Thursday, July 25, 2013

Narendra Modi: The Next Prime Minister of India?

By Acharya Raman
Narendra Modi
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Love him or hate him, but there is no way you can ignore Narendra Modi. Born on 17th September 1950, Narendra Modi’s political career makes a perfect ‘rags to riches’ story.  How did a poor boy from Mehsana district went on to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, and eventually the unofficial Prime Ministerial candidate of the largest democracy in the world. ‘The Story of Narendra Modi’; the political aspects of this story has been discussed many times. But here we will narrow our view to find out the probability of him becoming the new Prime Minister of India.

Serving office consecutively for the 4th time as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi could undoubtedly be called the most popular leader of his times. He is strong headed and charismatic on one side and controversial on the other. He is carrying the baggage of 2002 riots, which returns time and again like a nightmare. Will he be able to get past all odds and lead one of the most diverse countries of the world? Will his stars help him get what he is eyeing for?

Elections are just around the corner and every day we see news channels and social media favoring one party or another. All parties obviously want their popular leader to lead the nation. Also in astrological circles, upcoming elections are a topic of debate. Clearly, everyone is curious to know whether the most popular leader of BJP will be the prime minister or not.

Since KP system has a very fine way of predicting the outcomes of future events, I also tried it as per my limited knowledge of this vast and accurate method. Let us see if stars will favor Narendra Modi or not. However, I want to make it clear that I personally do not support any particular party and this article is just for knowledge purpose only and should not be taken seriously for any decision making process.

Ruling Planets

(1)    Ascendant: Mars
(2)    Star of Moon: Mars
(3)    Sign of Moon: Saturn
(4)    Day Lord: Mercury

Position of RP`S in the Horoscope

Mars and Mercury are in 8th house and Saturn in 12th house with Rahu. Since Moon is in star of Saturn which is conjunct Rahu in Libra, Rahu also will be a ruling planet.

6th Cuspal Sublord: Moon, which is significator of 6th house, fulfills the first condition.
10th Cuspal Sublord: Rahu.
11th Cuspal Sublord: Mercury.

-   Kindly note that Mercury and Rahu are in ruling planets.

The Mahadasha of Mars is upto 7-10-2018

The Antara of Jupiter is upto 27-2-2014
The Antara of Saturn is upto 8-4-2015.
Elections will be held in 2014 so the Antara will be either of Jupiter or of Saturn.
Mahadasha lord Mars is significator of houses 11, 7, 1, 5, 6 and Mars is repeated twice in our RP`s.
The Antara lord Jupiter is significator of houses 11, 7, 2, 4 but is not in RP`s
The Antara lord Saturn is significator of 11 and 3. Saturn is also in our RP`s.
Rahu is significator of 11th house and is Sublord of 10th house. Rahu at present is in own star and is in our ruling planets.

Conclusion: Narendra Modi has very high probability of becoming the next Prime Minister of India but he will have to face hurdles beyond his imagination as the planets are signifying evil houses.


bokaariya said...

PLZ CHECK DASHA ....MARS DASHA STARTS IN 2021...........IT IS MOON DASHA FROM 2011 TO 2021 ........

Ar Riddhi Shah said...

We all know there are hurdles. Your analysis doesnt give any answer to the question you asked yourself. We know he is the PM and thats it. And thats enough.

Rishabh Sharma said...

Ek bar galti kisise bi hoskti hai. but afterwards wat he has done for d people of gujarat including d muslims is v commendable.
May God's blessings be wid him.

Rakesh Kumar said...

Seeing his popularity any body 100% can say he is having high probability to become PM but what is meaning of your conclusion. Nothing, you are not having enough knowledge of astrology. First of all you go astrology college learn & get experience.... If astrolgy predict it means 100% correct becoz it based on msthmatical calculation.

Acharya Raman said...
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Acharya Raman said...

@rishabh sharma ..he made no mistake was his words on tv

Acharya Raman said...
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RAM H. DARYANI said...

Modi has made a mistake. Having made a mistake on should accept it and apologise. He has failed to apologise.
He ia a Hindu Nationalist. India wants an INDIAN NATIONALIST.
MODI is not a secular person. He is the communalist of the highest order. This is endorsed by the most respected person lile Amartaya Sen.

rameshrao said...

When Mr.Modi has taken his charge immediately riots starrted and he requested near state to send police team to control the incident but nearbt state who ruled by congress ignored and at last Mr.Modi depended on militry and could able to control the roit.Now Mr.Simplesoul and Mr.sen what right they are having to talk that Mr.Modi is communal without refering old fact.

DrAPM said...

This astrological analysis clearly says that Modi will not become next PM ... his stars are not favouring him ... and he has only probability ...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

People who call themselves nationalists or the so called suedo seculars fail to remember that the CONGRESS has been ruling this country since independence gave all these problems of dividing the society ?? When it comes to HINDUISM or the HINDU RELIGION you have the entire congress and like minded people lecturing the others about communalism but have they ever asked any MUSLIM if he is a HINSUSTANI or a MUSLIM first ? YES we are a secular country but its the congress which is responsible of actually sowing seeds of hatred all over ...all the riots in UP and elsewhere since Independence ..and not to forget the DELHI SIKH RIOTS ..were they also the handiwork of MODI ???


Check up Sun's degree and leading foward to Tula raashi. SUN's position in his horoscope is in worst positon.
Hence, he will NEVER BE near to that post.

Unknown said...

Hello Jamna ji, How can you say that Sun is moving forward to Tula rashi. Sun in Modi ji's kundli is just entering in Kanya rashi (its of 0 degree). If we talk of KP system, Sun will be considered in Simha rashi (Tenth house) only.

Anonymous said...

Astrologer Pawan Sinha has same view on this. Narendra modi, we are waiting for you :)