Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Right Time To Propose Your Heartthrob

Proposing someone is indeed a difficult task. No matter how confident or gutsy you are, but when it comes on telling someone that you are in love – all of the strength vaporizes up! Even it becomes difficult to stand in front of the one. When the ruler of our heart comes close, heartbeat either halts or starts rushing to nowhere. In any case, it ends up making us maniac and we keep on struggling forever. And, we all know the true reason behind this madness. It is – what if I got rejected?

Know The Magical Time When You Won’t Hear ‘No’

Yes, your heartthrob will say ‘Yes’.

While the struggle is on inside us, it remains impossible for us to approach the one and open our heart out. We keep on jiggling with a flower in our hand asking each petal if it will be - Yes or No. This technique does nothing good other than increasing our anxiety. Then, we desire for something that can tell us the true feeling of our sweetheart. Another mission starts that is of finding their feeling. So, now we suffer from two unplanned missions –

(1) Will the one say yes?
(2) Is everything same from that side too?

The missions keep on stocking up and we stay unplanned all the time. And, in this confusion, one day, the love of our life flies away with someone else – leaving us crying and hiding in a corner for many days. It then takes days, months or even years to digest the fact that the one is gone. Ultimately, people like us end up hurting ourselves and repenting on each moment when we got the chance to show our feelings. We feel stupid for keeping our love hidden and keep on thinking one thing - I would have experienced just one bad thing that is ‘No’.

So, why to repent throughout the life? Why not to take the chance once?

In order to ease you, we have developed a space for you - where you can find the most auspicious time of the day for proposing the one.

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