Monday, October 3, 2016

Navratri Day Two - Maa Brahmacharini Puja Vidhi

Maa Brahmacharini blesses her worshippers on the 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri. AstroSage has compiled an informative blog on how to please the goddess of warmth and love, and get the maximum results during these 9 auspicious days.

The 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri commemorates Maa Brahmacharini. The goddess did austere absolution for Lord Shiva and till the time she married him, she was called Brahmacharini. The unmarried form of Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Maa Brahmacharini. The goddess possesses a grand and bright aura around her. Her right hand carries a rosary while the left carries a Kamandal. By worshipping and praying to her, we can balance our Swadhishtan chakra. 

Devi Avatar: Maa Brahmacharini

The second day of Navratri is dedicated to pay homage to Goddess Brahmacharini. This avatar of Goddess Durga is particularly worshipped by the sages and monks. 

Know more about the Goddess of fortune and courage - Maa Brahmacharini

Maa Brahmacharini governs the planet Mars, who brings good fortune and wealth in our life. AstroSage has launched an EXCLUSIVE OFFER to provide its users with the products that will manifold the benefits attained in this duration.

The following products are to be used on the 2nd day of the Shardiya Navratri to please Maa Brahmacharini and to get benefic results of planet Mars:

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May Maa Brahmacharini shower her blessings on you and fulfill all your aspirations.

AstroSage wishes you a very Happy Shardiya Navratri 2016.

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