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How to Get Married Quickly?

The Beginning of A New Life
How to get Married? Indeed, it is a big question for many. Lots of people search on Internet the answer to this question every day. But, very few find the helpful answer. You may get advices by many for your question - How will I get married? But, not like the one we are going to share here. In this article, we are going to suggest you some occult Astrological ways to get you a life partner. The astrological remedies mentioned here for early marriage are quite easy to perform. So, let’s start with it.

Marriage: The Beginning of A New Life

Marriage is that one topic, which interests all of us. From the time, when we step into this world, we get to know about this word – ‘Marriage’. This term is so important that no one is unaware of it. After all, marriage is the second part of one’s life. As per Hindu Scriptures, marriage has its own importance. A person is considered incomplete without marriage. The Scriptures explain about 4 main objectives of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Marriage is considered as ‘Dharma’. So, in other words, the basic step to the salvation is marriage.

Let’s now change the angle. Put all the Scriptures and philosophies aside. Now say – don’t you feel like you should have someone to love you, to care for you? Obviously, everybody wants that one person in life.

Marriage is the bond that ties two human beings together to make them complete with each other for the rest of their lives. Your parents and you have a generation difference. They cannot walk in pace with you till your last breath. Hence, after them, you need someone in your life.

Marriage is not a topic to be embarrassed about or to underestimate its importance. It is the most precious aspect of life. Yes, you may find a substitute for it. But, nothing is as glorious as marriage. The sacred bond is so special in itself that nothing can replace it. So, let’s now know how to get married soon?

Astrology is the one word answer to your trouble. Here, we have decided to share some trusted methods of astrology that have changed the lives of many people. Yes, these methods have worked for many. Now, it’s your turn!

Astrology Remedies To Get Married

Mostly, women of India are seen to be following these remedies to woo the man of their dreams; as they are more tilted toward spirituality. So, let’s start with the remedies for the beautiful ladies.

Marriage Remedies for Women
  • Another chance to wear new clothes: Girl should always wear new clothes while the talks of marriage are going on.
  • Get a Yellow dress from parents: The parents or guardian of the girl should give yellow clothes on Thursdays and white on Fridays to the girl. This should be done continuously till 4 weeks. No garment should be repeated.
  • Halt & check your breathe: Whenever the parents or anyone from the side of the girl goes to the boy's house to talk, they should put the first step corresponding to the nostril they are breathing with.
  • Sweets & hair to entice your Groom: When the girl’s family visits the boy’s house for talks, girl should go while keeping her hair open. Also, she should be happy and offer sweets to everyone before the initiation of the talks. This remedy is just not for the purpose of enticing your qwould be groom. It has a special significance in Astrology.
  • Let Shiva also look into the matter: Girl should fast for 16 consecutive Mondays, offer Holy Water in a Shiva temple, dress up like Goddess Parvati, tie the knot between Shiva-Parvati and pray for marriage. The proposals will start pouring in.
  • Universal Parents to find your Groom: For a perfect groom, girl should worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati by taking a round around them and reciting the following Mantra:
“ऊँ नमः मनोभिलाषितं वरं देहि वरं ही ऊँ गोरा पार्वती देव्यै नमः||”

Some Common Marriage Remedies for Both Men & Women

After women, it’s the time for men to know what all they can do. However, the remedies we are going to mention now are also advisable  for women. Hence, these are unisex remedies and anybody can perform them. So, let’s start with the multi-utility series of astrology remedies for early marriage.
  • No shoes for this meeting: If the relations are breaking at the final stage continuously, make it a point to take off your footwear before entering the room of marriage discussion.
  • Henna to create the bond of Love: Boys and girls willing to marry should apply some henna on hands while going to any marriage ceremony.
  • Reading for the start of new life: Read the verses of Shiva-Parvati marriage mentioned in the ‘Bal Kanda’ of ‘Ramayana’ every day.
  • Friday for the Shiva’s Grand Bathe: On Friday, marriageable people should pour the Holy water over Shivlinga and place 108 flowers as well as 21 Bel leaves over it while chanting - ‘Om Namah Shivaye’. This should be done till continuous 7 Fridays.
  • A present & some sweets for Vishnu: On Thursday, offer Kalangi (the feather on the Hindu groom’s turban) and 5 ladoos to the Laxmi-Vishnu.
The above mentioned methods are very simple and everyone can do them. The intensity of devotion while performing these remedies decide the results of fulfillment. If these measures don’t work and you are still suffering, then it shows that the problem is with your stars. In that case, we have another method for you.

Intervention of God & Goddess of ‘Love’ for Marriage

The method we are going to discuss is a Tantric method. Hence, it should be performed flawlessly. First of all, bring a Kamdev-Rati Yantra home. Wake up early in the morning and get ready before the sunrise. With the first ray of Sun, give ‘Arghya’ (offering water to the Sun) 7 times and then position yourself on an Asana. Now, place a wooden cart and a new piece of cloth over it. Place the Kamdev-Rati Yantra over it. Further, make sure you worship the Yantra with Panchopchar every day. Chant the following Mantra 1.25 Lakhs times with full devotion.

“ऊँ हो कामदेवाय रत्यै सर्व दोष निवारणाय फट्||”

Yantra to break all the barriers!

As the name suggests, it is a marriage hindrance removal Yantra. It is also a Tantric method. This remedy should be initiated on a Tuesday. The parents or even the girl or boy themselves can perform this remedy. If you find it difficult then the help of a priest can be taken. The apparatus required for this remedy is as follows:

1. Saubhagya Mala
2. Vivaha Badha Nivaran Yantra

Method to perform:

Wake up early in the morning, take shower and then take a seat with a wooden plank in front of you. Cover the plank with a new cloth and then place the Yantra over it. Before placing the Yantra, clean it with milk & water, and use a clean cloth to wipe it off. After that, offer flowers, vermillion and Akshat (the Holy rice) to the Yantra.

Before proceeding to the Tantric Puja of any Yantra, pray to the Guru to seek his blessings for the successful results of this Tantric procedure. Now, take water, Akshat and flower in the right hand and resolute that you are performing this Tantric Puja to remove the hindrances in your marriage.

Further, chant the following Mantra 11 rounds of Saubhagya Mala:

“ऊँ हो कामदेवाय रत्यै सर्व दोष निवारणाय फट्||”

Perform this chanting for continuous 21 days (without any break). After 21 days, flow the Yantra and Saubhagya Mala in the running water.

Call the Support of Universal Power

If your son is not getting married, perform the Durga Saptashati Path with Samput. Durga is the Universal Power and considered as the Universal Mother.  Chant the following Mantra to get the effective results. Even a rosary a day will do.

“पत्नि मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुसारिणीय।
तारिणिं दुर्गासंसार सागरस्य कुलोद्भणामं।।”

The best results will be gained if the marriage seeker will perform this remedy himself. And, the girls who are willing to marry to sleep in the room where fresh air flows.

So, these were some remedies for the ones who are willing to marry. The above methods are practiced by many and have got positive results. All the remedies are also easy to perform. Hence, you just need to spare out some time to perform these remedies. With this, we hope you get married soon with your dream partner. 

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