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Sawan Somvar Tomorrow! Read its Importance and Facts

The first Sawan Somvar fast will be observed tomorrow. Worship Lord Shiva the right way to get desirable results. Also, know the Tithis of all the Mondays falling in the month of Sawan and important facts associated with them.

As per Hinduism, along with the month of Shravan, the time of Pradosh and Shivratri is also considered auspicious to worship Lord Shiva. According to the Hindu Panchang, the month of Shravan is also known as Sawan, during which the importance of revering Lord Shiva and observing fasts on Monday increases to a great extent. Devotees of Shiva who fasts on Sawan Somvar obtain auspicious results. After fasting for the whole day, natives break the fast after performing the Puja. The rites and rituals associated with Sawan Vrat are similar to the other fasts kept on Monday. During this year, the first Monday/Somvar of Sawan will fall on 22 July, 2019. 

Sawan Somvar Vrat Will Give Desirable Results 

The Hindu Panchang states that Shravan is the fifth month of the year which falls during the month of July or August according to the English Calendar. The month holds immense importance because the entire month is devoted to Lord Shiva. Thus, it becomes very dear to the Mahadev. Beliefs state that when Lord Vishnu goes for a long sleep to Kshirsagar on Devshayni Ekadashi, Lord Shiva takes the responsibility of the entire Universe on his shoulders. Apart from this, it is also said that if a devotee performs Lord Shankar's reverence along with Lord Parvati in the month of Sawan, then he/she receives all kinds of desirable results by the grace of the Lord. Along with this, the person also attains liberation from his/her problems.

Date for Sawan Somvar in 2019 

First Sawan Somvar Vrat 
22 July, 2019
Second Sawan Somvar Vrat
29 July, 2019
Third Sawan Somvar Vrat
5 August, 2019
Fourth Sawan Somvar Vrat
12 August, 2019

Benefits of Observing the Sawan Somvar Fast 

Experts in the field of astrology believe that if there are problems in your marriage, your financial condition is weak or there are health problems, then fasting on all the Mondays of Sawan Month helps you appease Lord Shiva and eliminate all these obstacles. In the Vedas, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are acknowledged as men and nature respectively. Therefore, it is believed that nature spreads its unique shadows on the Earth. This sight pleases the Lord immediately and he decides to fulfil all the desires and prayers of his devotees during this time. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind During Sawan Somvar 

  • Hindu Mythology states that Lord Shani or Saturn is the beloved disciple of Mahadev. Thus by observing this fast, you can not only appease Bholenath and Goddess Parvati, but also Shani Dev. 
  • Since the Moon takes abode in Shiv ji’s matted hair and Monday is also known to be governed by the planet Moon, the Sawan Somvar fast helps the devotees to gain blessings not only from Shiva but also from Lord Moon. if there are any malefic effects of the Moon present in your Kundli, the same will get eliminated with the observation of this fast. 
  • If a Grahan or Sarp Dosha gets formed in a natives’s Kundli, then the successful observation of Sawan Somvar fasts pleases Lord Shiva and eliminates all such Doshas.
  • Apart from this, it is extremely beneficial to worship Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan in order to get rid of various kinds of Doshas present in one’s Kundli and also to suppress all the sins of the individual’s life.
  • It has been observed that if the festival of Nag Panchami falls on Sawan Somvar, its importance increases and it is considered an auspicious combination. By worshiping serpents on this day, Lord Shiva blesses the devotees.

Purpose of Sawan Somvar Fast

During the occasion of Sawan Somvar, Lord Shiva remains in a delightful mood after witnessing the peculiar yet beautiful harmony of nature. If we take a look at the appearance of Mahadev, then it can be seen the he adorns the poisonous Vasuki Nag around his neck and the Moon (Lord Chandra) resides on his head. Apart from this, the river Ganga or Goddess Ganga emerges out of his matted hair. His vahan or mount is a bull, who is also known as Nandi. Meanwhile, his consort and better half, Goddess Parvati rides on a lion. Talking about his sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya, their mount is a mouse and peacock respectively. If you pay attention here, then it can be derived that all creatures share an inimical bond with each other, but all of them live together in harmony in the Lord’s residence, Kailash Parvat. Hence, it is believed that Lord Shankar conveys his word to us through them and says that we need to maintain the right balance prevalent in nature. Thus, when nature spreads its unique shade during the month of Shravan, an aesthetic incarnation of it comes to the forefront. Similarly, every human being should also make efforts to maintain the right balance in nature. By doing this, Lord Shankar gets pleased and showers his blessings upon the natives.

Sawan Somvar Fast and Puja Rituals

As we have mentioned above, the fasting rituals of Sawan Somvar are very much similar to the usual fasts kept on Monday, but its significance is much greater than the other vrats or fasts. The rites and ceremonies to be performed during this fast are jotted down below. 

  • Wake up early in the morning before sunrise and purify yourself after taking a bath and wearing new clothes.
  • After this, perform the Abhishek of Lord Shiva with milk, curd, Ganga jal, sugarcane juice, mustard oil etc.
  • Apply white sandalwood on Mahadev and offer him datura, cannabis, Bel leaves etc.
  • Light a pure ghee or oil lamp in front of him.
  • After this, read or listen to Savan Somvar vrat katha and chant the Shiv Chalisa while performing the Aarti. 
  • Offer Prasad to him.
  • On the day when the fast is being observed, the Lord must be worshipped during the morning and evening hours.
  • Break the fast only after worshiping Lord Shiva in the evening and keep in mind that only one meal should be consumed in the entire day. 

Sawan Somvar in Mythology 

Quite dear to Lord Shiva, the month of Shravan has many legends associated with it. In such an instance, it has been mentioned that Goddess Parvati observed a difficult fast continuously for a month, so as to gain the honor of being Lord Shiva’s wife. Bholenath was pleased with her devotion and dedication, appeared in front of her and gave her the boon of being his consort. This explains the reason why girls and women are advised to fast and worship Shiva on this day, as it ends all marital problems prevailing in life.

According to another myth, on this very day, Lord Shiva decided to visit his in-laws on the Earth. Once he arrived there, he was welcomed in a very grand manner after performing a Jalabahishek. Thus, it is believed that natives who worship Bholenath while observing the fast of Sawan Somvar attain the grace of Lord Shiva. Quite a few beliefs state that the Lord himself arrives on the Earth during the month of Shravan to bless his devotees. Taking all these trivia into account, it is very important to keep fasts on Mondays during this month.

We wish to shed some light on Sawan Somvar with this article. May you get the blessings from Mahadev during the month of Shravan and get rid of all your problems. 


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