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Weekly Horoscope (2 - 8 September 2019)

Read our weekly horoscope of 2-8 September, 2019 to know what the planets and stars have in store for you. Along with providing intricate details about your love, marital and various spheres of your life, this weekly forecast also prescribes vivid remedies to put an end to your existing problems and difficulties.

Welcome to AstroSage once again. Like always, we are back with the weekly horoscope of 2-8 September 2019, which will give you crucial insights about the upcoming days of the week. This astrological forecast will guide you about the various events which are yet to take place in your life and their impending impacts on your mental, social, economic, domestic and professional life. Accurate predictions find place in this horoscope which have been specifically curated by your expert astrologers, so that you are provided with the best foresights of all the seven days to come and you can make the most of this week. The most fascinating fact about this weekly horoscope is that, readers can get access to genuine predictions through this, for free. If you are dealing with any problem or silently suffering because of sadness, then it is highly recommended to go through this horoscope as it will definitely help you in putting an end to your problems. We hope that this weekly report brings rays of light to your life and guides you to move ahead in the correct path of life.

These Zodiac Signs will get Lucky this Week!

After taking a look at the positions taken by various planets and Nakshatra, it can be taken into account that natives belonging to Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs have good probabilities of getting lucky and receiving fruitful outcomes during the time of this week. Such natives have a greater likelihood of achieving the desired results in the undertaken tasks., as compared to the other folks. On the contrary, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn natives are advised to remain extremely cautious, as they may come across certain health problems as well as other difficulties during the time of this week. The remaining other natives can expect to witness an average time period. You can also put an end to your hardships by observing the remedies according to your zodiac sign which are specially prescribed for you in our weekly horoscope. 

Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts of this Week 

As per the calculations of Hindu Panchang, this week will begin with Shukla Paksha’s Chaturthi Tithi and end with Shukla Paksha’s Dashami Tithi. Meanwhile, Chandra Dev or the planet Moon, will remain posited in the VIrgo zodiac sign. It will soon move to make its transit in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius respectively. At around the same time Chandrama will also move through Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Visakha, Anuradha, Jyestha and Moola Nakshatras and its influence will be seen in accordingly. Talking about festivals and fasts which shall be observed during this week, the fast of Ganesh Chaturthi will be kept by devotees on 2nd September, 2019. 

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Share Market Predictions 

This week will prove to be quite volatile for the Share Market. If we talk about specific days of the week, then the market will witness a boom period on 3 and 4 September, 2019 and recession will be seen prevailing on 5 and 6 September, 2019. Items that primarily will see a slowdown in prices are pepper, vivid food items, cotton, bread and gunny bags. However, their pricing will also catch up in between. On September 7 and 8, there will be a spurt in the prices of various commodities. The prices of Gold, Silver and metals will fluctuate, so it is better to invest thoughtfully. During the second half of this week, the rates of Ghee, Oil, Jaggery etc. are expected to increase. 

Celebrity Birthdays This Week 

The most talked about celebrities who will celebrate their birthdays during this week’s time are Vivek Oberoi and Shakti Kapoor, who will blow their birthday candles on 3 September, 2019. On the next day i.e. 4 September 2019, the very talented Rishi Kapoor will celebrate his birthday. On 6 September 2019, famous director and producer Rakesh Roshan and on 7 September 2019, badminton player Jwala Gutta and the extremely versatile Radhika Apte will seen throwing their birthday bashes. Additionally, this week will also host the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan, which is widely celebrated all over the nation as Teacher’s Day. Let us now move on to the predictions of this week. 

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This week, the Moon will be making its transit through the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth houses of your zodiac sign. The Moon, as it enters your sixth house at the beginning of the week, brings an increase in your mental stress levels, which can also affect your health adversely. This time period will be…Read More

Love Predictions:

Aries natives will have a good week concerning love related matters. The position of the Moon will increase the love between couples, and you will get many chances for romance. While the Sun’s position may stop you from moving ahead in your relationship, your love life will remain….Read More


The first week of September will begin with the Moon entering your fifth house. You will need to speed up your efforts because only then will you be able to reap the benefits of your hard work. You can even earn money with the help of your hobby in the meanwhile. Taurus natives in love can look forward to nothing but success…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will prove to be slightly better in terms of love matters. Jupiter’s aspect will bring you and your beloved closer while improving the relations between you. Some of you can even think about turning this love relation to a love marriage. You both will remain honest and loyal towards each other, and the understanding in your….Read More


The first week of September will begin for Gemini natives with the Moon’s transit in their fourth house. As a result, you will be more predisposed towards your family, spending time with them, and taking care of your responsibilities towards them. Your mother’s health will improve, adding to the joyous environment. On the one hand, you may spend some money on….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is pointing towards being more vigilant for Gemini natives in love. There is a possibility of bitterness entering your love relationship, and Saturn’s aspect will only add to that negativity. Hence, care for your relationship while being cautious; otherwise, you may have to….Read More


The first week of September will commence with an increase in your strength and might for Cancer natives as the Moon makes its transit through their third house. This time will be perfect for your siblings as well because your relationship with them will remain pleasant and they will support you. Moreover, they may also receive benefits because of…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is typical for love matters. You will remain busy in your daily routine and yet will be seen trying to take out time for your beloved. You will attempt to find the time from your busy schedule to go out and spend time with your lover. Married natives will……Read More


The second week of September brings mixed results for Leo natives as Moon moves through their second, third, fourth, and fifth houses. The presence of the Moon in your second house will bring peace in your family, and you will be seen expressing your goodwill towards others. At this time you will get the full support of your kin, and as a result, you will be….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will continue normally like before, for love related matters of Leo native. You will find your beloved fully dedicated towards you, making you very happy, and you too will be showering them with love. All this will only increase the romance between you two multifold. Married natives also will….Read More


Virgo will host the transit of the Moon, which will move from your first house, to then enter your second, third, and fourth house throughout the week. As a result, the first week of September will be beneficial for you in all aspects except monetary. With the presence of the Moon in your first house, you will spend a lot of your money on yourself, which can cause a slight……Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be slightly better than usual for Virgo natives in love related matters. However, your lover may be apart from you due to some reason. In such a scenario, support them and help them financially if required. You both will realize each other’s value, which will….Read More

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The first week of September begins for Libra natives with the Moon making its transit through their twelfth house. This can take you on a work-related trip, which can turn out to be quite favourable with enough effort. This time will bring a sudden hike in your income. Keep moving ahead in your endeavours speedily, and you will finally get appreciated for…..Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be pleasant for love related matters, for Libra natives. The aspect of Sun, Moon, and Mercury will offer you mixed results. The mutual understanding between you and your lover, as well as the spice in your relationship, will increase. On the other hand, the Sun’s position indicates the interference of a third person in your midst, which can lead to….Read More


The first week of September will ring in the transit of Moon, in the eleventh, twelfth, first, and second houses of Scorpio natives. The Moon in the eleventh house brings possibilities of a long-distance trip, which will also bring benefits for you. Additionally, your relations with your elder siblings will improve, and you will gain profits with their support and….Read More

Love Predictions:

There may be some health-related problems for your lover on the cards during the first week of September. Yet, these days will be good for love related matters of Scorpio natives, overall. At the same time, you need to remember and honour your partner; otherwise, arguments….Read More


The transit of Moon will begin with the tenth house of Sagittarius natives due to which they will have to face some ups and downs in their professional life. However, time can be slightly favourable for your family life. You will need to centre your mind and heart in this period; otherwise, you will spend your week in unnecessary worries. On those grounds, you will….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week may not be as favourable for Sagittarius natives in love. Hence, you need to remain patient and give ample importance to your lover, because only then will you be able to resolve the situation. The effects of several planets and their positions are indicating….Read More

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Capricorn natives will ring in the first week of September with the Moon’s transit in their ninth house. It will then continue its transitory motion through their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. At the beginning of the week, married natives may plan a vacation with their spouse with the Moon present in their ninth house. This trip will increase the love between you….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will prove to be rather engaging for love related matters for Capricorn natives. The aspect of Mars can push those in love to take a big decision, along with their lover. If you wish to tie the knot, then you both can talk this out and come to a resolution. While problems are….Read More


The first week of September will begin with some restlessness mentally for Aquarius natives as the Moon transits through their eighth house, bringing possibilities of mental stress with it. If you are under a loan or debt, then you will be seen working towards repaying it. You need to watch out for your opponents because your enemies can….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week is slightly better than usual in love related matters, for Aquarius natives in love. They will get the courage to move ahead in their relationship, and your will power will keep your hope alive. Additionally, some of you can even go on a trip, not far away, with your….Read More


Pisces natives will have a week full of mixed results from the Moon’s transit in their seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth houses of their birth chart. The Moon’s presence in their seventh house will be the cause of success in their love life. Student natives will get good results in the field of education and hence, should….Read More

Love Predictions:

This week will be good for Pisces natives, in love related affairs, because the position of the planet Jupiter will bring success in your love life. Some of you can even arrange a meeting between your beloved and your parents. However, the position of Mars can….Read More

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