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Mercury transit in Libra Today, Know the upcoming changes of your life

Mercury will transit in Libra on 29 September 2019. Discover its subsequent impacts on your zodiac sign. Additionally get access to each and every outcome endorsed by this transit, which are also included in our detailed horoscope of each and every sign. 

The speciality of the planet Mercury is that it induces traits of practicality in a human being. On one hand, the planet helps you to gain mastery over the field of law, while on the other, one can also earn the reputation of being a sharp mathematician because of it. If this particular planet is placed favourably in your kundli, you are likely to become tactful and quick witted. You will be of joyous nature and also like to get involved in playful banter. Gradual progress will be made in the field of business and your abilities will be recognized in tasks which are related to intellect and wisdom. Reasoning skills will be solid and your peers will be seen praising you abundantly. Skin will also remain soft as Mercury is the significator of this particular aspect also. The concerned planet also has dominance over the north direction and the Nakshatras it governs are Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revati. Pisces happens to be its debilitated sign and Virgo is its exalted zodiac sign. 

Impact of the Planet Mercury 

Natives under the influence of Mercury are of practical nature, but the difficulties and contingencies of life also induce negative impacts in their lives. Quite occasionally, such natives tend to lack emotions and because of being rigidly practical, they seem to face difficulties in their relationships. But, the same planet adorns the role of a messenger and brings enhancement to one’s relationships as it encourages natives to speak sweetly and hence improve their relationships will their peers. The major period of this planet goes on for 17 years, during which it is advised to chant ॐ बुं बुधाय नम:/oṃ buṃ budhāya nama:/ so as to gain auspicious results during the major period of Mercury takes place. 

Natives who are under the positive influence of Mercury can enrolled in jobs and companies like Courier company, Law Firms, Messenger, News Reporter, Mathematician, Astrologer, Writer, Big businessman, Artist, Telephone, Media, Chartered accountant, and serve respectful posts in them. It is the grace of Mercury that makes one perfect in all these works. The strengthened state of Mercury in any person's Kundli makes him/her a scholar and also grants him/her the due respect and stature in any scholarly gathering. On the contrary, the negative placement of this planet in anyone’s Kundli makes the native suffer from communication problems. He/she may also find it difficult to grasp knowledge and understand things easily. Such natives are also lethargic in nature and also possess a weak memory power. This particular planet has governance over the colour green, which is why it is advised to wear green coloured clothes to pacify Mercury. 

The hands, skin, ears, nervous system, and lungs are the body parts that are subjected to Mercury and various diseases associated with these organs can occur throughout a person’s life when Mercury is negatively placed in his/her Kundli. Therefore, it is very important for Mercury to remain favourable in an individual’s birth chart. It is advised to wear Emerald so as to strengthen its presence. Four Faced Rudraksha can also be worn to increase the wattage of this planet. Feeding green fodder to cows(Gau Mata) and installing Budh Yantra is the most efficient remedy to pacify Mercury and provide an increment to its strength. 

Transit Time of Mercury 

The prince of all the Navagrahas and the determiner of logic, intelligence, speech and communication skills, the planet Mercury will enter Libra zodiac sign on Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 12:41 pm. It will remain posited in the same place till 22:47 on Wednesday, 23 October 2019. Let us now move on to know what effect this transit of Mercury in Libra will have on all the 12 zodiac signs.

Mercury transit’s impingement on Students

The transit of Mercury specifically influence the students as the planet is deeply associated with aspects like education and knowledge. Needless to say, the princely planet is of great importance to students. The presence of Mercury in Libra can be regarded auspicious in general terms, but students may witness a decrement in their concentration ability and will have to push their edges to a great extent with regards to their studies. While taking residence in Libra, this particular planet can divert the minds of students from academics and such individuals take more interest in various types of entertainment and various worldly pleasures and activities. In such a situation, education can be adversely affected, so it is advised to remain vigilant in the duration of this transit. 

How Good will be the Transit of Mercury for the Nation? 

According to the zodiac sign of independent India, the transit of Mercury is taking place in its fourth house, due to which the opposition may chance upon an issue or a debatable topic and try to shed negative light on the government. In such a situation, an attempt will also be made to adopt a new strategy against the government, although the Home Ministry of the country may come up with a new plan, while keeping the internal conditions in mind. During this time the entire nation may also get to see some developments in the field of internal security. 

Let us now move on to take a glance over the impact of Mercury’s transit in all all the zodiac signs.

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Mercury will be making its transit in the seventh house, which is also known as the marriage house of your zodiac sign. According to astrology, it is the determiner of one’s partnerships in various fields of life. This transitory motion of the princely planet does not seem much favorable for Aries natives as you can come across some problems healthwise. It is recommended that….Read More


The position of Mercury in the sixth house of their zodiac sign is giving auspicious signs for the Taurus natives. Especially the student natives of this sign will be at the receiving end of good results. There will be a new sharpness in your speech in this duration and you will impress everyone with your logic. You will be quite successful in competitions like debates, etc. Natives of this sign will have an…..Read More


Mercury will be making its transit through your fifth house, also known as the house of progeny. This house is the significator of one’s children, education and knowledge. This transit period will bring a bout of happiness for your familial life and you will get to spend time with the younger members of the family. You may even plan to go on a picnic with your family in this duration, and the amiability…..Read More


This transit of Mercury in the fourth house of your birth chart will be rather beneficial for Cancer natives. A serene environment will prevail over your family life as a result of this transit, and the love and affection between the members will increase. Those of you stay far from your family can spend hours talking to them over the phone. The health of your mother will improve and so will your…..Read More


Mercury will be making its transit through the third house of your zodiac sign, also known as the house of courage and valor. Due to this transitory motion, your communication skills will improve and you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly in front of others. Your familial life will remain normal, but you need to strengthen your relations with….Read More


The bestower of intellect, Mercury will make its transit in your second house, which belongs to the zodiac sign of Taurus, according to kalpurush kundli and signifies one’s money, wealth, and speech, etc. With this Mercury transit, Virgo natives may receive good results in various fields of their life. Beginning with your family life, you may be on the receiving end of happy results and successfully…..Read More


Mercury, the significator of speech and intellect, will be making its transit in your sign and therefore will be posited in your first, a.k.a., your ascendant house. As per the kalpurush kundli, this house pertains to the Aries sign and signifies one’s nature, health, and self-knowledge. While the presence of Mercury in this house brings good results in some aspects of your life, but there is also a possibility of…...Read More


The dualistic planet, Mercury, will be making its transit through the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. The house of Pisces, according to kalpurush kundli, it is also known as the house of expenditure. As a result of the transit of Mercury in this house, there can be an increase in your expenses. Hence, devise a good budget plan and you will be successful in putting a stop to these…..Read More


Sagittarius natives can look forward to financial profits due to Mercury making its transit through your eleventh house, i.e., the house of your profits. Any money that you may have loaned can come back to you in this duration, which will bring you out of any economic crunch. Your plans may finally come to fruition and you will reap its benefits in the near future. Coming to your family life…...Read More


Mercury’s transit through the tenth house of your zodiac sign will prove to be rather beneficial for Capricorn natives. This house is also designated the house of work or karma bhava which is why you will be more active than usual during this transit period. Working professionals will receive good results in their workplace and tasks done earlier by you, will be praised now. Some of you may even…...Read More


This Mercury transit will take place in the ninth house of Aquarius natives. This house corresponds to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, as per kalpurush kundli and signifies our religion, luck, and fortune. The placement of Mercury in this house of your sign, may not be very favorable for you. Due to this transit, you may have to struggle in…..Read More


As Mercury makes its transit through your eighth house, also known as the Ayu Bhava or the house of longevity, Pisces natives will receive good results because of this planetary movement. An improvement in your economic front will be seen as you are successful in not only repaying your debts but also saving money for the future. Working professionals will be able to…..Read More

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