Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mars Transiting in Virgo Today! Know its Impacts Now!

Mars to change it residence and take nest in Virgo. Read the subsequent impact of this transit on the natives belonging to all the twelve zodiac signs. 

The planet Mars is the source of all energy required by each and every organism and human beings which is why it is given a very important status. This energy enables us to move ahead in life and complete every task in time. According to Vedic astrology, this planet gives us the power that is necessary to perform all the functions in our life. Mars has a bile nature which is governed by the fire element and also given the status of a male planet. Natives require its benediction to move forward in life, as it provides leadership qualities and makes a person courageous.

If the planet Mars is weakly situated in a person’s Kundli, then he/she has to deal with multiple problems. Some of them include lack of leadership capacity, loss of life energy, blood related irregularities, injuries, operation or surgery, accident etc. Possibilities. Apart from this, weak Mars or inauspicious Mars makes a person short tempered and arrogant. Such a native tends to get involved in unnecessary matters and also becomes inflicted with many problems. 

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When the planet Mars remains posited in its own sign Aries or Scorpio or its exalted sign, Capricorn, it creates a Panch Mahapurusha yoga called "Ruchchak" which is a yoga known for generating all kinds of prosperity in life. Such a person, along with being fearless, performs well in all spheres of life by being serious towards life values ​​and ultimately reaches the heights of success in life.

Mars Transit Timing 

Also known as the commander of all the deities, the planet Mars will move into its enemy Mercury’s zodiac sign Virgo, thereby exiting its friend Sun's sign Leo on 25 September 2019, at 05:56 am on Wednesday and it will remain posited in the same place until 10 November, 2019. Its impact will be visible in all the twelve zodiac signs, So let us know what auspicious and inauspicious effects are going to usher in the lives of people. 

Before that, let us take a look at its impact all over the nation. 

Mars transit Impact in Politics

The transit of Mars is taking place from the third house from independent India’s zodiac signs, due to which our country will be successful on many fronts. India will take some drastic measures which will take care of the internal and external security of the country, under which experts are sure to neutralize and curb terrorist attacks and take punitive action. There will be news describing the unrestrained blasphemy about the country by the opposing countries which the country will not tolerate at any cost and will win over it diplomatically.

Mars Transit Impact all Over the Country

India will be able to win new partners for many schemes, which will accelerate the pace of industrial sector in the country and will open the way for new businesses to get new life. The given time period can also be a bit challenging for the government because there is a possibility that some of their own people may try to go against it. The country will do well in the field of sports and Indian players will get good awards in many sports, which will add a feather to our country’s glorious cap. 

Impact of Mars in the Share Market 

The transit of Mars in Virgo will cause fluctuations in different types of stocks. Particularly, prices of metals will fluctuate and real estate will remain sluggish. Selling can be seen in the field of automobiles. Apart from this, prices of turmeric, copper, dry grapes, jaggery etc. will increase.

Let’s move on and read the effect of Mars Transit in Leo on all 12 zodiac signs:

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