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Marriage & Astrology

Marriage & Astrology
A Hindu marriage is the formation of a sacred bond with 7 promises for the 7 lives of the duo. According to Hindu mythology, a person becomes complete after marriage. The wife is hence called the ‘Ardhangini’. Ardhangini is a Sanskrit word, which is formed by the conjunction of 2 words – Ardha + Angini. ‘Ardha’ means half and ‘Angini’ means body. When two people are tied together in the bond of marriage, they are considered to be complete with each other. Without a wife, a man cannot perform any Hindu religious ritual. In other words, a man is incomplete without a woman.

The process of marriage includes many steps; one of them is ‘Panigrahan’. It is a Sanskrit term, which means – to take the water. During this ritual, the bride and groom hold their hands together and the groom renounces – “I will hold this hand of yours always for happiness. May we live longer to cherish this bond! You are the Queen of my house from now. I am Rig Veda; you are the Sam Veda. You are Earth, I am the Sky. Let’s conjoin ourselves in the bond of marriage.” The next ritual is Saptapadi. It is a Sanskrit term, which means 7 steps. In this ritual, the couple takes 7 steps together. Let’s now understand the significance of each step.

Importance of 7 Steps in Hindu Marriage

  • First Step: for food and sustenance
  • Second Step: for strength in home
  • Third Step: for keeping ideals and vows
  • Fourth Step: for a comfy life
  • Fifth Step: for welfare of cattle
  • Sixth Step: for keeping the bond strong in any condition
  • Seventh Step: for fulfilling the religious duties
So, these seven steps signify that the duo is now husband and wife.

In Sanskrit, marriage is termed as ‘Vivaha’, which means righteousness (Dharma). The right conduct of the house holder is Dharma, the material wealth is Artha, enjoying the love life is Kama and attainment of salvation is Moksha. Dharma is considered as of the highest priority amongst these 4 (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).

The Hindu marriage is the compilation of spiritual as well as social duties. Before marriage, the compatibility of the duo is tested by the science of Astrology. An astrologer is the person who studies this science and helps in Match-Making. If the birth charts of both the individuals seem compatible to the astrologer, then only the process is moved further to marriage.

Planets Affecting Married Life


Planet Venus is the significator of marriage, life partner and sex life. Also, it rules over the reproductive organs and processes of the males.


Mars is like the controller of all senses. It influences the senses through the medium of blood. In a female’s horoscope, Mars is the significator of marriage and sex life. It rules over the ovaries and reproductive organs of the females. Planet Mars and Moon rule over the menstrual cycle of a woman. Basically, planet Mars regulates the initiation of the menstrual cycle and Moon decides the duration. By the observations, it has been found that menstruation begins when the aspect of Mars is very powerful over the birth ascendant or Moon ascendant, in transit. If the Mars aspects radical Moon, it results in heavy flow. The first menstruation of a female is the result of Mars’s aspect over birth ascendant. 

Houses Affecting Married Life

Seventh House

7th house is the significator of spouse, reproductive organs and marital happiness. The 7th house from Moon and Sun also rules over the life partner and marriage. In case of males, 7th house from Venus looks after the marriage and spouse. On the other hand, in case of females, 7th house from Mars looks after the same. The lowest degree planet in the Kundli also signifies spouse. It is Pati-Karaka in case of females and Patni-Karaka in case of males.

Eighth House

8th house controls all the secretive things, like the feeling of longevity for the partner or urinary diseases. The house rules over the reproductive as well as urinary organs.

Twelfth House

Twelfth house represents the married love life of the females. Being 6th from the 7th house, the twelfth also represents the enemies of married life. If the 12th house gets afflicted, either by a malefic aspect or association, it gives troubles like extramarital affair. 

Zodiac Signs Affecting Married Life


The Libra indicates balance. So, this is the sign of balance. The sign shows balance in everything; however if the native doesn’t have deep interest in anything. In other words, the native will be shallow. Venus, the cool and watery planet rules over Libra sign.


In the Zodiac, Scorpio is the eighth sign. This sign is related to the sensual desires. Planets present in Scorpio sign decides the attitude of the native toward sensual desires. It happens only if the effect is pure (not impacted by any other aspect or association). Presence of Mars in the sign may result in the rise of sexual arousal for an instant; or Venus is the significator of sensuality.

So, this was all about the intricate factors of males and females that are important for a married life. With this description, you may now check the person’s compatibility with you via birth chart. Apart from Guna Milan, sensuality is another most important aspect of a married life. Hence, this article is concentrated on the least bothered factor while choosing a life partner.


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