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Venus Transiting in Cancer Today, Know Its Impact

The conjunction of Venus with Mars, Mercury and Sun in Cancer will form auspicious Yogas. Discover what changes are foreordained for your zodiac sign due to this transit. 

Out of all the planets residing in the Solar system, astrology hails Venus as the most auspicious planet after Jupiter. Amongst the Navagrahas, it shines the most and is easily visible from the Earth. The planet is also known as the evening (sandhya) and morning (bhor) star. Astrologers as well as scientists believe that the rays of this particular planet and a change in its state or location have a definite impact in the lives of natives. 

Impact Of Venus in One’s Kundali 

Vedic astrology states that Venus is quite a significant planet. It has governance over love, marriage, prosperity, inadvertence, cosmetics, luxury, culture, literature, progeny, females and many more. The negative placement of Venus in one’s Kundli creates hurdles in attaining a female partner (for males), vehicle and financial happiness. Some people give a feminine status to this planet, but the domain of astrology states that for male natives, it acts as a feminine planet and vice versa. Since, Venus, also is known to possess many royal characteristics, is the significator of splendour and fame in a native’s life. Pink and Bright White are the colours associated with this planet. Coming back to its impacts, its exalted or powerful position in one’s birth chart helps him/her to attain the comforts of vehicle, luxuries and marital bliss. At the same time, its weakened or debilitated state brings a dearth of the above mentioned comforts in a person’s life.

What Causes Venus To Remain Weak in a Native’s Kundli? 

Beliefs state a native remains deprived of all luxuries and comforts when his/her significator Venus adorns a debilitated state in his/her birth chart. Let us list out the reasons which are responsible for the weak placement of this particular planet.

  • The dirty or impure condition of the south-east direction in one ‘s home or workplace can make Venus debilitated in an Individual’s Kundli.
  • If the native suffers from any dental disorder, then there are high chances of Venus remaining weak in his/her birth chart.
  • When a native establishes improper relations with another woman or an underaged girl, the planet Venus also generates adverse outcomes. 
  • When Venus is in conjunction with Rahu in a native’s Kundli, then the concerned individual becomes deprived of the pleasures of vehicle and wife. 
  • The negative effects brought forward by Venus are also created by the debilitated status of Saturn in a native’s birth chart. 
  • The weak status of Venus also produces conflicts in marriage.
  • Venus can also turn weak due to native’s inability to maintain physical hygiene and also by wearing old, tattered and dirty clothes.
  • When the environment of the house is not pure and unclean, the planet starts to produce unfavourable outcomes.
  • The negative impacts of Venus come into light due to the grubby state of one’s bedroom and kitchen.
  • Natives witness delay in receiving the affirmative outcomes of Venus due to the excessive usage of black or other dark colours. 
  • Venus brings forth unfavorable outcomes when a native creates family clashes or beats his/her children. It also has an adverse effect on the wealth and property of a person. 

Which Diseases are Caused by a Debilitated Venus ? 

It is believed that the weak placement of Venus not only creates hurdles for a native to attain the material pleasures and comforts, but also makes him/her prone to many ailments. So, the health conditions which can be created an inauspicious Venus are mentioned below. 

  • A native remains at the risk of developing cheek, chin and nerve disorders, when the south-east direction of his/her house is not designed according to the Vastu. 
  • Diseases associated with seminal fluid are experienced by the natives due to the weak state of Venus.
  • A native can suffer from STDs due to the debilitated state of Venus. Apart from this, a person loses his/her sensual appetite before time due to the same status adorned by the same planet. 
  • If a native has been experiencing constant pain in the thumb or it has become ineffective without the occurrence of any significant disease, then the primary reason behind this is powerless state of Venus. 
  • This planet also engenders skin diseases. 
  • Venus also effectuates intestinal disorders.
  • The induction of sexually transmitted diseases are initiated by the negative impacts of Venus only.
  • Disorders related to legs or pain are the primary examples of Venus’ debilitated status. 

Transit Time of Venus 

Thus, to obtain materialistic happiness and comforts, it is mandatory for the planet Venus to remain in a positive state. Apart from this, its residency in various houses of a zodiac sign also procures crucial results for a native. Of all the planets, Mercury and Saturn are friendly to Venus, whereas Sun and Moon are called his enemies. With this, Venus spends about 23 days in a zodiac sign and moves ahead in other signs. Now the same planet, also the significator of love, beauty and art, is making a transit once again. On 23 July 2019 i.e. Tuesday, at 12:35 noon, the planet will move out from Gemini and enter Cancer. Its position will remain intact until Friday 16 August 2019, at 20:23.

With the assistance of this blog, we will provide you details about the effects of this transit of Venus on your horoscope. But, before moving further, let us catch a glimpse of the changes the transit has in store for the entire nation. 

How Auspicious is this Transit ? 

On 23 July 2019, the transit of Venus is taking place in Cancer zodiac sign, where it will get conjuncted with Sun, Mercury and Mars. Because of these conjunctions occuring, Chaturgrahi Yoga will get formed. Additionally, the planet will also be under the special affliction of Jupiter during the time when retrograde Mercury will remain posited in the Punarvasu Nakshatra. This, this transit of Venus can be considered very special. 

The Effect Of This Transit On The Nation

Venus is transiting in the zodiac sign of Moon i.e. Cancer, where it will get conjuncted with Sun, Mars and Mercury and form a Shadashtak Yoga along with Saturn. Because of all these alterations, the entire country may witness the loss of livelihood because of the occurrence of natural disasters. Also, due to the effect of this transit, the North-eastern states of the country will encounter troubles because of excessive rainfall. On the other hand, some other states may have to undergo drought problems on account of low or minimal precipitation.

This transit is likely to bring economic sustenance for the country. At the same time, numerous internal problems will also crop because of which the ruling party will undergo a sufficient amount of pressure. However, the position of various planets and Nakshatras states that Guru or Jupiter’s positive aspect will keep the general public satisfied. Apart from this, benefits can also be gained from the neighboring countries, which will improve the international relations.

Religious Inclination will Increase 

The conjunction of inimical planets during this transitory duration will make the folks of this country to develop an inclination towards religious and spiritual deeds. Most of the natives will be seen actively participating is such activities. 

Effect of this Transit on Retail Market

The transit of Venus in Cancer will cause a stir in the Share Market, especially in the retail section. During this while, the prices of Gold, Silver, Jaggery and Khand (desi sugar) will fall down. In the meantime, the rates of Grains, Pulses, Oilseeds and Ghee are likely to go up. 

Let us have a detailed look at the impact of this trasnit on all the 12 zodiac signs. 

This horoscope is based on Moon Signs. Discover yours here: Moon Sign Calculator


There will be some positive changes in your family life, as Venus makes its transit in your fourth house, also known as the House of Happiness. If there was some situation of dispute with a family member, then it will improve now and happiness will prevail in your home. Working professionals will make the most use of their creativity at work and also receive…..Read More 


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Venus will transit in your sign's second house. This house corresponds to Taurus, according to Kalpurush Kundli, and determines one’s speech and wealth. This transit will bring a sweetness and affability in your speech which will attract people towards you. You may take part in a family function and will enjoy yourself there. Your finances will be strong too and if you have a property in a….Read More 


Lord Shukra will be blessing Cancer natives as Venus makes its transit in your zodiac sign, which means the planet will be posited in your first house, i.e., ascendant house. This house is used to determine the nature and body of the native. As the significator of materialistic pleasures and amenities transits in your sign, it will bless you with benefits. Natives in love will receive favorable results, and you can….Read More 

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The transit of Venus in your income house, i.e., your eleventh house, will bring about an increase in your income and a female friend of yours may prove to be helpful in this endeavour. Luck will be in your favor and many things or tasks that were going wrong will get resolved now. One of your heartiest desires may also get fulfilled in this duration. Your married life will be….Read More 


Libra natives need to be careful and cautious while Venus makes its transit in their tenth house, which is our House of Work or Karma Bhava. A dispute with someone at work is probable, therefore it is advised that you stay away from arguments, and speak as little as possible because saying too much can often be harmful. Your family life will remain normal and a lady of your…Read More 


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Venus will be transiting in your house of marriage and partnership, which is your seventh house. With this transit, your love life will get recuperated and you will get to spend some quality time with your spouse. In this duration, your life partner will understand your feelings without you needing to say anything. This Venus transit will bring an increase the….Read More 


Venus will be transiting in your sixth house, as a result of which you will receive your desired results, according to your hard work. Trust your hard work and passion and keep moving forward. Avoid getting into an argument with any female at work because this will only besmirch your name and image in front of others. Be cautious while….Read More 


Venus will be transiting in your fifth house, which is the house of your progeny. With this transit, your hidden talent will come in front of others as well and you will be interested in learning new things. This planetary movement will prove to be quite beneficial for student natives born under this sign as well. They will be able to easily understand even those….Read More 

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