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Ahoi Ashtami 2019 Puja Muhurat & Aarti

Observing the Ahoi Ashtami Fast offers longevity to children. Know the fasting rituals and points to keep in mind when performing them.

Ahoi Ashtami is observed four days after Karwa Chauth on the Ashtami during Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. Devotees worship Goddess Ahoi on this day, and as this fast falls on the Ashtami, hence it is called as Ahoi Ashtami. It is believed that if the divine Goddess is venerated by married women with full devotion on this auspicious day, their children attain longevity, intellect and prosperity in life. Devotees who are fasting must open their fast after the Moonrise. Married women also observe this fast to get blessed with a child. In the year 2019, Ahoi Ashtami Vrat will be observed tomorrow, i.e. on Monday, 21 October. 

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Muhurat

Puja MuhuratFrom Evening 17:46 To 19:02
Stars Rising During The Evening18:10

Ahoi Ashtami Fast & Puja Rituals 

  • Wake up early before sunrise.
  • Clean the altar properly.
  • Sprinkle the Gangajal all around the house and clean thoroughly.
  • Then pledge to observe the Ahoi Ashtami Fast with a devoted heart.
  • Place the idol or picture of Maa Ahoi on the altar, and place Singhada, Radish and a bowl of Rice in front of it. 
  • Sit together with your family members and recite the Ahoi Mata Vrat Katha diligently.

During the morning puja, fill an urn with water and place a Karwa on top of it. The same Karwa which was used on Karwa Chauth must be used here as well. As per the traditions, the idol of Mata Ahoi is carved in silver and worshipped. Ahoi is also known as Syahu and Saahi. 

Things To Keep In Mind On Ahoi Ashtami

  • Fasting on Ahoi Ashtami is observed to get blessed with kids or for their longevity. Therefore, one who fasts on this day must avoid killing animals or consuming meat. 
  • You must not also dig the soil as there are small creatures like pests, insects, ants etc., and you can unknowingly kill any living creature.
  • Also, avoid consuming Tamasic food or meat one day before fasting for Ahoi Ashtami. As one cannot consume water on this day, hence it is also called as a Nirjala Vrat or Fasting without Water. 
  • Avoid fighting or getting into a dispute with anyone.
  • Do not scold young kids in your family. 
  • Use a silver or brass urn to offer Arghya to the stars on the night of Ahoi Ashtami. Avoid using copper urn.

Mythological Legend Behind Ahoi Ashtami

Let’s read in detail the popular legend associated with this festival. A long time back, a moneylender and his wife had seven sons. Few days before Diwali in the month of Kartik, the wife thought of renovating the house, and went to the forest to dig up some soil. While digging with a spade, a young porcupine got accidentally killed by the wife, and cursed her to face a similar fate. As a result, all her kids died within a year, leaving her devastated.

Unable to tolerate the pain, both husband and wife went to the final pilgrimage on foot, and walked until they were unconscious. At this moment, a celestial announcement was made, in which the couple was told to go back, serve the cow and worship Goddess Ahoi. After hearing such words, they came back, and on the eighth day during the month of Kartik, the wife drew a porcupine and her kids on the wall, and performed the Ahoi Ashtami fast with devotion. This appeased the Goddess, who eliminated her sin and blessed her with fertility.

Ahoi Maa Aarti in Hindi

जय अहोई माता, जय अहोई माता!
तुमको निसदिन ध्यावत हर विष्णु विधाता। टेक।।

ब्राहमणी, रुद्राणी, कमला तू ही है जगमाता।
सूर्य-चंद्रमा ध्यावत नारद ऋषि गाता।। जय।।

माता रूप निरंजन सुख-सम्पत्ति दाता।।
जो कोई तुमको ध्यावत नित मंगल पाता।। जय।।

तू ही पाताल बसंती, तू ही है शुभदाता।
कर्म-प्रभाव प्रकाशक जगनिधि से त्राता।। जय।।

जिस घर थारो वासा वाहि में गुण आता।
कर न सके सोई कर ले मन नहीं धड़काता।। जय।।

तुम बिन सुख न होवे न कोई पुत्र पाता।
खान-पान का वैभव तुम बिन नहीं आता।। जय।।

शुभ गुण सुंदर युक्ता क्षीर निधि जाता।
रतन चतुर्दश तोकू कोई नहीं पाता।। जय।।

श्री अहोई माँ की आरती जो कोई गाता।
उर उमंग अति उपजे पाप उतर जाता।। जय।। 

Ahoi Maa Aarti in Eng

jaya ahoī mātā, jaya ahoī mātā!
tumako nisadina dhyāvata hara viṣṇu vidhātā। ṭeka।।

brāhamaṇī, rudrāṇī, kamalā tū hī hai jagamātā। 
sūrya-caṃdramā dhyāvata nārada ṛṣi gātā।। jaya।।

mātā rūpa niraṃjana sukha-sampatti dātā।
jo koī tumako dhyāvata nita maṃgala pātā।। jaya।।

tū hī pātāla basaṃtī, tū hī hai śubhadātā।
karma-prabhāva prakāśaka jaganidhi se trātā।। jaya।।

jisa ghara thāro vāsā vāhi meṃ guṇa ātā।
kara na sake soī kara le mana nahīṃ dhaḍa़kātā।। jaya।।

tuma bina sukha na hove na koī putra pātā।
khāna-pāna kā vaibhava tuma bina nahīṃ ātā।। jaya।।

śubha guṇa suṃdara yuktā kṣīra nidhi jātā।
ratana caturdaśa tokū koī nahīṃ pātā।। jaya।।

śrī ahoī mām̐ kī āratī jo koī gātā।
ura umaṃga ati upaje pāpa utara jātā।। jaya।।

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