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Retrograde Mercury Transited in Gemini! Know its Impact!

Retrograde Mercury conjunct with Rahu in Gemini! Read the predictions according to your horoscope and discover the impending profits and losses about to usher in your life. 

In the realm of astrology, the planet Mercury is hailed as the significator of intellect, logical reasoning abilities, mathematics, research, statistics and travelling. Generally, the retrograde motion adorned by most of the planets is not considered auspicious in Vedic astrology, but it cannot be denied that Mercury in retrograde motion does not always propitiate negative results. The same is said because sometimes the retrograde motion of planets are extremely beneficial for certain natives. 

Talking about the planet Mercury, it rules over the North direction and the primary Nakshatras under its governance are Ashlehsa, Jyestha and Revati. Along with this, the Sun, Venus and Rahu are its friendly planets, whereas it maintains an inimical relation with the Moon. Mercury’s retrograde and direct motion brings forward a lot of positive changes as its immediate effect is apparent in our logical reasoning, business and communication skills. The negative influence of this planet endorses many challenges for various individuals. In such a situation, natives are advised to wear Emerald and Four Faced Rudraksha

Impact of Retrograde Mercury 

Of all the Navagrahas, Mercury moves the fastest. This explains why the planet adorns the maximum number of retrograde motions as compared to the other planets. As it has been already mentioned, this particular planet is the governor of one’s speech, intellect and communication skills, and the retrograde motion of this planet mostly affects these aspects only. Mercury becomes quite strong in its retrograde state and produces better than average results. It has also been seen that retrograde Mercury brings positive changes to a native’s profession and personality. 

As per astrology, if Budh or the planet Mercury takes residence in any zodiac sign, which is determined by the element of fire, then it helps the concerned native’s intellect to develop in a better manner. As a result of this, creative thoughts take house in his/her mind. On the contrary, retrograde Mercury’s presence in those signs which are determined by the earth element brings economic problems for such natives. At the same time, its placement in an airy zodiac sign provides enhancement to communication skills and its residency in a watery sign makes the native develop an emotional demeanor. 

Conjunction with Malefic Planets to Offer Inauspicious Results 

The beliefs of Vedic astrology state that during the transit of retrograde Mercury, the sixth sense of natives enlightens, as the planet is neutral in nature. Its conjunction with malefic planets always generates negative outcomes and positive results in the case of beneficial planets. At the time when Mercury moves in a retrograde motion, a native should especially avoid switching jobs, changing places and travelling. 

Transit Timing of Retrograde Mercury 

During the last month, Mercury entered the zodiac sign Cancer on 21st June 2019 and began its retrograde motion on 8th July 2019. Staying intact in this motion, the planet has transited in Gemini on Tuesday, 30 July 2019 at 12:25 PM noon. Soon after, it will become direct on 1 August, 2019 and enter into Cancer again on Saturday, 3 August, 2019 at 05:44 AM in the morning. The significator of business and intellect, Mercury, in a retrograde motion will provide strength to the Kundlis of natives.  

Retrograde Mercury’s Transit in its Own Sign 

The planet Mercury is worshipped as a deity (devta) in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. To achieve success in intellectual activities and improve the business conditions, it is advised to worship Mercury. According to Hindu traditional scriptures, Mercury is considered to be the God of wisdom. When it conjuncts with an auspicious planet in one’s birth chart, then the inflow of prosperity is witnessed by the person. At the same time, if Budh Dev is negatively placed in an individual's Kundli, then he/she should observe the concerned remedies associated with the planet. By doing so, one can put an end to his/her problems. Now, retrograde Mercury is transiting in its own zodiac sign, Gemini. This status and habitat occupied by the planet will contribute to its strength in an optimum manner. Due to this situation, the dualistic planet will procure positive results while it remains in a good state and negative results while its state remains malefic. 

Retrograde Mercury’s Conjunction with Rahu 

Retrograde Mercury has transited in its zodiac sign, Gemini and conjuncted with the planet Rahu. Due to this placement, the influential retrograde Mercury provides a massive increment to the force of Rahu. Thus, it can be stated that the importance of this astronomical event has increased to a great extent. 

The Effect of Retrograde Mercury’s Transit on Students 

Talking about the student natives, the auspicious placement of Mercury is very crucial for them as it is the significator of intellect and knowledge. Natives who are pursuing Mathematics and related subjects should wear green coloured clothes, install the Budh Yantra and chant the Beej Mantra associated with Mercury, which is mentioned below 

Mantra: “oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ! / ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः!” 

Install Budh Yantra to Strengthen your Communication Skills 

The Impact of Retrograde Mercury in the Country 

Retrograde Mercury’s conjunction with Rahu when transited in Gemini can be considered politically crucial for both the country as well as its leaders. During this time period, some boastfulness in the nature of ministers can be witnessed, which can lead them to make big, captivating promises to the public. However, these promises will not be fulfilled, which will create a sustainable impact on the image of such politicians. 

Communication Sector to Undergo Significant Changes 

Major transitions will be seen in the media and communication sector due to the effect of this retrograde transit. There is a possibility of telecom regulator TRAI taking a new decision, which will bring forward a welcoming change to the country. However, it is also expected that enormous and updated technologies can be used in the communication medium on a very large scale, which will bring name and fame to the country’s status. 

Moving on, let us take a look at the transitions which will be endorsed by this retrograde transit of Mercury in each and every zodiac sign. 

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For your sign, Mercury rules the third and sixth house, and will enter your third house itself in its retrogression. Third house is the house of speech, and tells about our younger siblings, short-distance trips, hard work, interests etc. There will be an increase in your valour and courage and your excitement will remain at its peak. You will take on new….Read More 


Planet Mercury governs the second and fifth house, and will move into the second house during its transit in your sign. This is known as the Dhana Bhava or the house of wealth, through which one can access the status of money accumulation. One can know about family, food, right eye, mouth, speech and primary education through Second house. This time brings with itself…Read More 


Mercury rules your sign and fourth house. In its retrogression motion, Mercury will transit in your sign only, i.e. in your first house, also known as the Lagna house. It represents our physical features, personality, nature, social image etc. Due to the transit of retrograde Mercury in your first house, its influence will be seen on you. As a result, you’ll become talkative and….Read More 


Mercury rules your third and twelfth house, and it will transit in your twelfth house. This is the house of expenditure and loss and signifies foreign connections, expenses, physical ailments, eye-related diseases, sleep disorders, intimate pleasure, hospital, business etc. During the course of this transit, you’ll be troubled with many chronic diseases. Hereby, remain cautious of your health and…Read More 


Mercury will transit in your eleventh house, and rules both the eleventh and second house as well. Eleventh house tells about the fulfillment of ambitions, income, profits, elder siblings and relationship with them, senior officials etc. During the period of this transit, you’ll see an increase in your income and success in activities for economic gains. Any task stuck for a long….Read More 


Mercury rules in your first and tenth house, and will transit in your tenth house itself during its retrogression. Tenth house is the most powerful angular house in a kundli and known as the Karma bhava. Natives can explore about their business, actions and livelihood through this house. You’ll learn that overworking can lead to immense stress and how you must control….Read More 


Mercury rules your ninth and twelfth house, and will transit in your ninth house respectively. This house or bhava is the house of luck and provides information about aspects like religion, identity, respect, long trips, pilgrimage, teacher or Guru etc. This house is also known as the Lakshmi Sthana(place) in a kundli. During this transit, luck will fully favour you, and you’ll come across….Read More 


Mercury transits in its retrograde motion in your eighth house. It rules this as well as the eleventh house of the kundli. Eighth house depicts sudden activities, spiritualism, problems and major changes in life, conspiracy, research, and age. Due to the transit of retrograde Mercury, your mind will try to explore secret and hidden things which will also procure some of your…..Read More 


The governor of your zodiac sign’s seventh and tenth house, Mercury is transiting in your seventh house, which represents long-term partnerships, relations, life partner, marriage, import-export, business partnerships, etc. Within this duration, there will be chances of promotion, but there will be some obstacles in the way, which you have to deal with. There will be improvements in….Read More  


The ruler of your sixth and ninth house, Mercury will transit in your sixth house. This house signifies our opponents, competitiveness, our ability to struggle, competitive examinations, ailments human beings are prone to, debts, loans, and jobs etc. Mercury transit in the sixth house can lead to a win in court-related matters, but you’ll have to put in extra efforts as the….Read More 


Mercury will get into your fifth house with this transit. This planet rules the fifth and eighth house. Fifth house represents education, life preferences, intellect, conscience, children and love relations and known as the Lakshmi Sthan in a kundli. With its effect, you’ll be interested in knowing about new things and there will be an improvement in your studies. Your knowledge will….Read More 


Mercury rules your fourth and seventh house and will enter the fourth house when in moves in the retrograde motion. Fourth house states about leisure, comforts and immovable and movable property. During the course of this transit, your desire for comforts and luxurious life will increase, and you’ll undertake every possible measure to attain that. You’ll remain busy in…..Read More 

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