Monday, October 17, 2016

Sun Transit In Libra Today - Know It’s Effect On You

On October 17, Sun will enter into its debilitated sign, Libra. After being here for one month, it will move into Scorpio. Natives going through Antar or Pratyantar Dasha of Sun will face adverse effects. Others will not experience much changes. Being debilitated, Sun will lose its natural auspiciousness for some days. However, you need not worry. This transit will last f0r 30 days. 


Luck will support you; however, you will face some sort of confusions. If problems occur with spouse, tackle them calmly. Read more


Endeavors will accomplish due to support of seniors or authorities. Maintain distance with those who envy you. Read more


Time is extremely great for love life and social life. Whether you are in job or business, profits are foreseen for you. Read more


Keep negativity away from your professional life. Though luck will support, but managing yourself is your responsibility. Read more


To let things go on the right way, you need to take help of meditation and things like that. Useless expenses are possible. Read more


You are expected to misplace any valuable. Luck seems unavailable, but help will reach you at the needed time. Read more


Not a favorable time, be careful. Make sure to realize what others do for you and treat them in the same way. Read more


Enemies will try to trouble, but friends will stand by you. Financial matters need careful thought, as you might take wrong decision. Read more


To get success, stay determined to your goals and don’t let your mind get diverted. Personal life need attention. Read more


You might miss out any important deal, be careful. Avoid taking major decisions in this period of time. Read more


Money is important, but other things are also important. Don’t hurt anybody in your urge of making money. Read more


Handle personal as well as professional life carefully. Strategies against you are possible by your opponents. Read more

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