa Parvati blesses you all the happiness in life!
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Kajari Teej Today, Know Its Significance and Puja Vidhi

Know the auspicious effects of Gau Pujan today! Kajari Teej festival will be celebrated today, i.e. on August 29, 2018. Read here to know the importance of this propitious occasion, fasting rituals and Puja Vidhi.

In Hinduism, married women take certain fasts (Vrat) every year for the long-life of their husbands as well as for the happiness and prosperity in their families. Fasts such as Karwa Chauth, Hartalika Teej, Hariyali Teej, Vat Savitri Vrat and Kajari Teej are among the most important fasts for women.

According to Hindu Panchang, fast for Kajari Teej is performed on Tritiya (third day) of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. However, as per Gregorian Calendar, this festival falls in the month of July or August. This year, the festival is occuring today on August 29, and will be celebrated by women across the country with devotion and enthusiasm. However, it is mainly celebrated in Hindu states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. This festival is also known by the name of Kajali Teej. Goddess Neemdi or Neemdi Mata is worshipped on this day. Married women fast on this occasion for longevity of their husbands. Additionally, unmarried girls also fast on this day to get blessed with a right and suitable husband.

Vrat Rituals on Kajari Teej

  • Like Karva Chauth, this fast is also performed without drinking water (Nirjala Vrat). Although, pregnant women may have fruits on this day.
  • Usually the fast is opened by looking at the Moon as per rituals. But, if it is not visible in the sky, a woman can open her fast by looking to the sky around 11:30 PM, and offering Argh to the Moon God.
  • Once the fasting rituals (Udyapan) for Kajari Teej are performed, if proper Nirjala fast is not possible by a woman in the coming years, she can have fruits.

To know more about this festival, read: Kajari Teej Vrat Puja Vidhi

Rituals for offering Argh to Moon God

  • It is a tradition to offer Argh to Moon God on Kajari Teej. At night, women should sprinkle some water while looking to the sky, and offer vermillion (Roli) and Akshat (rice) to the God. After this, they should offer food as Bhoga to Moon God.
  • Offer Argh to Moon God while holding a Silver ring and few Wheat grains in your hand. Then, circumambulate (Parikrama) 4 times on the same place in a clockwise direction.

Kajari Teej and Importance of Worshipping Cows

In Hindu religion, Cow has been given the status of a mother, and is considered the holiest being in the world as per Vedas and Puranas. It is also believed that all the deities reside in Gau Mata (Cow). She is also known as Kamadhenu (a bovine Goddess, also known as the mother of fulfilment), who when worshipped brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Gau Mata is especially worshipped on the occasion of Kajari Teej. The food is consumed only after feeding small round Chapatis made from flour dough along with Ghee and Gur (Jaggery) to the Cow.

Traditions related to Kajari Teej

  • Several dishes are prepared on this auspicious occasion using barley, wheat, gram (Chana) and rice-mixture called Sattu along with Ghee and Meva.
  • Beautifully adorned swings are thrown on trees in the fields or gardens, and women gathers and celebrate this festive occasion by dancing to the tunes of folk-songs.
  • The tradition of singing folk songs while riding on a boat on this day is performed by the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Just like Hariyali and Hartalika Teej, married women celebrate the propitious festival of Kajari Teej with lots of zeal and happiness. The fast performed on this day is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

We, at AstroSage, wishes our readers a very prospering and blissful Kajari Teej.
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72nd Independence Day Celebrations Today

Know how will be upcoming days for India! Today, India is celebrating its 72nd years of independence. On this occasion, know how will be the future of India according to its birth chart.

The country is celebrating its 72nd anniversary of independence today. Its picture has transformed completely since 1947. In these 7 decades, Indians have worked hard to lead India to the heights of eminence. One can see huge development in the field of Medical Science, technology, Finance, Economy, Defence, Business, Agriculture, etc. but challenges are still there and India is ready to take them head-on.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Not only Government, but people of India should also make effort for improvement in terms of illiteracy, unemployment, health facilities, financial inequality, discrimination and various other national issues. This should be the motto of this year’s Independence Day. Now take a look at how will be the upcoming days for India according to its horoscope.

India got its freedom on August 15, 1947 at 12:00 AM midnight. As per astrology, independent India outset at this time, and therefore, according to this time, its Birth Chart is as follows:

India's Birth Chart

According to this birth chart, Lagna (ascendant) of India is Taurus and it is residing in Rahu Ascendant House. Mars is posited in 2nd House. Planets such as Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Saturn are situated in 3rd House. At the same time, Jupiter is in 6th House and Ketu in the 7th House. Lagna for Navmansh Kundli is Pisces, which is in the 11th position from Taurus in Lagna Kundli. The status of both the Kundli (horoscopes) reflects auspicious and progressive results in all situations. From the beginning of year 1947, India has passed through the Mahadashas of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus and Sun. Now, from August 11, 2018, India is going through Moon and Jupiter Mahadasha.
  • As per birth chart of India, Moon is posited in 3rd House in Cancer. At the same time, Jupiter (being the ruling planet of 8th and 11th House) is residing in 6th House in Libra sign.
  • From 3rd House, one can finds details about transport communication, telecommunication, share market, writing and similar things of India. 8th House tells about the natural disasters and problems that may occur in future in India. 11th House informs about parliament, assembly and nations’ law and order.
  • Furthermore, 6th House informs about the possible infectious diseases in the country, military ammunitions, labor class, foreign support, mortgages, etc. Moon, which is the lord of 3rd House is residing in it. This situation reflects India’s aggressive personality and self-confidence globally. However, Jupiter’s situation in the 6th House indicates toward natural calamities and instability, and further toward debt situation of India, which may decrease initially, but later may increase.
According to the 72nd anniversary of free India, Cancer Lagna has risen on August 15, 2018. This year, Lagna ruling planet, i.e. Moon is posited in the 3rd House with its friendly planet as well as with its enemy planet, Venus. Muntha is in 10th House, and the ruling planet of Muntha is situated in 7th House in its exalted sign. However, the planet is bothered by Ketu. Additionally, Sun, Mercury, Rahu, Mars, etc have their hidden aspect on Muntha, while Jupiter has direct aspect on Muntha. Now, with the help of this year’s horoscope of India, let’s take a look at the bigger picture of India in the coming future.

India and Its Neighbouring Countries at a Glance

As per India’s yearly horoscope, China will try to bother India again. It will try to obstruct India’s economy, and with the help of other countries including Pakistan, China will also try to politically restrain our country. However, India will remain prepared for facing the challenges that China will reflect on the country, and will also try to overcome China and Pakistan diplomatically.

Inflation, Corruption and the Common Man

Agitated by inflation, corruption, new rules and regulation, and the overbearing attitude of government officials, the common man may act aggressively or may show protest on the streets. However, the government will try to strengthen its administrative system, along with its working situation. As a result, government schemes would be fully implemented, which will benefit the citizens of the country.

Political Instability and Struggle

As Kaal-Sarp Yoga is in India’s Kundali till September 19, 2018, therefore one would see political instability in the country. Social conditions are also likely to be unstable in this period. There may also be the loss of life or property in some states of India due to natural calamities.

Let's take an oath on the occasion of 72nd anniversary of India’s independence! We should vow to keep our country clean and maintain its unity, integrity and mutual goodwill. AstroSage wishes our readers a happy Independence Day!
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Dhanteras Today - Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Dhanteras, the festival of wealth and prosperity commemorates Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. On Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi, purchasing metals, utensils and jewellery is considered auspicious. Read along to know more.

Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat

Pradosh Muhurat17:38:52 - 20:13:22
Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat17:38:52 - 18:22:34

Note: The above mentioned timings are for New Delhi, To know about the Pujan Muhurat in your city, follow this link: Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat

Kuber Mantra

॥ Om yakshaya kuberaya vaishravanaya dhandhaanyadhipateya
Dhandhanyasamriddhi mei dehi daapya swaha॥

ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये। 
धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥

Kuber Mantra For Wealth

॥ Om shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem vitteyshwaraya namah ॥

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः॥

Kuber Ashta-Lakshmi Mantra

॥ Om hreem shreem kreem shreem kuberaya ashta-lakshmi mam grhe dhanam puray puray namah ॥

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं श्रीं कुबेराय अष्ट-लक्ष्मी मम गृहे धनं पुरय पुरय नमः॥

The festival ‘Dhanteras’ gets its name from two words; ‘Dhan’ meaning wealth and ‘Teras’ meaning the thirteenth day. The festival is celebrated two days before Diwali and people commemorate Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi on this auspicious day. The day honors the lord and goddess of wealth and prosperity. On this festival people buy new utensils, jewelries, gems and clothes to lure in wealth and prosperity in their life. 

Read about this festival in detail from here: Dhanteras 2016

The story behind the festival states that Lord Kuber gave a loan to Lord Venkateshwara so that he could marry Padmavati. In memory of this, people all over country visit Lord Venkateshwara's temple to donate utensils and jewelry bought this day, so that he could repay his debt to Kuber. 

The jewelry and utensils bought on Dhanteras are also used to worship Goddess Laxmi on the day of Diwali. Paying homage to the deities on Dhanteras brings prosperity and wealth in one’s life. 

With this AstroSage wishes you a very Happy Dhanteras 2016

May Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber bless your life with health, wealth and riches.
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Navratri Day Two - Maa Brahmacharini Puja Vidhi

Maa Brahmacharini blesses her worshippers on the 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri. AstroSage has compiled an informative blog on how to please the goddess of warmth and love, and get the maximum results during these 9 auspicious days.

The 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri commemorates Maa Brahmacharini. The goddess did austere absolution for Lord Shiva and till the time she married him, she was called Brahmacharini. The unmarried form of Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Maa Brahmacharini. The goddess possesses a grand and bright aura around her. Her right hand carries a rosary while the left carries a Kamandal. By worshipping and praying to her, we can balance our Swadhishtan chakra. 

Devi Avatar: Maa Brahmacharini

The second day of Navratri is dedicated to pay homage to Goddess Brahmacharini. This avatar of Goddess Durga is particularly worshipped by the sages and monks. 

Know more about the Goddess of fortune and courage - Maa Brahmacharini

Maa Brahmacharini governs the planet Mars, who brings good fortune and wealth in our life. AstroSage has launched an EXCLUSIVE OFFER to provide its users with the products that will manifold the benefits attained in this duration.

The following products are to be used on the 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri to please Maa Brahmacharini and to get benefic results of planet Mars:

To Order these products, please CLICK HERE.

May Maa Brahmacharini shower her blessings on you and fulfill all your aspirations.

AstroSage wishes you a very Happy Shardiya Navratri 2016.
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Navratri Special Offer, Ghatasthapana Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

This year Shardiya Navratri is starting from the 1st of October 2016 and will continue till the 10th of October. AstroSage brings to you the Ultimate Shardiya Navratri 2016 manual to guide you through these 9 days along with a special Navratri offer for you. has started an EXCLUSIVE SALE, only for this Shardiye Navratri 2016. Appease the 9 goddesses with faithful and dedicated pujan with the help of our EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS.

Maa Shailputri blesses her devotees and ends their Moon related agony and woes. Try to get the maximum benefits this Shardiya Navratri by using our Exclusive products.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Ghat Sthapana Muhurat: Morning 6:14 to 07:29

To know about the Muhurat Timings in your city, click here: Ghatsthapana Details

According to the Shakt community, it is believed that Navratri of the Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar is most auspicious for worshipping Maa Aadishakti. In the 9 days of Navratri, the devotees of Goddess Durga worship her and her avatars religiously to attain a higher degree of peace and prosperity in their life. People fast and pay homage to the divinity for their well being. During these auspicious days of Navratri, it is believed that our sins and mistakes are pardoned by Maa Aadishakti as she showers her blessings on us, and uplifts our soul. Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Mahalakshmi, and Goddess Mahasaraswati are worshipped the most in navratri. Worshippers chant ‘Shri Durga Sapshati’ to please the goddess as well. In the period of 9 days, Goddess Durga’s pujan and lesson of Durga Saptshati are performed. People also keep a fast for one time’s meal. The foremost process of the Navratri’s is the ‘Ghat Sthapana’, after which all other auspicious activities take place. brings to you the ultimate Navratri Guide to lead you through these 9 days of  Durga worshipping and help you attain health, wealth, and happiness for the coming year. 

Devi Avatar: Maa Shailputri 

Maa Shailputri is believed to be the first avatar of Goddess Durga. The first day of navratri begins by commemorating Maa Shailputri. Blessed to Lord Himalaya, Maa Shailputri gets her name from the mighty lofts, Himalayas. The goddess mounts on a bull, and carries a Trishul in one hand, and a lotus flower in another. It’s believed that its auspicious to offer cow milk ghee to Maa Shailputri. Worshipping her is deemed to awake your Mooladhaar Chakra, which blesses you with good attitude, patience and spiritual enlightenment.

To know more about Goddess Shailputri, click here: Maa Shailputri

Puja Procedure (Poojan Vidhi): Ghat Sthapana and other Puja Rituals:

  1. On the first day of Navratri, take a bath in the morning and vow solemnly. After this, make an altar with fertile earth and sow barley in it. On this altar, place your kalash filled with sacred water. This is your 'ghatsthapana'. Place Maa Durga’s idol on the kalash. During all the rituals of puja, make sure that you maintain an Akhand Jyoti. (an oil/ghee lamp that alights for 24 hours constantly) While worshipping, keep all the ingredients required for worshipping, facing towards east direction. After this, perform the rituals according to the instructions given below:
  2. Chant the below mentioned mantra, and sprinkle water on yourself as well as the puja ingredients. 

    “Om Apavitrah Pavitro va Sarvastha Gatopi va
    Ya Smarate Pundarikaksha Sa Bahantar Shuchi

    ॐ अपवित्र: पवित्रो वा सर्वावस्थां गतोअपी वा |
    य: स्मरेत पुण्डरीकाक्षं स बाहान्तर: शुचि:||

  3. Keep Akshat (sacred rice mixed with turmeric and red vermillion, used for blessing), flower, and water in your palms while praying to the divinity. 
  4. Perform the rituals meticulously.
  5. Perform aarti, and after that distribute prasad amongst everyone.
  6. During Navratri, worship a little girl, and offer her food with some donation.
  7. If the above mentioned ritual cannot be done regularly, it’s advised that on the last navratra(Navmi), worship 9 girls and give them donations.
  8. In the Kanya Pujan( Worshipping of Girls) make sure that you only worship girls aged 2-10.
  9. In the 9 days of navratri, Durga Saptshati and aparajita lessons are believed to manifold the blessings of the divine on you. wishes you a very Happy Shardiya Navratri 2016.
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Chandra Grahan Today - Timings

Know time duration, do’s & don’ts, areas of visibility, and much more about this lunar eclipse here.

Chandra Grahan date and timings

Date: September 16 to 17, 2016
Time Duration: 22:23 to 02:26 IST
Visibility in India: Yes
Peak Time: 00:24 IST

(Above given details are for India.)

Areas of visibility: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, India

Type of eclipse: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (This type of eclipse occurs when Sun, Moon, and earth are not exactly positioned in the straight life. Some of part of the Moon receives the sunlight and some part stays under the shadow of earth. It is difficult to observe this phenomenon with naked eyes.)


  • It is believed that whatever is done in this duration gives multiplied results. That’s why most people do Mantra chanting and different religious as well as spiritual practices. If you have a weak Moon in your birth-chart, chanting Moon Mantra in this duration can give immense benefits.
  • Once the Grahan is over, sprinkle the holy water everywhere to purify the area.
  • It will be great if you can take shower or dip in a holy water body after the Grahan.
  • Put basil leaves in all the food items before the Grahan begins. It will protect these items from the negative effects.


  • Avoid starting anything important in the duration of Grahan.
  • Avoid eating during Grahan.
  • Sexual intercourse should also be avoided.
  • Don’t cook food in Sutak and Grahan period. (Sutak is the 9 hours time before the Grahan begins. Some people consider it for 12 hours.)

Exclusive Tips For Pregnant Women

  • Stay inside home and avoid looking at the Moon.
  • Avoid sleeping during Grahan, rather meditate or chant Mantras.
  • Avoid doing anything that requires you to cut or peel something.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. Also, avoid stitching or pinning anything.
  • It will be great if you can chant Santana Gopal Stotra in this duration.

A Big Fact About Chandra Grahan

Moon is believed to be quite impactful in our lives. With its changing shapes, the energy also changes to affect our lives. As the Moon grows from New Moon to the Full Moon, its energy increases and many people use this time for planting new seeds or crops. As far as energy is concerned, Lunar Eclipse is the best time for quitting the bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

Know everything in detail about this lunar eclipse here: Chandra Grahan 2016

We hope that this information will be helpful to you in making this event fruitful for you. Utilize this time to the fullest.
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Anant Chaturdashi Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Today i.e. on September 15, Ganesh Visarjan will be performed by those who had brought Ganesha at their homes on Ganesh Chaturthi. Know the Muhurat and other important details about the day.

Anant Chaturdashi puja muhurat

Ganesh Visarjan Muhurat

Auspicious Chaughadia durations of the day are given below:
  • Shubh: 06:06:11 - 07:38:42
  • Chal, Labh, Amrit: 10:43:44 - 15:21:17
  • Shubh, Amrit, Chal: 16:53:48 - 21:21:17

Continuation to September 16, 2016:

  • Labh: 00:16:15 - 01:43:44
  • Shubh, Amrit: 03:11:13 - 06:06:11

Anant Chaturdashi Tithi: 05:29:44 (15.9.2016) - 03:17:57 (16.9.2016)
Above timings are for New Delhi, India. Please click here to know the exact timings for your area: 


  1. All the rituals of Ganesh Visarjan are given here: Ganesh Visarjan Puja Vidhi
  2. If you want to attract prosperity in life, this day is exceptionally auspicious. Follow this article to know those rituals: Anant Chaturdashi & Prosperity
  3. Know all the details about the festival from here: Anant Chaturdashi 2016

We hope that this information will be helpful in making this festival fruitful for you.

Happy Anant Chaturdashi!
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Chhath Puja 2015 Muhurat

In 2015, November 17 is devoted to Chhath Puja, the day to worship Sun God. It is one of the toughest fast celebrated by women and men of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of India. Let us know in detail about this beautiful festival...

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Sunset on Sandhya Argh (17.11.15) - 05:27pm
Sunrise on Suryodaya Argh (18.11.15) - 06:45am

Above given timings are as per New Delhi. If you want to know the timings for your city, download our app AstroSage Kundli.

Chhath Puja is a 4-day festival devoted to worship god Sun, the epitome of life and energy. Each day has its own significance and importance. First Day if for Nahai Khai, Second Day is for Kharna, Third Day is the most important one devoted to Sandhya Argh and the last day that is the Fourth Day is Parna (Suryodaya Argh). Indians observe variety of fasts but this festival is considered to be the toughest of all. The devotees (majorly women) worship Sun God and His consort, Goddess Chhathi Maiya (known as Usha in the Vedas) and pray for the well-being of their family and loved ones. This fast is observed with complete hygiene and care. The preparation starts months ago and people start taking extra care of themselves so as to complete the Chhath Puja perfectly. We will help you in preparing yourself with the requirements and the best possible way to complete the fast properly.

To read in detail about the significance of Chhath Puja, click here: Chhath Puja 2015

Now, we will tell you about the rituals and the procedure to successfully do the Puja.

  1. Nahai Khai (Kartik Shukla Chaturthi) on November 15 - Nahai Khai means eating after the auspicious bath. People go to the nearest river or pond and take auspicious bath which is considered to clean the body as well as soul. On this day, devotees eat chapati (roti), bottle gourd vegetable made with extra care keeping in mind the hygiene.

  2. Kharna (Kartik Shukla Panchami) on November 16 - Second day is called Kharna when the observer does not drink or eat anything till the evening time. In the evening, Kheer (made with rice and jaggery) and roti are cooked in new utensils. Observers then have this Kheer as the main prasad along with fruits as per the convenience and later it is distributed among everyone. Chhath Puja songs are sang as well as heard by the devotees with great enthusiasm. The song mesmerises everyone and inspires people to be dedicated towards the fast.

    Get the Chhath Puja songs here: Chhath Puja Songs

  3. Sandhya Argh (Kartik Shukla Shashti) on November 17 - This day is also observed without water and food and is the most important day of Chhath Puja. People decorate Ghaat, the nearest river or pond with candles or diyas to celebrate the joy with spirit. Baskets are decorated with pooja items like fruits, Thekua (made with wheat flour and jaggery), radish, husk coconut, betel leaves (pan ke patte), cloves (laung), cardamom (elaichi) etc. as per the tradition. Sun god is worshiped at the Sunset as per Muhurat. These are the offerings used to give Sandhya Argh (while standing in the water) to god Sun.

    To know the sunrise & sunset for today, visit: Today’s Sunrise & Sunset

  4. Suryodaya Argh (Kartik Shukla Saptami) on November 18 - The Suryodaya Argh or Parna is the last day of the ritual. People gather at the puja destination (Chhath Ghaat) and sing devotional songs till the time of sunrise. Soon after the sunrise, Suryodaya Argh (Parna) is performed to Sun by the observer and then by everyone. The puja gets completed after the Argh and prasad is distributed to all. Observers break their fast with jaggery and ginger.
The true and dedicated worship of Sun God blesses people with prosperity and happiness. Chhath Puja is getting popular internationally for its tough penance and dedication.

To read the sun sign astrology, click here: Sun Sign Astrology

AstroSage wishes you a happy and prosperous Chhath Puja!
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Kajari Teej Fast: Muhurat & Vidhi

Kajari Teej is a symbol of love and union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati that will be celebrated today. Adding auspiciousness to this is Ganesh Chaturthi which is also falling on the same day.

Observe fast on this Kajari Teej to get blessed with your husband’s long life
हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

FREE matrimony & marriage website

What Is Special In This Kajari Teej?

Kajari Teej is falling in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra this year. According to the Hindu calendar, Ganesh Chaturthi is also falling on the same day. Our scriptures have considered this combination as auspicious. It is also said that observing fast on both of these days fulfills all the desires of the fast seeker and showers good luck.

Muhurat For Kajari Teej

Tritiya Tithi Begins On August 31, 2015
16:50 PM
Tritiya Tithi Ends on September 1, 2015
13:23 PM

How To Get blessed With Marital Bliss & Suitable Match?

  1. Observe Nirjala fast (fast observed without consuming water) on this day.
  2. Offer rice, Sattu, Ghee, Mawa, fruits and other marriage adornments (Solah Shringaar) to the Goddess.
  3. Offer Puja, fruits, sweets, Dhoopa and Deepak to Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  4. Chant this mantra to get a husband of your choice:Donate all the adornments (Shringars) to any poor woman.
    “हे गौरी शंकर अर्धांगिनी यथा त्वं शंकर प्रिया।
    तथा मम कुरू कल्याणी कान्त कान्ता सुदुर्लभम्।।”
  5. Take blessings from your elders, mother and sister in law.
  6. Receive Prasad first after doing charity and then perform Paran.

What Is Kajari Teej?

Kajari Teej is known with different names in different parts of India. It is many times referred as ‘Budi Teej’ or ‘Satudi Teej’. It is known as Kajari Teej because of the presence of dark and rainy clouds during this period. Women in their houses make delicious delicacies with barley, wheat and gram. Therefore, it is also known as Satudi Teej. Kajari Teej is one of the eminent festivals of states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh etc. Women often sing songs of separation, love and union with their partner on this day.

Importance Of Kajari Teej

It is believed that Goddess Parvati has devoted herself entirely into austerities to get married to Lord Shiva. It took her 107 births to allure him. The duo finally got married in 108th birth and since then Kajari Teej is celebrated mostly in Northern parts of the country. Performing Shiva and Parvati Puja during this day is considered auspicious. According to our scriptures, both married and unmarried women can observe fast on this day. Married women observe fast for protection & longevity of their husbands while unmarried observe fast to fulfill their long yearning desire of a suitable match.

Click here to read more about Kajari Teej: Kajari Teej 2015

Today’s Special

Kajari Teej, Angarika Ganesh Chaturthi and Bahula Chaturthi Vrat will be celebrated on the same day this year. Bahula Vrat is done for longevity of brothers and children. Idols of lion, cow, calf and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on this day. Gods are offered with Sattu of Barley on this day.

AstroSage wishes you a happy Kajari Teej, Ganesh Chaturthi & Bahula Chaturthi!

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