15 August: Indian Independence Day

15 August – every citizen will celebrate the Indian Independence Day! Discover the country’s future through its kundali. With this blog, on the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence, we are astrologically predicting what the future holds, in the upcoming year for our beloved country.

15 August is a great day for all Indians because on this day we overthrew the rule of the Britishers becoming an independent country. Hence, we ever since that day in 1947, we celebrate 15 August as Independence day, every year. On this day, every citizen of the country hoists the tricolour flag and feels proud to be an Indian. This is our 73rd Independence Day, and each year we ponder upon our achievements in the past year while planning on doing better on the weak parts in the coming year. 

In the days past, we have achieved many significant accomplishments in various fields, ranging from becoming Nuclear powered to sending the Chandrayaan-2. Not only did this bring India almost at par with most of the top countries in the field of Science. There have been significant improvements in not only in the field of information technology as well as infrastructure. Numerous great plans like the Swachh Bharat Mission, Digital India, Mgnrega, Sukanya, and Sukanya Samriddhi Account, etc. are prevalent in the country. They have been very beneficial for the countrymen. 

However, on the flip side, the rapidly growing population, problem of clean drinking water, corruption, environmental imbalance, different types of pollution, economic inequality, communalism, etc. are the fields that still need work. We hope that soon, our beloved country will lead in all domains, moving ahead progressively, improving and developing further. While challenges will continue to be, just as before, however, they will be defeated with our strong will power. As a matter of fact, several other foreign countries will also bow before the unity and integrity of India.

15 August: What Does India’s Kundali Say On Its Independence Day

In order to discover what the future has in store for a person or country, we need to study their birth chart, because the planetary positions in the kundali mainly describe the same. Therefore, on India’s 73rd Independence Day, we have created India’s natal chart to determine what the coming year holds for Indians:

Independence was declared on 15 August 1947, at midnight (12:00); therefore, we have taken this as the birth details for India’s kundli and the following has been created:

In the kundali above, made after India attained independence on 15 August, some notable facts apparent are:

  • India’s birth chart is of Taurus ascendant and the Lord of First house, Venus, is posited in the third house.
  • No planet is retrograde, and only Venus and Saturn are debilitated.
  • The zodiac sign of India is Cancer and its Lord, Moon is posited in Cancer, in the Pushya Nakshatra.
  • Presently, India is undergoing the major period (mahadasha) of Moon and sub-period (antardasha) of Jupiter.
  • Moon, which is the Lord of the third house, is posited in the same house and the nakshatra of Saturn. Thus, it will bear fruits of Saturn as well, who is already a yoga karaka planet for this kundali. Hence, it can be said that the Moon’s state will take India to great heights.
  • Jupiter, Lord of eighth and eleventh house in the kundali, is posited in the seventh house and its own nakshatra, Vishakha; and is aspecting the tenth, twelfth, and second houses as well.
  • It is evident from the aforementioned planetary positions that nothing will stop India’s ascent in the world as it progresses further. However, there will also be several challenges for our beloved country.
  • Apart from this, taking a look at the yearly kundli, we can see that Libra ascendant is rising and Muntha is in the eighth house.
  • The Lord of both, Yearly Ascendant Natal Chart (Varsh Lagna Kundali) and Muntha, is Venus that is posited in the tenth house.
  • In the tenth house, Sun and Mercury placed in the inimical sign Cancer, are indicating challenges for the ruling party.
  • The Muntha of the eighth house also creates several adverse conditions.
  • In such a scenario, the present government may have to go through a variety of odd situations. Moreover, they may even face opposition in some places.

India Will Emerge Stronger And Powerful

Retrograde Saturn is transiting in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and is posited in the sixth house from the Moon sign. On the other hand, Jupiter is posited in the sign of Scorpio and is in the fifth house from the moon sign and twelfth house from Saturn. This indicates sound decision making. The retrograde Saturn is even more powerful now, as it now contains Chesta Bala. In such a situation, India will stand firm and face all the problems and challenges in front of it. As a result, it will emerge as an influential nation in the world. 

War Like Situations Can Occur

Saturn will remain in retrograde motion till 18 September. Where on the one hand, it will give India strength; on the other, it can also create a warlike situation. However, all opposing forces will be decimated with full power, and this will be a milestone in the country’s development.

India’s Finances Will Improve

The aforementioned planetary positions indicate that the government of India will work primarily on the Tax system of the country and make all efforts to strengthen our economy. In this, several policies will also be made to increase the capital base of all public sector banks even though the opposition makes strong objections to the same. 

Political Equations Will Change

There will be several changes apparent in the field of politics, which will be opposed by insiders, whereas some outsiders will talk about supporting the same. There will be a fierce clash between the ideologies of the opposition and the ruling party. There may be some delay in the work of prioritizing the national interest, but it will then attain speed after September. The boastfulness and bragging of national leaders can lead to many kinds of problems.

New Schemes In The Country’s Interest Announced

Regardless of some challenging situations possibly arising, the ruling party will announce many public-friendly schemes. Additionally, attempts will be made to ensure that they are duly followed. It is evident that they are working on some new schemes. However, it should be noted that specific tax schemes may be implemented which will be slightly problematic in the beginning.

Need To Be Wary Of Health Problems

Despite the numerous good things happening, one needs to remain cautious this year. There is a possibility of Indians suffering from contagious/infectious/transmissible diseases as well as other illnesses in the coming days. Due to this reason, the government will make efforts to improve the health issues, yet, despite that, the citizens will remain troubled.

A Big Leap In The Field Of Technology

Saturn will enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn at the beginning of the next year. That time will prove to be favourable for foreign trade in the country as well as substantial progress in the field of information technology is indicated. Jupiter will also be transiting through the zodiac sign Sagittarius, due to which Anti-national elements will be challenged, and efficient plans will be implemented. 

From this perspective, it is evident that India will move ahead on the path of progress, becoming one of the greatest countries out there. The youth of the country will get new opportunities, and the development of technology will be increasingly more than usual. New schemes pertaining to health and education will be implemented which will benefit all the countrymen.

This 15 August, on the 73rd Independence Day, let us all take an oath to make our country thriving, vibrant, and prosperous by making all possible positive efforts in this direction. Let us promise to make the country clean with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and follow the law and order. Only then will our developing country will finally become a developed country.

We Wish All Our Indian Brothers and Sisters A Happy 73rd Independence Day!
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Raksha Bandhan 2019 Muhurat and Puja Rituals

This Raksha Bandhan, know the right way to conduct the rituals. Also, discover the importance of fasting on Shravan Purnima, which coincides with this festival.

One of the most substantial festivals of Hindu religion and culture, Raksha Bandhan signifies the bond of love which exists between brothers and sisters. This is the reason why each and every sibling wait for this auspicious festival. In the modern times, Raksha Bandhan celebrations have gained prominence because it has found a place in other religions and cultures as well. Rakhi celebrations which have been going on since the time of the gods and goddesses have been endlessly striving to nourish the bond of a brother and a sister. With this blog, we will discover when rakhi will be celebrated in 2019 and also learn its Muhurat, importance and Puja vidhi. 

When is Raksha Bandhan 2019? 

Raksha Bandhan, states the Hindu Panchang will be celebrated on the Shukla Paksha’s Purnima during the month of Sawan. On this day, Rakhis are tied on the brother's wrist by the sisters and their longevity is sought. The brothers in turn also promise to protect their respective sisters. If you wish to know when Raksha Bandhan is falling in the year of 2019, we would like to tell you that this festival will be celebrated on Thursday, 15 August 2019. On this day, the Panchak will begin at 9:27 PM in the night. The auspicious Muhurat of Rakhi 2019 is noted down below.

                                                      Raksha Bandhan Muhurat
Muhurat to Tie Rakhi From 05:49:54 till 18:01:02
Duration 12 hours 11 minutes
Raksha Bandhan Afternoon Muhurat From 13:44:34 till 16:22:48

Note: This Muhurat is valid for New Delhi only. Know your city’s Muhurat by Clicking Here .

Raksha Bandhan ’s Importance 

Raksha Bandhan celebrations display the bond of love which exists between siblings . Lord Rama’s father, King Dashrath, laid the foundation of worshipping Shravan Kumar's on this day, which is why, Shravan Kumar is also worshiped on this day. Some other stories are also prevalent, which increases the relevance of this festival to a great extent. To begin with, it is believed that Goddess Mahalaxmi tied Rakhi on the wrist of demon king Bali, which initiated the prevalence of this festival. Along with this , it is also said that on this day, Lord Jupiter and the other learned sages created a protection band and tied it around the wrist of Lord Indra and then gained victory over the demons. This particular event also gives prominence to this festival and increases its valour. 

The queen of the Pandavas, Queen Draupadi tore a part of her saree to tie it around Lord Krishna’s hand to stop the blood that was oozing out from it. Then and there, Lord Krishna made a promise to her that he would offer her protection from each and every kind of danger. He kept his promise and came to her rescue when she was disrobed by the evil Dushashan. This is another legend associated with the festival of Raksha Bandhan and increases its relevance. 

All of the legends mentioned above give validation to the significance of Rakhi and throw light on its pious nature. It is not only a religious festivity but also an emotional one, as on this day the internal love of a brother increases, which he has for his sister. The reality is that the bond of a brother and sister is such a pious one which exhibits love and nothing else. Thus, we should joyously take part in the celebrations of this festival. 

Bhadra Kaal During Raksha Bandhan 

Bhadra is specially taken into account while tying the Rakhi during Raksha Bandhan . But, this rakhi 2019 is free from the period of Bhadra, which is why sisters can tie the holy thread on the wrist of their brothers during any time of the day.

Raksha Bandhan Puja Rituals

  • On the day of Rakhi, wake up early in the morning and wear fresh new clothes after taking a bath. 
  • Conduct the morning rituals as per your religious considerations.
  • In some places, the images of Shravan Kumar are drawn and worshipped.
  • Additionally, Sita Ram is written on some walls inside the house and food items are offered to the images. 
  • After this, take items like roli, sandalwood, rice or akshat on a palette. Also, place the rakhi which is supposed to be tied around the brother’s wrist and some sweets. 
  • After the completion of the above mentioned tasks, put a tilak on your brother’ forehead and tie the rakhi around the wrist of his right hand. 
  • While tying the holy thread, it is recommended to recite the chant given below. 
yena baddho balī rājā dānavendro mahābala:।
tena tvāṃ abhibandhāmi rakṣe mā cala mā cala।

येन बद्धो बली राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबल:। 
तेन त्वां अभिबन्धामि रक्षे मा चल मा चल। 
  • Perform the aarti of your brother after tying the rakhi and feed him sweets with your own hands. 
  • Immediately, your brother can gift you a present or some money and touch your feet. 
  • Primarily, a sister prays for her brother’s longevity while tying the rakhi and the brother promises to protect her from mishaps.
  • Thus, the joyous celebrations of Raksha Bandhan take place in the prescribed manner mentioned above.

Raksha Bandhan celebrations to Merge with other Festivals 

This year i.e. in 2019, Rakhi will be observed on the 15th Of August, which is definitely a very special day for our nation as we were granted independence on this day. Needless to say, Independence Day celebrations will also take place with great zeal and fervour. Apart from this, this day will be also be marked as Gayatri Jayanti, Haygrib Jayanti, a celebration of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, Shravana Purnima Vrat, Yajurveda Upakarma and Sanskrit Diwas. Thus, the festivities of Rakhi will remain quite special. On the occasion of Independence Day, the soldiers serving the nation will receive Rakhis from their dear sisters. It is a great epitome of the unending love and responsibility that one has towards his/her country. 

Shravana Purnima Fast 

The Hindu Panchang and Hindu religion gives a significant amount of importance to Purnima Tithi as on this day, the Moon is in its full form and appears completely round. Also, the fast kept on this day is considered equally auspicious to the Ekadashi and Pradosh Vrat. The Purnima which falls in the month of Sawan is known as Shravana Purnima or Shravani Purnima. The Northern and central part of India hail this occasion as Kajri Purnima. In the current year, the fast of Shravana Purnima will be observed on 15 August 2019 and its auspicious Muhurat is noted down below.

                      Shravana Purnima Vrat Muhurat 
Purnima Tithi Begins At 15:47:44 on 14 August 2019 in the afternoon
Purnima Tithi Ends 
At 18:01:02 on 15 August 2019 in the evening

According to various religious texts and customs, the traditions of taking baths in holy rivers, performing austeration and making donations, have great relevance on this day. In some states of our country, it is also known as Narali or Nariyal Purnima. Meanwhile, some natives also perform tasks like Janeu Pujan( sacred thread ceremony) and Upanayan Sanskar on this day only. If the state of Moon is not favourable in your Kundli, then it is advised to observe this fast as the vrat kept during Purnima has the greatest eligibility to wipe out the malefic effects of Moon. Wedded duos who have only one child should definitely observe the fast of Shravana Purnima. 

We wish you a joyous and prosperous Raksha Bandhan. We hope that this blog on Rakhi and Sharavana Purnima will provide you with beneficial insights. All the very best for your future!!
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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 2019 Vrat and Puja Rituals

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, as the name suggests is celebrated during the month of Sawan. Ekadashi Tithi is quite dear to Lord Vishnu, which is why special prayers are offered to him on such days. This particular Ekadashi falls in the month of Shravan, and thus it is given the name, Shravan Ekadashi. It also provides the boon of bright progeny to a native and hence known as Putrada Ekadashi. The observation of the appropriate rites and rituals and fasts on this day not only fulfills the longing desires of the devotees, but also blesses those natives with good and bright children who don’t have any. The fast kept on this day helps to garner the supreme benediction of Lord Vishnu and he/she becomes eligible to attain salvation. 

When is Shravana Putrada Ekadashi in 2019 

As per the Hindu Panchang, the Shravana Putrada Ekadashi fast is kept on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha during the month of Sawan. Lord Vishwadeva is considered the ruling lord of Ekadashi Tithi, which is why prayers should be offered to him as well on this day. Primarily, the fast of Putrada Ekadashi is kept by married natives with the motive of getting blessed with progeny. Those who keep fasts on Ekadashis, should ensure the observation of this fast too. Those who are wondering about the date and timings of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 2019, we would like to inform them that this fast will be kept on Sunday, 11 August 2019 and it’s vow or pran will remain valid until the next day, i.e. 12 August, 2019. On Saturday, 10 August 2019, the Tithi of Ekadashi begins at 10:10: 31 AM in the morning and will remain until 10:54:19 AM on Sunday, 11 August 2019. Since the Ekadashi Tithi will remain available on this day during Sunrise, the fast will be kept on this day and opened on the next day i.e. 12 August, 2019. The auspicious Muhurat is of Sharavan Putrada Ekadashi is given below.

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat (11August 2019)
Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat From 05:12:02 to 07:47:48 on the morning of 12 August, 2019
Duration2 hours 35 minutes

Note : This Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click Here to Know the Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Muhurat for your city 

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Importance

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, which is quite dear to Lord Vishnu arrives twice a year. The first round of celebrations take place in the Hindu month of Sharvan and the other one during the Posh month. In the northern part of India, the Ekadashi which falls in the month of Posh is taken into account while in the other parts of India, the Shravan Shukla Ekadashi is given more importance. This Shraavan Putrada Ekadashi is known as Pavitra Ekadashi in many places and some natives also call it Pavitrapona Ekadashi.

According to the Puranas, the righteousness obtained by keeping fast on Shravan Putrada Ekadashi is far more than the virtues received after making grain donation, gold donation, cow donation, kanyadan or taking a bath during eclipse and definitely more than what is received after performing persistent meditation, Ashwamedh Yagya and going on a pilgrimage. During Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, which arrives in the month of Sawan, one can get results which are obtained only after performing Vajpayee Yajna only by observing the fast and listening to the Vrat katha 

The Bhavishya Purana states that since Vishwadeva is the ruling lord of Ekadashi Tithi, he should also be worshipped on this day as a result of which, a native gets blessed with children, wealth, grain, cattle, vehicle and house. The reasons given above explain why the Shravan Putrada Ekadashi fast is given great importance.

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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Puja Vidhi 

Those natives who wish to keep fasts on this day should be well aware of all the rites and rituals which should be followed on this day, to avoid all kinds of discrepancies. The right rituals to follow on this day are mentioned below. 

  • Those who wish to keep the Shravana Putarda Ekadashi fast should not consume any food since the sunset of its previous day. 
  • while observing the fast, one should maintain a calm demeanor and not let any bad thoughts like jealousy and cruelty to take house in the mind. 
  • Until the opening time of the fast, one should remain in a calm state and observe celibacy. 
  • Wake up early in the morning during the Brahma Muhurat and purify yourself after taking a holy bath and wearing new clothes. 
  • Afterwards, place the idol of Lord Vishnu at the altar and light a desi ghee lamp in front of him. 
  • After lighting the lamp, take an oath to observe the fast of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi 
  • Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh before praying to Lord Vishnu as he is the one who is worshipped first according to Hindu customary practices.
  • Soon after, perform the puja of Vishnu ji for five times. 
  • And then, offer flowers, seasonal fruits, basil leaves and sandalwood etc. to the Lord. 
  • Afterwards, recite or listen to the Putrada Ekadashi Vrat Katha and involve others in this act too. 
  • When the Katha concludes, perform the Arti of Lord Vishnu with a devoted heart and mind. 
  • It should be kept in mind that you cannot consume any grain on this day. However, fruits can be eaten. 
  • During the evening hours, consume milk or food items made of milk , sweets made of khoya and items made of kuttu flour. Rock salt and pepper can be used in food items. But iodized salt , black salt and red pepper should be strictly avoided. 
  • It proves to be very beneficial to recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram on this day.
  • Those natives who observe the fast of Ekadashi should conduct jagran and bhajan kirtan ceremonies during the night. 
  • On the next day, the fast is opened after sunrise. 
  • Natives should remember that the fast should not be opened during Hari Basar( the one fourth duration of Dwadashi Tithi)
  • The morning hours of the day is considered very auspicious to open the fast. Natives should keep in mind to open the fast before the Dwadashi tithi ends as one can commit a grave sin otherwise. 
  • If the Dwadashi Tithi ends completely before sunrise then the fast should be opened after sunrise only. 
  • After the Ekadashi Tithi, feed meals to brahmins and make donations to them on Dwadashi Tithi. 

The successful adherations of all the rites mentioned above while observing the fast of Shravan Shukla Putra Ekadashi, fulfills the longing desires of a person and he/she becomes free from the sins committed in a lifetime. Those married natives who have not been blessed with progeny should specifically observe the Putra Ekadashi fast, as it helps them to earn the boon of a bright child. Whether you keep this fast or not, you should not consume rice on the day of Ekadashi.

We hope to give you insightful details about Shravana Putrapada Ekadashi. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming future!!
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Hariyali Teej 2019: Importance and Puja Rituals

Hariyali Teej today, know auspicious muhurat and rituals! Read the importance of wearing the colour “Green” and why applying Mehendi on this day is considered propitious.

Every woman waits eagerly for the festival of Hariyali Teej, which falls in the month of Shravan. It is celebrated on Sawan’s Shukla Paksh’s Tritiya Tithi, which is why it also goes by the name of Teej. Due to greeney prevalent all around nature, the festival is also known as Hariyali (greenery) Teej. Hariyali Teej is specially observed in the northernmost states of our country. The states where the celebrations take place are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand and many more. In eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh, it is also known as Kajli Teej. 

Three Teej celebrations occur during the month of Sawan and Bhadrapad. The first of them is Hariyali or small (chota) teej, second is Kajri Teej and the final or last one is Hartalika Teej. Hariyali teej is specifically celebrated three days before Naag Panchami. Due to its occurrence in the month of Shravan, it is also called Shravani Teej in many places. Approximately after a period of fifteen days, Kajli or Badi (big) Teej arrives. This festival is very dear to female natives and they follow the tradition of signing Teej songs on this day. 

Hariyali Teej Muhurat
Tritiya begins at 01:37:23 on 3 August 2019
Tritiya ends at 22:06:45 on 3 August 2019

Note: This Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click Here to know the Muhurat according to your city

Hariyali Teej 2019 Muhurat 

Hariyali Teej, which is also known as Shravani Teej, is celebrated on 3 August, 2019. As per the Hindu Panchang, Pratay Tithi begins from 01:37:23 on 3 August, 2019 until 22:06:45 of the same day. On this particular Saturday, the planet Sun will remain posited in Pushya Nakshatra and because of the occurrence of Ravi Yoga, the importance of this day increases to a great extent. Hariyali Teej is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in North India and each and every woman joyously takes part in the celebrations. Singing the songs of Teej, applying Mehendi or henna and taking rides on a swing are considered the important customs of this festival. 

Importance of Hariyali Teej 

The festival of Hariyali Teej primarily remarks the holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Female natives specially offer prayers to Goddess Parvati on this Teej, so as to attain bliss in their conjugal lives. Following the traditions, married women visit their own family members and wear green colored clothes. Green bangles are especially worn on this day. There is also a tradition of taking rides on swings. Both married and unmarried women dress up in the most beautiful manner on this day and take rides on swings, while helping each other. They gracefully observe the tradition of taking swing rides and then sing the songs of Teej specifically. 

The in-laws of married female natives also follow the tradition of offering Sindhara to their daughter-in-laws on this day. Items like Mehendi (henna), green bangles, green Saree, home-made food items like Gujhiya, Mathri, Ghewar, Pheni etc. are given as Sindhara. Due to the prevalence of this particular tradition, this Teej is also known as Sindhara Teej. 

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Puja Rituals of Hariyali Teej 

If any task is commenced by strictly following all the rules and rituals, then it possesses better chances of attaining success. In the same vein, if the Puja is performed in a special manner, then you can obtain prosperous results. The Puja Rituals of Hariyali Teej are extremely simple in nature and noted down below:

  • Those female natives who wish to fast on this day should get up early in the morning during Brahma Muhurat. 
  • After this, one should take a bath and get purified. 
  • Shortly after taking a bath, take some mud and create the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. In case you are not able to do so, then place any picture or idol of the abovementioned deities in front of you. 
  • Place a clean cloth on a pedestal and make it face the east direction. 
  • Place the idols or pictures of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and take an oath to observe the Hariyali Teej Fast to bring prosperity to your marital life. 
  • Afterwards, firstly offer prayers to Lord Ganesha. 
  • Then, proceed to venerate Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. 
  • Offer the items of makeup and Suhag to Goddess Parvati and clothes to Lord Shiva. 
  • Subsequently, read or listen to the Vrat Kath of Teej. If you wish, you can form a group with other ladies and then conduct its recitation.
  • Afterwards, perform the Aarti of Lord Shiva , Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati with a devoted heart. 
  • Finally, offer Naivedyam and Bhog to them. Distribute the Prasad amongst everyone and then have it. During the evening hours, break your fast and then consume your meal. 

Hariyali Teej And Mehendi (Henna)

According to the Hindu Dharma Shastras, there is a deep relationship between Hariyali Teej and Mehendi. Each and every married woman who applies mehendi on this day, becomes very fortunate. The tradition of applying Mehendi is also given a very pious status. On the day of this festival, women natives should dress up gracefully and apply makeup(shringar). Since, Mehendi or Henna is also a part of Shringar, a lady’s look remains incomplete without the application of Mehendi. It is also symbolic of a lady’s unending love for her husband. 

Just like Sawan brings a colourful vibe to the entire nature, in the same manner, Mehndi also makes one’s plain hands colourful and attractive. The symbol of greenery, Mehendi brings newness and prosperity to our lives. The colour which gets displayed after the application of Mehendi describes the amount of love a lady has for her husband. Thus, the explanations given above states the importance of applying Mehendi on the day of Teej. 

We hope that you will like this blog of ours on Hariyali Teej. You can note down your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We wish you the best for your future!
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Hariyali Amavasya Muhurat and Shradh Rituals

Amavasya is an auspicious duration when we offer veneration to our ancestors. The Amavasya which falls in the pious month of Shravan, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is known as Shravan Amavasya. Since the nature adorns a green carpet during this period and there is greenery all around, this event also goes by the name of Hariyali Amavasya. Just like the other Amavasyas, natives conduct the Shradh rituals and make grain donations to pacify the souls of their respective ancestors during this Amavasya as well. There is a special significance of doing charity and offering grants on this day. In the Northern India, this festival is observed during the month of Shravan. However, in the Southern states of India, this day marks the beginning of the Shravan month, which is why it is known as Hariyali Amavasya. 

Hariyali Amavasya/Shravan Amavasya Muhurat

1 August, 2019 (Thursday) (According to Purnimant)

Amavasya begins at 11:58:49 am on 31 July, 2019

Amavasya ends at 08:43:00 am on 1 August, 2019

Note : The time period given above is valid for New Delhi only

Hariyali Amavasya Muhurat 

In the year 2019, the Amavasya in the month of Shravan, which is also known as Hariyali Amavasya, is falling on 1 August, 2019. As per the Hindu Panchang, the Tithi of Amavasya will begin from 31 July, 2019, 11:58 AM till 1 August, 2019, 8:43 AM. This day happens to be Thursday during which the planet Moon will remain posited in the Pushya Nakshatra. The presence of Siddhi Yoga on this day increases its importance to a great extent. 

Since, Amavasya is occuring after Sunrise, Hariyali Amavasya will be celebrated on 1 August, 2019 only. Sawan Amavasya holds great significance because it conveys the message of maintaining greenery around the nature. Along with it, taking a holy bath, making donations and offering reverence to Lord Shiva is considered auspicious on this day. Beliefs state that one should conduct the Shradh rituals and pindaan ceremony to pacify the soul of his/her ancestors and gain favourable outcomes. In South India, this day marks the arrival of the holy month Shravan.

Religious Tasks To Perform On Hariyali Amavasya 

The month of Shravan also brings with it the first spell of rain, which lays a carpet of greenery and freshness to every nook and corner of this Universe. It becomes quite mandatory to catch a glimpse of the world filled with beautiful scenery. Not only the human beings, the plants and animals are also granted a new life during this time. Since it is the month of Sawan and the colour green (known as Hara in Hindi) takes over the Universe, the Amavasya of this month is given the name Hariyali Amavasya. The significance of this day not remains limited to the religious purposes, as it has some other deviant relevances too. However, one should conduct certain religious activities on this day to be at the receiving end of favourable outcomes. Some of them are listed down below:

  • On the day of Amavasya Tithi, one should conduct the Shradh rituals of his/her ancestors. 
  • Early morning on this day, you should offer Arghya to Lord Sun, face towards the south direction and make a pledge for the sake of their ancestors before 11 AM.
  • Additionally, you should face the South direction and chant, “oṃ pitṛ devāya namaḥ”/“ॐ पितृ देवाय नमः”.
  • It is auspicious to take a bath in a holy river or reservoir on this day. 
  • After taking a bath, you should make an oblation for the pacification of your ancestors’ souls. 
  • You can fast on this day and make donations to an eligible Brahmin or a needy person according to your capacity. 
  • Since it is also Hariyali Amavasya, it is also stated that planting trees and saplings on this day is very auspicious. 
  • On this day, you can plant Peepal, Banana, Banyan, Basil, Lemon trees. All of these trees are given a pious status as various Gods and deities reside in them. 
  • Offering prayers to a Peepal tree and circumambulating around it is also considered very pious. 
  • In the same manner, the Tulsi or basil plant is also worshipped and natives circumambulate around it. 
  • If there is a presence of Sarp Dosha in your Kundli or you are under the negative affliction of Saturn, then you should visit Lord Shiva’s temple on Hariyali Amavasya and offer water and flowers to the Shivalinga. 
  • Ashwani, Mool, Rohini, Hatha, Shravan, Chitra, Mrigashirsha, Vishakha, Pushya and all the three Uttara Nakshatras are considered to be extremely adequate and auspicious for tree plantation. 

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  • In 2019, the combination of Hariyali Amavasya during Pushya Nakshatra will garner auspicious outcomes for tree plantation.
  • If you are planting trees for the betterment of your health, then you should plant a Neem tree. On the other hand, plant a basil tree if you wish to witness the inflow of happiness. 
  • Those natives who wish to get blessed with a child should plant banana trees and for fulfilling wealth and monetary requirements, it is always beneficial to plant an Amla plant. 
  • On this day, Lord Hanuman should be worshipped and Hanuman Chalisa should also be chanted. Light a jasmine oil lamp in front of idol and offer Chola and vermilion to him. 
  • Additionally, you can also visit a river and offer dough balls to the fishes to obtain more propitious results. 
  • Put dry flour and sugar in those areas where ants reside in abundance.
  • Making donations after taking a bath can also be helpful in garnering propitious results. 
  • If the deeds mentioned above are conducted on the day of Hariyali Amavasya, then auspicious results will find a way to usher in your life.

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Importance of Hariyali Amavasya 

Every Amavasya is important for us as pious deeds like donations and charity can be conducted on this day. Hariyali Amavasya is also known as Chitlangi Amavasya. This particular Amavasya arrives in the month of Sawan during which the devotees of Lord Shiva remain immersed in his devotion and mother nature adorns a beautiful form in front of us. Looking at all the greenery around, our mind becomes joyful. This explains the reason why the festival of Hariyali Amavasya has not only religious but environmental significance too. This event is also quite popular among the natives. This is the time when you can thank the trees and the entire nature for its vivid services, make donations and conduct Shradh rituals to pacify the souls of your long gone ancestors. 

Simply, it can be said that the festival of Hariyali Amavasya provides us with an opportunity to thank Mother Nature for her benevolent contributions. Lord Mahadev and Goddess Parvati give utmost importance to the balance which exists between human beings and nature. This is why this festival is of utmost importance to the natives. 

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Other Facts about Hariyali Amavasya 

Hariyali Amavasya is specifically celebrated three days before the Hariyali Teej. On this day, grand arrangements are made in various temples for the devotees to spectate the magnificent celebrations. Devotees specially rush to Mathura and Vrindavan to venerate Dwarkadish Lord Krishna and Banke Bihari. During this while, special decorations are also seen in various Shiva temples.

We hope that you like this article on Hariyali Amavasya. You can give your feedback in the form of comments below. We hope for your brighter future.
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Valentine's Day Special: Best Gift Ideas for Beloved

Valentine's Day Special- Make the day special for your beloved by using these tips! 

Valentine's Day, is annually celebrated on 14th February internationally, and honour love, loyalty and selflessness. In India, this festival has gained massive following due to its romantic nature and influential universal approach. Couples express their heartfelt feelings to their partners and renew their vows of love.

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Valentine’s Day as per Vedic Astrology

On the day of Valentine’s Day, Moon will remain posited in the sign Taurus under the Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is known to be a lover and represents compassion, romance, thoughts, love for country, family life and personal matters. Hindu mythology says that the Moon loved Rohini the most out of all 27 daughters of Daksha he married. This is the reason why this day becomes more special. Being the closest nakshatra, it symbolizes love, beauty, care, satisfaction, lust, passion, and possessiveness.

On the V-Day, planet Venus, the ruling lord of Taurus sign, will also impact the lives of natives, hence making them sensitive, emotional and filled with feelings and aspirations. Also, fifth house in a birth chart indicates love-related matters. Therefore, the combination of planets and nakshatras will definitely influence your birth sign. 

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Lucky Colour & Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Let’s read the astrological impact and know what actions you must follow to make this day more beautiful and special. Find out best gifts to give to your valentine and what lucky color you must wear.


For Aries natives, the fifth house of their kundli is the house of love and governed by zodiac sign Leo, whose ruling planet is Sun. On Valentine’s Day, Sun will be posited in your 11th house, which represents fulfilment of desires and new relationships. Hence, your every wish will be fulfilled. If single, there are chances of meeting new people and initiating new relationships. Though, try and remain patient, and do not hyper-react in any way.

  • What to Wear: You should wear thick thread garments such as jeans, woolen clothes, coats or jackets.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Orangish Red, Copper and Rust on this day.
  • Gift: You can gift any branded merchandise to your lover and make them feel special and loved.


In your kundli, fifth house represents love and relationships and is ruled by Virgo, whose sign lord is Mercury. On the day of Valentine’s, Mercury will be in your 10th house, which is a house of extrovertness, straightforwardness and expression. Hereby, on this day, you’ll speak out loud and express your feelings confidently. You’ll be rather direct with your words and speak your heart and mind than communicate through any medium. On a contrary, don’t go overboard and maintain the decency. Being direct doesn’t mean scaring the other person away with your over-enthusiasm.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear funky clothes and accessorize it with chunky rings or earrings.
  • Lucky Color: Use different shades of Green when dressing up to meet your beloved.
  • Gift: Buy soft toys such as plushy teddy bear or dolls to gift your beloved. 


5th house, which tells about love, is occupied by Libra zodiac sign. Venus rules Libra sign, and will be placed in the seventh house on the V-Day. This planet is the factor for serious relations, marriage and new relationships. Hence on the love day, there is a possibility of single natives engaging in a new relationship. Those who are committed or married, the day will be highly filled with love and affection, as Venus naturally owns the seventh house (house of marriage and spouse). You need to keep a check on your behaviour and avoid being hasty or rude.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear flamboyant dresses such as golden jacket or silver top to showcase their passion.
  • Lucky Color: Get a silver-coloured outfit mixed with shades of bling. 
  • Gift: Gift beautiful flowers to your lover on Valentine’s Day.


In the kundli of Cancer natives, Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is posited in the fifth house of love. On 14 February 2019, Mars will be seen in 10th house. This planet represents passion, energy and anger, and as a result of its influence, natives can witness some low moments throughout the day. You can get aggressive or behave badly with your loved one. So, watch out for it, remain calm and express your care nicely.

  • What to Wear: Wear leather outfits such as a leather jacket or pants.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour to wear on Valentine’s Day is Blood Red and Maroon.
  • Gift: Buy electronic gadgets for your beloved that can work as a cherry on cake if s/he is tech-savvy.


We analyse the fifth house of Leo natives to know more about their love life. Sagittarius is the 5th sign/house of their kundli and Jupiter governs this zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jupiter will remain in the fourth house on this main day. This house depicts your inner feelings, intuition and emotions. Hence it would be a day which will highlight your emotions for your beloved, hereby strengthening your relationship. Keep in mind not to overthink at any cost, as it can hinder your actions and love.

  • What to Wear: Dress simply on the V-Day or try wearing traditional clothes to mark an impression.
  • Lucky Color: Light or Normal Yellow is the colour of the day for you. 
  • Gift: Gift interesting books and witness that shine in your lover’s eyes.


Capricorn is placed in your fifth house, which represents passion, romance and love life. This sign is governed by Shani, which is a factor for lethargic nature, sorrow and delays. On Valentine’s Day, it will remain in your 4th house, which is the house of happiness and home. Hence, this day can result in delays or conflicts in your relationship. Avoid getting frustrated and try not to ruin your beloved’s mood as well.

  • What to Wear: Wear stylish faded, ripped or distressed jeans with a smart T-Shirt or shirt for a powerful impact.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Black colour on your date with your love.
  • Gift: Gifting Dark chocolates to the one will definitely make your day sweeter.


For Libra’s, their fifth house of love is ruled by Aquarius zodiac sign, whose governing planet is Shani. On V-Day, Shani will be in your 3rd house, which represents courage and short distance. Hence you’ll go on short-distance travels with your lover, such as overnight trips etc. Also, you’ll gain courage to speak about your true feelings to your crush. Don’t hold yourself back and just go for it. You might act possessively with your beloved or crush on the day of love. Be careful about acting in such a manner, as after a limit, things can go wrong.

  • What to Wear: Wear thick, cotton clothes made of Khaki or Chinos.
  • Lucky Color: Black or Blue coloured outfits will make you look attractive.
  • Gift: Gifting Chocolate cake to your beloved will definitely make your day better.


To know about one’s love life and relations, astrologers analyse the fifth house. For Scorpio natives, Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, is posited in this house. Jupiter is the planet which shows our true feelings for our loved ones and on Valentine’s Day, it will be placed in your Lagna house. This house tells us about our overall personality, nature and physical features. Hence, Scorpios are advised to keep it simple and avoid any kind of flashiness. Just be yourself and do not try to make something else out of things. Also, try dressing up simple and change your overall look. Things will turn out to be very rewarding for you.

  • What to Wear: Scorpios can dress in simple, fine and brand new clothes.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Yellow or light yellow colour on your date will definitely attract your lover.
  • Gift: Gifting something related to music such as CDs, music album or musical gadget will be ideal.


Planet Mars is the lord of zodiac sign Aries, which rules the fifth house of love, in your kundli. On Valentine’s Day, Mars will remain posited in the fifth house only, resulting in an energetic and passionate day for Sagittarius lovers. As a result, the day will prove to be lucky for the natives. Closeness between you and your partner will increase, and your relationship will strengthen. You’ll find yourself fiercely attracted to your lover.

  • What to Wear: Wear camouflage clothes such as military print clothes to mark a strong presence.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour for the V-Day can be Maroon and Dark Green.
  • Gift: You can buy a ticket to an amusement park or any sport-related arena, like ice skating and go with your beloved.


The fifth house in the kundli of Capricorn natives can be analysed to know about love, relationships and romance. This house is obtained by Taurus zodiac sign, whose ruling lord is Venus. On Valentine’s Day, Venus will be placed in your 12th house, which is a factor for loss and separation. As a result, the day doesn’t seem favourable from love point of view. You may suffer from a loss of relationship on this day or get separated from your lover. In order to save your relationship, you must not argue or suppress your partner in any way. Keep your emotions in control and try not to overreact.

  • What to Wear: Wear something trendy and creative. Ditch your old jeans and hop into something stylish.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Pink colour on Valentine’s can make your day better.
  • Gift: Surprise your lover by taking him/her on a romantic movie date. You can watch a romantic play at a theatre.


Mercury planet rules the zodiac sign Gemini, which comes in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. Fifth house is the house of romance and love. On Valentine’s Day, this planet will get placed in the first house or Lagna itself. Lagna bhava represents one’s personality and nature, whereas Mercury reflects majorly on your thinking and your way of speaking. Vedic Astrology suggests that the native must get rid of their narrow mindedness and set the beloved free while giving him/her some space. Don’t try to cage your beloved with limitations. The day will turn out to be good, as you’ll get ample opportunities to declare your love in front of your lover and express your real emotions.

  • What to Wear: Wear fitted clothings like dresses or jeans. You can also wear short-sized clothes such as capris or shorts.
  • Lucky Color: Try to experiment with Sea Green colour when styling yourself for the big day.
  • Gift: What’s better than gifting a beautiful and classy watch to your lover on V-Day!


Moon, the representative for feelings, love and caring nature, rules the Cancer sign. This sign gets into the fifth house of love for Pisces natives. On the day of Valentine’s, Moon will be in your third house, and as a result, you’ll come across opportunities to show your real, caring nature to your beloved. This will be the perfect time for making your beloved feel that you are serious and dedicated for him/her. Apart from this, don’t let others poke into your personal matters in case something isn’t going right between you two. Rather, be straight and speak out your feelings.

  • What to Wear: Dress formally and surprise your lover with a new look. Go for the classic look comprising of a crisp shirt, fitted trousers and a blazer or coat.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing any light colour on this day will do wonders. 
  • Gift: Get a personalised gift like keychain with your lover’s name engraved on it or heart shaped pillow.

Hope you’ve liked our article and find the perfect gift to give to your beloved. Wishing you and your loved one Happy Valentine's Day.

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Paush Purnima 2019 Vrat: Rituals & Significance

Tomorrow, on January 21, the first Purnima of 2019 will be celebrated as Paush Purnima. Know how this fast can make your life prosperous.

On Purnima or Full Moon day during the Paush month, taking a dip is considered propitious. As per Hindu calendar, the full moon day of this month is a day dedicated to fasting and charity. On this auspicious day, people around the world gather near the banks of holy rivers to take a bath and free themselves from the sins of their past life. The month of Paush is dedicated to Lord Sun and Purnima is relevant with the Moon, hence, this creates a rewarding combination that one must take advantage of by worshipping the almighty and praying for a better life. As per astrology, worshipping the Lord on this day brings you eternal bliss and all your desires get fulfilled. 

The word Purnima constitutes of ‘Purni’ and ‘ma’. The former means complete and later means Moon or Chandra. Hence, the day when Moon is visible as a complete circle, shining bright in the sky is called Purnima or full moon day. Every month, on the day of Purnima, one or the other festival is celebrated. However, the month of Paush and Magh have a special significance astrologically. People in Northern region of India consider these months to be particularly auspicious.

Paush Purnima in 2019

Paush Purnima Vrat

Muhurat for New Delhi, India

Poornima Tithi Begins at 14:20:20 on January 20, 2019
Poornima Tithi Ends at 10:47:11 on January 21, 2019

In the year 2019, on January 20, Purnima tithi will begin at 14:20:20. This will continue till January 21 up to 10:47:11, after which Purnima tithi will end. You may also gain the blessings of the Lord by taking a holy dip, doing charity and performing the prayers and rituals. 

Significance of Paush Purnima

It is believed that Paush Purnima is a day extremely important in Hindu religion as it is considered capable of providing moksha to the individuals who worship God on this day with complete dedication. The baths in holy rivers are done during this phase only. It is believed that one who fasts and bathes in the holy waters on this day attains salvation or moksha and becomes free from the birth-death cycle. Since the month of Magh is particularly auspicious and every single day of this month is rewarding, people believe that anything that is started on this day always brings fruitful results. Donations made or religious deeds performed during this month are also of great significance.

Importance Of Holy Dip, Charity And Fast On Paush Purnima

Since the holy baths of the month of Magh begin with Paush Purnima, it is considered auspicious to take bath in any of the holy rivers, fast on this day and perform prayers. Astrological as well as religious considerations for the day suggest that by fasting on Paush Purnima you pave your way to heaven. For the whole month of Purnima, devotees take bath in holy rivers, keep a fast on selected days and perform the necessary rituals as per the shubh muhurat in order to attain eternal peace.

Fasting and Puja Rituals

As stated before, someone who takes a bath in the holy river and thereafter offers donations to the poor and needy attains heaven after completing their life on Earth. Chanting of mantras or shlokas, keeping a fast and other rituals are important to get the blessings of God on this auspicious day. Given below are the rituals involved in Paush Purnima vrat.

  • Early morning, on the day of Paush Purnima, take a bath and pledge to observe a fast.
  • If possible, go to a river, lake, pond or a source of water present at any religious place.
  • If you are taking bath in a river, don’t forget to worship Lord Varun, the God of Oceans. 
  • After taking a bath, chant Surya mantra and offer Arghya to Lord Sun.
  • It is auspicious if you worship Lord Krishna, also called Madhusudan, after performing the bathing rituals. Offer Naivedyam to him as well. 
  • After that, offer food to a Brahmin or a beggar. Make donations as per your capacity.
  • Donating sesame seeds, jaggery, woollen clothes, blankets etc. is beneficial.

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Makar Sankranti 2019 And First Shahi Snan Tomorrow

Shubh muhurat for Shahi snan. This Makar Sankranti, welcome Maa Lakshmi to your home by taking a dip in the river of wealth.

Makar Sankranti is a major festival among Hindus. In India, this is one festival which is celebrated in different forms in different regions. The rituals and names may vary, but the intention of celebrating the hard work of farmers is the same. Makar Sankranti is observed on 14th January, but this year it will fall on 15th. It is the day when Sun starts its journey towards the Northern Hemisphere, thus warming up the days. With this change in movement, Sun transits into Capricorn sign

Though most of the dates of Hindu festivals are calculated on the basis of Panchang, this is one festival which is celebrated as per the movement of the Sun only. With this festival, people bid goodbye to winters and welcome the refreshing spring which is fast approaching. With sweet breeze flowing, days getting longer, people fly kites on this day.

Makar Sankranti Muhurat (New Delhi, India)
15 January, 2019 (Tuesday)
Punya Kaal Muhurat
From 07:15:14 to 12:30:00
5 hrs 14 min
Maha Punya Kaal Muhurat
From 07:15:14 to 09:15:14
2 hrs 0 min
Occurence of Sankranti
19:44:29 on 14th, January

First Shahi Snan of Kumbh begins with Makar Sankranti

As per religious beliefs, the first Shahi Snan of Kumbh begins after the transit of Sun in Capricorn sign. Though Kumbh and Makar Sankranti are two different aspects, first holy bath generally takes place after the transit of Sun in the sign Capricorn. Kumbh Mela is organized every twelve years. In the year 2019, in Prayagraj, Allahabad at Triveni Sangam, the fair called Ardh (half) Kumbh will be organized. Ardh Kumbh is organized every six years. 

Significance of Shahi Snan

Among several religious places in India, there are places where pilgrimage or prayers are considered to be auspicious, particularly during the month of Magh, especially on the day of Makar Sankranti. Kumbh mela and Sabri mela in Kerala are such occasions which are so huge that they become tourist attraction. People take a dip in Narmada river and pray for a prosperous year. It is believed that taking a bath in holy rivers clears your past sins.

Scientific Significance of Makar Sankranti

On the day of Makar Sankranti, it is better if you take a bath after applying til (sesame seeds) oil all over your body. You must, thereafter, donate jaggery, sesame seeds, oil, blankets, fruits, umbrellas, etc. to the poor and needy as per your capacity. Scientifically, this day is significant as the day and night are nearly equal on this day. The days start becoming longer and nights get shorter, which is an indication of the winter season to be over. The weather is warmer and pleasant as Sun starts moving towards North.

While Sun is moving towards the South, the rays do not seem to be good for one’s health but when the direction of movement is towards the North, the rays of Sun become beneficial for health. 

Festivals Associated with Makar Sankranti

During the month of January, farmers start harvesting the rabi crops. The season of Spring is around the corner and the atmosphere is of bliss. This festival of harvesting has different names popular across different states, but the motive is to celebrate the rewards of the hard work farmers put in to receive good yield in their farms. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Pongal: Pongal is primarily the festival of farmers and the harvesting festival of South-India. It is celebrated in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. There is a trend of worshipping cows along with worshipping God and showing gratitude towards them.

Uttarayan: The festival of Uttarayan and International Kite Flying festival has made the state of Gujrat so popular that people recognize it with its festivals. Every year, on 14th or 15th January, Uttarayan is celebrated. In Gujrat, people also keep a fast on this day which is contrary to the tradition of eating Khichdi prevalent in North India.

Lohri: The most renowned festival of Punjab, Lohri is celebrated on 13th of January every year. It is a festival of harvest celebrated by lighting a bonfire, singing and dancing around it, and just like any festival of Punjab is incomplete without food, enjoying traditional dishes. Popcorns, Sesame seeds, jaggery and sweets made from these are popular snacks consumed on Lohri.

Magh/Bhogali Bihu: A festival of Assam which is celebrated thrice a year is Bihu. One of the three Bihus is Bhogali Bihu which is celebrated with pomp and show. Bihu dance is an inseparable part of this celebration, and so are the traditional cuisines. Til (sesame seeds), rice, sugarcane and coconut are the crops popular in this region. Dishes are made from these and served to all the guests.

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