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Sun Transit in Cancer Today, Read To Know The Impacts

Just after the occurence of lunar Eclipse, Sun has made its transit in Cancer zodiac sign. Be prepared to embrace the changes it will bring forward. Read more about the transitions it has in store. 

Of all the nine planets residing in the solar system, the Sun is the provider of light. The Moon and the other planets get light from this planet only. Thus, it has dominance over all the nine planets. Its precious rays are a boon to all the living beings existing on the face of this planet, which is why it is known as the governor of this Universe. Considering the important status occupied by the Sun, it is hailed as the significator of one’s father, son, heart and power. As per Vedic astrology, the gemstone associated with this planet is Ruby. It is advised to wear Ruby Stone in order to curb the malefic effects present in one’s Kundali. 

To Increase the Positive Effects of the Sun, Wear Bel Mool

Effects of Sun in One’s Kundli 

Very often it is said that the Sun is the soul of this universe. Thus, while investigating one’s birth chart, an astrologer primarily takes the Sun’s position into account. It remains exalted in the east direction and also reigns over the fifth zodiac sign which is, Leo. For the natives of this sign, the Sun is a homely planet. In the zodiac sign Aries, it stays supremely exalted. It can be said that after reaching a favourable spot, it becomes extremely beneficial. On the contrary, Libra is its debilitated sign and the Sun does not procure positive results when it stays posited in this zodiac sign. 

Also, the distance it maintains with other planets states what impacts will take place in the lives of the natives. Additionally, astrologers also note down Sun’s position in a particular zodiac sign while analyzing a particular Kundali. It is important to keep track of its friendly, inimical, exalted or debilitated signs while making any predictions. 

The usage of Surya Yantra is advised to curb the malefic effects of Sun and also to strengthen its position in one’s Kundali. By duly worshipping the Sun Yantra while observing the necessary rites and rituals, one can immediately witness positive outcomes. Due to its beneficial impact, one also attains stature and becomes influential and specially earns success in the government sector. 

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Timing of Sun Transit 

The Sun, which is governed by the fire element and appears to be red in colour, will make its transit on 17 July 2019, Wednesday around 4:23 in the morning from Gemini to Cancer zodiac sign and remain posited there till 17 August 2019. Before moving on to discover its impact on all the 12 zodiac signs, let us have a look at the impending changes in the nation that will be brought by this transit of Sun:

  • Budhaditya Yoga To Bring Rewards For Student Natives

On 17 July 2019, Sun will make its transit from Gemini to the sign which is under the governance of Sun i.e. Cancer and create a conjunction with Mercury, which will create a Budhaditya Yoga. Because of this, Sun’s residency in each and every zodiac sign will bless the student natives with intelligence. Such natives are also likely to achieve success in terms of government sector and education. 

  • Heat Waves All Over the Country

As the Sun launches in the Cancer zodiac sign, many states of the country will be suffering from severe heat. Because of this, many states in the city will be facing unforeseen circumstances. Along with this, many areas will also be experiencing water shortage problems. 

  • Lunar Eclipse has Taken Place Before Sun Transit in Cancer

Since the Sun is the significator of government services, will power, stature etc, during its transit when it leaves the Gemini sign and enters the Cancer zodiac sign, it will make a conjunction with the planet Mars. As a result of this conjunction, a Parakram Yoga will get formed and the malefic effects which came into the light during the lunar eclipse will also get eliminated.

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Let’s read the effects of Sun’s transit on all zodiac signs: 

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The Sun is transiting in your fourth sign, which is the house of comforts and happiness. It represents your mother, pleasure, and house construction. During this period, you need to take care of your parents’ health, as they are likely to remain unstable physically. There is a probability of you being mentally stressed due to ….Read More


The Sun is transiting in your third house, which will lead to an increase in your courage and valour. During this time, you’ll try to focus your energy into accomplishing any assigned task. Also, your positivity will help you attain desired results within the workspace. You’ll dominate your ….….Read More


Second house in astrology is known to be the representative of your speech and monetary resources. The Sun is transiting in this house only, due to which your speech may become bitter and rude. You may upset some people with your harsh words. If you wish to reconcile with your family, then you have to….….Read More


Sun will get posited in your Lagna or First house, which is ruled by Aries zodiac sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli. This house tells about oneself, health, behaviour and personality. With Sun transiting in this house of yours, you may have to suffer from health-related disorders. Do not eat anything you’re allergic .....Read More


Sun will make its transit in your twelfth house, which is the house of expenditure. With Sun entering this house, you have to remain cautious with matters related to money. Avoid loaning someone your money if you do not trust that person or have no faith in him/her. This transit will procure adverse effects ….….Read More


Eleventh house, in which Sun is transiting, is said to be governed by Aquarius zodiac sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli. It represents profits, income and relationship with elder siblings. People who carry out overseas trade and business can attain special benefits during this period. Your opponents won’t be able to ….….Read More


The transit of Sun in your tenth house of Karma or actions will prove to be auspicious for you. Your work speed will increase tremendously. Also, you’ll accomplish any assigned task with full creativity. There are chances of promotion within your workspace. Also, you seniors may appreciate your work owing to your ….….Read More

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Ninth house of Scorpio zodiac sign will be housed by Sun during its transitory motion. This house is ruled by Sagittarius sign as per Kaal Purush Kundli and represents religion or Dharma. This transitory movement will prove to be favourable for Scorpio natives. During this period, you’ll feel an inclination towards ….….Read More


Sun is transiting in your eighth house. With its effect, your financial aspect can weaken, which is why, take precautions before engaging in any transaction. If you are thinking about investing your money, then consult an experienced person. You may suffer from mental stress due to a decline in your health .. ...Read More


With Sun moving from Gemini to Cancer, it will get posited in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. Seventh house represents all kinds of partnerships in life. As a result, there can be problems in family life. Rudeness in your speech can cause a turmoil within the house, hence try and control your speech .....Read More


Sun is transiting in your sixth house, which is also the house of enemies. With this transit, you’ll completely dominate your opponents and be able to shut them with your logical comebacks. However, avoid speaking harshly to anyone, as you can feel bad afterwards because of it. Students who have recently .....Read More


With Sun transiting the fifth house of your zodiac sign, you may have to face challenges in your professional life. In Kaal Purush Kundli, this house is governed by Leo zodiac sign and represents knowledge and progeny. Hence, there are chances of disputes rising within your workspace, which is why you must .....Read More

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