Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sawan, The Month Of Love & Ecstasy, Has Come!

Sawan, the most ecstatic month, has arrived.
Sawan is the month, which makes you feel doped all the time in ecstasy of nature. Free from the braids of struggle with heat or cold, the body and soul stays relieved being showered in the mesmerising drops of rain. The month is neither so cold nor so hot. A moderate temperature, with cold breeze, along with the shower and sprinkle rain – the entire month is ecstatic...

As Hindu months are somewhat based on seasons, the month of Sawan is dedicated to monsoon. The shower from the sky cools down the earth after the burns of summer. Indeed, the each moment of Sawan or Shraavan month is beautiful, as every one of us knows the ecstasy of cool water after a burn. Tomorrow that is 22nd of July, the month of Sawan is commencing. So, we thought of adding some zest to your bliss.

The month of Sawan is worth celebrating. Entire month is in itself a celebration time. Then, how can someone let this beautiful part of the year go in vain? We won’t let this happen. Here, we will tell you everything about Sawan, including the important dates.

Sawan - The Monsoon Shower

AstroSage has brought you all amazing stuff on Sawan. The month of Shravan is not just about ecstasy and beauty of nature. Entire cosmos becomes blissful and the divine energies dances on the earth. This beautiful time is the best time period to experience the divine bliss. So, if you wish to know about this month from a religious angle, please click here - Shravan Month & Spirituality

Now, let’s look upto the next beautiful and renowned aspect of Sawan - Monday Fasts. You must have heard about the Monday fasts. Unmarried women keep this fast to get the man of their dreams. If these Monday fasts are followed with ultimate faith during the month of Shravan/ Sawan, the effect multiplies to zillion times as all the divine powers wander on Earth and activates during the ecstatic time of the month Sawan.

Shravan Ke Somvar [English]                                              श्रावण के सोमवार [हिन्दी]

Also, our astrologer, Pt. Hanumman Mishra explains you the glory of Shravan K Somvaar on AstroSage TV.

So, this was all about Sawan we had for you. Now, you have got a lot to cherish about this month other than the ecstatic rain. Don’t miss a single moment of this beautiful month and utilize the best of it. With this, we hope you have an amazing time ahead. Have a Happy Sawan!

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