Friday, October 28, 2016

Dhanteras Today - Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

Dhanteras, the festival of wealth and prosperity commemorates Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. On Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi, purchasing metals, utensils and jewellery is considered auspicious. Read along to know more.

Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat

Pradosh Muhurat17:38:52 - 20:13:22
Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat17:38:52 - 18:22:34

Note: The above mentioned timings are for New Delhi, To know about the Pujan Muhurat in your city, follow this link: Dhanteras Pujan Muhurat

Kuber Mantra

॥ Om yakshaya kuberaya vaishravanaya dhandhaanyadhipateya
Dhandhanyasamriddhi mei dehi daapya swaha॥

ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये। 
धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥

Kuber Mantra For Wealth

॥ Om shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem vitteyshwaraya namah ॥

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः॥

Kuber Ashta-Lakshmi Mantra

॥ Om hreem shreem kreem shreem kuberaya ashta-lakshmi mam grhe dhanam puray puray namah ॥

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं श्रीं कुबेराय अष्ट-लक्ष्मी मम गृहे धनं पुरय पुरय नमः॥

The festival ‘Dhanteras’ gets its name from two words; ‘Dhan’ meaning wealth and ‘Teras’ meaning the thirteenth day. The festival is celebrated two days before Diwali and people commemorate Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi on this auspicious day. The day honors the lord and goddess of wealth and prosperity. On this festival people buy new utensils, jewelries, gems and clothes to lure in wealth and prosperity in their life. 

Read about this festival in detail from here: Dhanteras 2016

The story behind the festival states that Lord Kuber gave a loan to Lord Venkateshwara so that he could marry Padmavati. In memory of this, people all over country visit Lord Venkateshwara's temple to donate utensils and jewelry bought this day, so that he could repay his debt to Kuber. 

The jewelry and utensils bought on Dhanteras are also used to worship Goddess Laxmi on the day of Diwali. Paying homage to the deities on Dhanteras brings prosperity and wealth in one’s life. 

With this AstroSage wishes you a very Happy Dhanteras 2016

May Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber bless your life with health, wealth and riches.

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