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Weekly Horoscope (22 to 28 July, 2019)

On Sawan’s first Somvar, read this week’s horoscope. Check out the astrological forecast of the week beginning from 22-28 July, 2019 and navigate the changes that will take place in your professional, business, academic, love, marital and domestic life. 

AstroSage is back with the accurate predictions for your upcoming days of the week. We cover minute details for all the 12 zodiac signs, which will definitely help you to keep track of various occurrences ushering in your life. Light will also be shed on the special events of the week. With the assistance provided by this horoscope, you can read specific details about your romantic life, marital life, profession, family, economic, physical and domestic life for free. Additionally, specified remedies are also curated for every zodiac sign, which will help to keep persistent problems of life at bay. 

Attain Lord Shiva’s Blessings In The Beginning Of The Week

The importance of this week increases to a great extent as the first Sawan Somvar Vrat will be observed by the devotees at its very beginning. Along with this, this week will also be quite celebratory for the adherents of Lord Shiva and the natives of many zodiac signs. Talking about the positions of various planets and Nakshatrsa, the week’s time will bring forth many favourable changes for the folks belonging to Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus zodiac signs. Hence, they can make the most of this time. However, those individuals who belong to the other signs are advised to remain careful as they are likely to come across some challenges and difficulties.

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

As per the Hindu Panchang, the fourth week of July will begin with Krishna Paksha’s Panchami Tithi and end with Krishna Paksha’s Ekadashi Tithi. Meanwhile, the planet Moon or Chandra Dev will start moving in a transitory motion via Pisces zodiac sign and enter the sign Taurus. Apart from this, the first fast of the Sawan month will be observed on Monday, 22 July 2019 and on Sunday, 28 July 2019, Kamika Ekadashi will be celebrated. There is a special significance of fasting and making donations during these days. According to the religious scriptures, on Kamika Ekadashi, also known as Pavitra (holy) Ekadashi, devotees worship Upendra, a divine form of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that by fasting on this Ekadashi, one gets salvation from the sins of his/her previous birth. Thus, the outcomes of Pavitra Ekadashi are equally effective for both Heaven and Earth. 

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First Sawan Somwar- How Auspicious Is It?

Sawan, which is also the fifth month of the Hindu Calendar, began on 17 July, 2019. On 22 July, 2019, the devotees of Lord Shiva will observe the first Sawan Somwar fast all over the nation. The day Monday and the month of Shravan, both are very dear to Mahadev. It has been believed that the blessings attained after worshiping Lord Shiva throughout the year can be obtained only by performing his Jalabhishek during the Mondays of the Sawan month. Talking about the first Sawan Somvar, many auspicious yogas are getting formed on this day, which are increasing its importance to a great extent. Coincidentally, the first Monday of Sawan is beginning in Shravana Nakshatra, which is widely hailed for its auspicious nature. At the same time, another auspicious yoga called Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is also getting formed on Monday. As the name suggests, this yoga offers all kinds of achievements (siddhi) to the natives. In layman’s language, it can be said that any endeavour undertaken on this day gets fruits of success. Apart from this, Priti Yoga forming on this Monday will increase your love and devotion towards Lord Shiva and help you to receive his grace in return. 

Planetary Transits Taking Place This Week

After taking a detailed look at the positions of planets and Nakshatras, it can be stated that the upcoming week is expected to remain very significant for married and unmarried female natives. They are advised to observe Lord Shiva’s fast in order to attain his grace and kindness. When the week commences, the planet Moon will remain posited in the Aquarius sign and move through Pisces, Aries, and Taurus with the week approaching further. Its impact will also be seen in various Nakshatras. Additionally, Venus taking residence in the Gemini sign will make its transit in Cancer. In this sign only, it will get conjuncted with Mercury, Sun and Mars. 

Share Market Predictions 

After taking a look at the share market predictions for the fourth week of July, it can be said that on Monday, 22 July 2019, it’s state may remain in good spirits. Afterwards, on Tuesday, 23 July 2019, the condition will remain mediocre. However, on 24 July 2019, there are signs of recession taking place, which will directly impact the market condition on 25 July, 2019. With this, a state of downturn can prevail over the Market until the end of the week. During this week’s time, Government sectors, Energy, F.M.C.G., Sugar industry, Entertainment industry, Vehicle, Banking, Investment and some technical sectors are likely to remain under pressure. Other than this, the status of Real estate, Chemicals, Cement, Pharmaceuticals and Service sectors will remain flourishing, which is why traders are advised to invest in these fields. 

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Celebrity Birthdays

The much talked-about personalities who will celebrate their birthdays this week are: politician Ajit Panwar, whose birthday falls on 22 July 2019, famous singer and musician Himesh Reshammiya, who will blow candles on 23 July 2019. Apart from them, the talented retro actor, Manoj Kumar, actress Mugdha Godse and the versatile actor and Rajnikanth’s son in law, Dhanush will also celebrate their birthdays on 24, 26 and 28 July, 2019 respectively. Catch a glimpse of their upcoming future by going through their birth charts available on AstroSage. May they have a successful year ahead. 

Let us take a look at the astrological forecasts of this week.

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During the last week of July, the luminary planet Moon will reside in your eleventh, twelfth, first and second house. Also, the transit of Venus will also take place in the fourth house of Aries natives. The eleventh house of one’s Kundli specifically pertains to his/her ambitions, success in tasks and recognition at the workplace. At the beginning of the week, Moon and Venus’ placement in the vivid…..Read More

Love Predictions

These week’s time will prove to be mediocrely fruitful for love affairs. The lovers of this sign will obtain the support of their partners, but there may be differences of opinion between the duos. It should be remembered….Read More


During this week, Moon will remain posited in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house of your kundli. In addition to this, the transit of Venus will also take place in your third house. The tenth house in the kundli or birth chart is the significator of professional success and good fortune. The transits of these auspicious planets will impact your life and its various aspects. Let us begin with the status of your professional….Read More

Love Predictions

Due to the influence of Venus, your love life can flourish during this week’s time. You may also spend some peaceful and relaxed moments with your partner and plan to go on a romantic date or a…..Read More


The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses of Gemini natives will host the transit of Moon during the last week of July 2019. Supplementarily, the transit of Venus will also occur in the second house of your Kundli. As the week commences, the presence of the Moon will be witnessed in your ninth house. The significator of love i.e. Venus and the governor of the mind i.e Moon will determine the week for….Read More

Love Predictions

As far as the love life of Gemini natives is concerned, you may give special recognition to your partner’s love this week. Your partner can also express his/her love for you love with an open…..Read More


The planet Moon’s transit will be hosted by the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house of your zodiac sign. Apart from this, the transit of the evening star, the planet Venus will take place in your ascendant or lagna house. Both Venus and Moon will work together to bring changes in various aspects of your life. During this week’s time, financial resources must be spent carefully, as there are chances of you….Read More

Love Predictions

Due to the influence of Venus, the significator of love, the romantic relationships of Cancer natives are likely to flourish. You can spend some pleasant moments with your partner or even visit your….Read More


The concluding week of July 2019 will witness the transit of Moon taking place in your seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house. Additionally, the significator of luxury and comfort, planet Venus will also remain posited in your twelfth house. The combined effect of both of these planets will govern your life. Talking about your professional life, you will reap the benefits of your….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will prove to be moderately beneficial for love affairs. Your partner’s deeds may induce mental stress in you. But after finding the truth, your anxiety will disappear. Loyalty and faith….Read More


During this week’s time, Moon’s transit will take place in your sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house. Subsequently, the bright planet Venus will also remain posited in your eleventh house. Each aspect of your life will be governed by the transits of these two planets only. At the beginning of the week, your children may have to face some difficulties as soon as Chandra Dev enters the….Read More

Love Predictions

With regards to love affairs, this week can prove to be beneficial for you. You can plan for a vacation with your partner. Also during this time, love will increase between the two of you and you will try to understand….Read More


The transit of Jupiter’s disciple i.e. the planet Moon will take place in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house. Conjointly, the planet Venus will also be entering the tenth house of your sign. You will get blessed with a baby as soon as the Moon takes residency in the fifth bhava. The week will begin on a splendid note for you as your children will see the face of professional success. This will contribute to your….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will be mundane for love matters. Beloved may remain upset with you due to a certain reason. To convince them, you can plan a holiday or a date to go on with him/her. You can also go for…Read More

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The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house of your Kundli will be occupied by the Moon during this week’s time. Also, Venus will transit in your ninth house, which denotes good luck and fortune. A happy and peaceful environment will prevail at home while the luminary planet takes residency in the fourth bhava of Scorpio natives. The bond of harmony will be witnessed amongst the…Read More

Love Predictions

During this week’s time, your love life will hit the refresh button. There will be depth in your relationship. Beloved will not only take your emotions into account, but also make attempts to respect them. In the middle of the week, there may be a fight or two between you…..Read More


Chandra Dev or the planet Moon will take its position in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth house of your zodiac sign. Additionally, the transit of the evening star Venus will also take nest in your eighth house. The impact of the transit of these planets will determine your week. Your courage will increase while Moon enters the third bhava of your sign. This will also bring a positive increment to your….Read More

Love Predictions

The last week of July 2019 will prove to be favorable for love related matters. You will get time to spend some peaceful moments of love and romance with your beloved. However, your partner can also test….Read More


At the beginning of this week, the luminary planet will remain posited in the second house of Capricorn natives. However as the week progresses, it will take nest in the third, fourth, and fifth house of your sign. Subsequently, the transit of Venus will also take place in the seventh bhava. Your communication skills are likely to turn pleasant when the Moon’s resides in the….Read More

Love Predictions

This week is expected to remain regular for love related matters. During this while, you should not force your partner to do anything as any such act on your part can corrupt your image. You can receive some kind of benefits because….Read More


The ascendant house of your zodiac sign will be occupied by the significator of mind i.e. the planet Moon at the beginning of the week. As the week moves forward, it will make its transit in the second, third and fourth house. Along with the luminary planet, the significator of love, the planet Venus will also make its transit in the sixth house of your sign. While the Moon remains posited in your ascendant or lagna house, profits….Read More

Love Predictions

Talking about love affairs, this week will not be much favorable for natives who are in love. There are quite a few chances of debates cropping up between you and your beloved, which is why you are advised to act….Read More


As the week commences, the planet Moon will remain posited in your twelfth house and then move to the first, second and third house respectively. Additionally, the transit of Venus will also be hosted by the fifth house of Pisces natives. While Lord Chandra transits in the twelfth bhava, you are required to put a tab on your expenses as they may increase steadily. Prospects are also being made for….Read More

Love Predictions

For love matters, this week will be average. Those natives who have not been able to give a sufficient amount of love to their partners should provide the appropriate time to and talk their heart out in front of them. This is the right time to think about taking your relationship….Read More

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