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Weekly Horoscope (30 September- 6 October 2019)

The new week begins on the second day of Navratri. Know natives of which zodiac sign will attain the blessings of Maa Durga.

AstroSage welcomes you all to the weekly forecast for the first week of October and the last day of September. We are proving predictions for this special week which starts on 30 September, 2019 and ends on 6 October 2019. After carefully evaluating the position of the planets, our astrological experts have curated this horoscope, which can help in determining and planning the upcoming events of your life so that the upcoming days of the week remain blissful for you. This weekly horoscope is the result of the hard work done by our scholar astrologers, who provide you with the facility to know about all the dimensions of your life during the coming week to ensure that you can make your upcoming plans with ease and comfort. It will be of immense help to keep you at the forefront and make gradual progress in life. This astrological forecast also provides information about your health, career, job, business and insights about your domestic, conjugal and love life are also highlighted here. What is the fate of your academic life and how will your peers behave with you? Will you undertake any journey this week or get enrolled in a new job? All of these details can be availed through our weekly horoscope from 30 September to 6 October 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Read it now and plan your week according to the predictions given by us. 

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Natives of these Zodiac Signs should Remain Careful this Week 

After taking a look at the planetary positions during this week, it can be clearly said that the natives of Aries, Gemini, Gemini and Aquarius will get many beneficial rewards and also achieve success in their respective works. On the contrary, inhabitants belonging to Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius zodiac signs will have to remain especially vigilant and cautious as there may be continuous interruptions in their tasks and health can also remain in low spirits. This week seems likely to prove to be mediocrely fruitful for all the natives belonging to the remaining zodiac signs.

Venerate Maa Brahmacharini on the Second Day Of Navratri

On 30 September 2019, the second fast of Navratri will be observed. The second day of Navratri is dedicated towards venerating Maa Brahmacharini. According to the Hindu beliefs, this form of Maa Durga is considered to be the unmarried form of Maa Parvati, due to which she attained the name Brahmacharini. It is believed that by worshiping the Brahmacharini form of Maa Durga, the devotee attains success in life. Also, anyone who venerates the Goddess with true devotion attains her blessings and several other qualities such as austerity, renunciation, self-control and virtue…Click here to read in detail about the Glory of Maa Brahmacharini, her importance, and puja rituals.

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts

As per the calculations drawn from the Hindu Panchang, it can be stated that this week will begin with Shukla Paksha’s Dwitiya Tithi and end with Shukla Paksha’s Ashtami Tithi. meanwhile , the planet Moon will remain posited in the Libra zodiac sign. As it moves forward, it will be seen transiting from Libra and taking nest in Scorpio and Sagittarius signs respectively. 

Talking about the festivals and fasts taking place during this week, on 4 October 2019, Kalparambha will take place. On the very next day, i.e. on 5 October 2019, Navapatrika Puja will be observed. On the very last day of this week which is 6 October 2019, Durga Maha Ashtami and Durga Maha Navami Puja will be commemorated. 

Share Market Predictions of This Week 

This week, the prices of Cotton, Silver, White colored goods, Mercury, Milk and Milk products, Fish, Fruits, Flowers, Juicy items, Soda water, Glass, Ice and Rice, etc. will see a slowdown and inflation at the same time. However, at the end of the week, their prices will go up. The stock market this week will witness a spurt in stocks of Metals, Copper, diagnostic centers, Automobiles, Iron and Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Radium, Nuclear power, Weapons, Tobacco, Uranium, Medical equipments, Infrastructure, Health care, Cement and Gypsum etc. Apart from this, shares of Investment, Silver, Copper, Toys, Banking, Insurance, Fragrance goods, cosmetics, Diamond, Agriculture, Entertainment and Tourism may suffer. The condition of the market is quite volatile, so we advise to invest in it only after careful consideration. If possible, consult a subject matter expert.

Celebrity Birthdays 

Amongst the notable celebrities, veteran actress Asha Parekh’s birthday falls on 2 October 2019, this week. On the very next day, popular director who has made films like Border and LOC Kargil will celebrate his birthday on 3 October, 2019. Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan and TV fame Shweta Tiwari will blow out their birthday candles on 4 October 2019. AstroSage wishes all the very best to these celebrities. We hope that they keep shining in their respective careers and attain success. Other than the above mentioned celebrities, the entire country will also celebrate the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday on 2 October, 2019. Each and every citizen of this country will be seen offering tributes to the honorary figures. 

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Moon, this week, will transit in the seventh house of your Kundli at the beginning of the week. With its effects, your marital life will be blessed with peace, serenity and flourishment. You will plan dates or trips with each other and spend quality time together. On the professional front, business will be good and you will earn high revenues. As a result, your earnings will increase, and if working, then there are chances….Read More

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The week will prove to be very romantic for couples in love. They will create as well as share memorable moments together and make the best out of their time. Married natives will observe an…..Read More


Moon will transit in the sixth house of your chart, due to which you may get into an argument with a female. Therefore, be polite in your approach and talk nicely to them. Avoid any kind of dispute and be gentle while resolving the matter. In this period, expenses will remain…..Read More

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This week will be normal for couples in love. There will be small arguments and fights, but the love between you two will help you overcome those challenges easily. Married life will remain prosperous....Read More


This week, Moon will enter your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house, whereas Venus will make its transit in your fifth house. With Moon in the fifth house during the week’s beginning, your love life will become enchanted. You both will fall deeply in love with each other and enjoy your time together exploring various things, places and cuisines. Time is good for children, as they will…...Read More

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Overall, the week will be highly favourable for love matters. You will go on long drives or plan dates together. You will develop a strong sense of love and affection towards your partner and take out time from your schedule to spend…..Read More


The Moon will transit in your kundli’s fourth house at the week’s beginning. Hence, your expenses might increase. You will spend on household requirements and may plan on buying a new vehicle, two or four wheeler. Your love towards your mother will increase and you two will bond over numerous aspects. During this period, you will lead a…..Read More

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This week will remain good for love couples. Cancer natives will remain devoted to their respective spouses and try their best to keep them happy and contented. People of this sign will also make efforts and take initiatives to make their....Read More


In the week’s beginning, the Moon will enter the third house of your zodiac sign. As a result, your relationships with your siblings will become better and grow in a positive manner. You will come close and share your heart and mind easily with them. Also, you will help them overcome any struggle and be with them at every step of the way. Your communication skills will…..Read More

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The week won’t be good for love related matters. There will be some troubles in paradise and frequent fights and arguments will become a regular sight. Things can deteriorate between the two of you, and you may decide to separate and break up. In order to…..Read More


Moon will move into your second house in the week’s beginning. With its effect, a religious ceremony or event can get organized within your family. As a result, several relatives may visit you and spend time together. You will become financially stronger and independent. The inflow of income will remain consistent and you will be able…..Read More

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The week will incur mixed outcomes when it comes to love. Your love life will get affected due to your personal issues, which can further hamper the....Read More

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Moon will transit in your first or Lagna house in the week’s beginning, and the presence of Venus in your first house, garner positive results. With this, you will lead an enjoyable marital life and get blessed with prosperity and growth. Love and affection will grow between the two of you. Also, your professional life will yield profitable results. Your business will…..Read More

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Your love life will become romantic this week, as Moon and Venus’s transit in your sign will garner positive results. You both will share close moments and spend intimate time together…..Read More


Moon, at the beginning of the week, will enter into your twelfth house respectively. During this period, you may plan to go abroad for professional, recreational or personal purposes. Your expenses may increase in this duration, and you may spend too much in procuring leisures and comforts. However, you will enjoy a comfortable life. In such a case, try and follow a…....Read More

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Love life will remain ecstatic this week. Both of you will share a great camaraderie and understand each other’s point of view. Also, rather than arguing over a fact, it’s better to sit down and talk mutually about the differences and disputes, if any. You and your spouse will.....Read More


Moon will enter your eleventh house during the week’s beginning. As a result, you will enjoy cozy moments with your beloved and share memorable moments with each other. During this period, you will hang out with people of opposite genders and enjoy this time together. Students will do well in this duration and bring name and fame to their families with their ideal performances. Also, your artistic abilities will bring…..Read More

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This week will procure mixed results in love. You and your beloved will come closer during this time and spend intimate moments together. You will fall deeply in love with your lover and become expressive regarding your feelings for him/her. Married life can...Read More


Moon will enter your tenth house during the week’s beginning. Consequently, favourable results will be garnered. Your performance at the workplace will be appreciated and you will gain praise from your seniors and colleagues. In this duration, you can enjoy the company of the opposite gender and hang out with them. Your personal life will remain calm and you will relax throughout this duration. Next, the placement of the Moon in your…...Read More

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Your love life will be favourable, and your beloved will remain dedicated towards you. You both will make efforts to strengthen your relationship, and communicate freely about your feelings and inner thoughts. Your marital life will be.....Read More

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Moon in the ninth house at the beginning of the week will prove to be favourable. You may go on long-distance journeys, and it can be romantic in nature as well. Time is appropriate for attaining higher education. If you’re planning to apply for new courses, go ahead and do not hesitate. Next, the Moon will enter your tenth house of the kundli, which will garner positive results. You will perform well at…..Read More

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This week, your love life will remain blissful. You may go on a romantic journey with your lover and make the most of this time. Travelling with your beloved will help you strengthen the bond and come closer to each other. You will know more about each other and discover…....Read More


In the week’s beginning, the Moon will remain posited in your eighth house and garner positive results. As a result, you are likely to attain wealth gains, and as a result, your financial conditions will improve. Your relationship with your beloved will become closer, and intimacy between you two will grow. Also, you will lead a rather comfortable life by carrying out the undertaken tasks....Read More

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Love birds will have an amazing time this week. They will be able to share intimate moments and make the most of that opportunity. Couples in love will share their deepest secrets and talk about their fears with each other. Natives who are married will also have…..Read More

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