Friday, October 21, 2016

Mercury Transit In Libra Today - Know It’s Effect On You

From October 21 till November 09, Mercury will transit in Libra. Venus, which is the domineering lord, is buddy-buddy with Mercury. Mercury has a dualistic nature whereas Libra belongs to all the air elements. When these two combine, shenanigans of Mercury is bound to increase many folds. Natives going through Antara or Pratyantar Dasha of Mercury will enjoy liberty & will have carte blanche to do anything as they please. While some might enjoy this spell more competently, others might experience just a stiver of it. All in all, your decisive ability will put on afterburners.


Don’t do anything in a jiffy. You must listen to everyone and fathom carefully before you carry out any actions. Read more


Avoid profligacy & try to be frugal for a change. Hearkening what others have to say will be very useful as well as rewarding. Read more


Your communication skills will stand out; in your professional life. Do not engage in calumniation. Read more


Your work ethics might be pointed out at work. Don’t put your foot in your mouth, just be nice and you will reap serious profits. Read more


Your excellent communication skills will earn you plaudits from everyone. It's time to break loose & live the life of Riley using this sheer talent of yours. Read more


A spankingly exceptional news could be received from your in-laws. An auspicious phase to make financial plans and enjoy them in future. Read more


Now is the time to chance your arm as luck will be in your favour, but don’t act in haste. Legal cases needs to be sorted outside the court. Read more


A phase when you will get varied results. Spice up your love life further, by making some spontaneous plans. Read more


Time to conjure profits with the help & support of your friends. Sensuous moments with lover will fill up your life with euphoria. Read more


Actualize your thoughts and make your dream come true. An phenomenal phase to enjoy tenderness, progress, and appreciation. Read more


For you it’s going to be business as usual, this period. If possible, go on a pilgrimage, preferably Shiva temples. Read more


You might get money or a gift from your in-laws. For bachelors, something good is possible from friends. Read more

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