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October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

October Begins With The Third Day Of Navratri! Read October Monthly Horoscope And Know How This Month Will Be For Your Zodiac Sign With the help of this, you can get a lot of important information for this month

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For the readers of AstroSage, we have brought life predictions based on astrological calculations. In this blog, we will make important revelations about the lives of all 12 zodiac signs. Hence, if you wish to know about your golden future, then read these accurate predictions and get a detailed narrative for your life throughout this month. We will tell you how your family life will be, what precautions you have to take in your career, and how to pursue your love life. 

Month Begins With The Auspicious Third Day Of Sharad Navratri

The month of October begins with the third day of fasting of the Sharad Navratri 2019. Thus, today, on 1 October 2019, Tuesday, people everywhere will be observing the third fast of Navratri. This is the day when devotees worship the Chandraghanta avatar of the Goddess. Scriptures state that when one worships Goddess Chandraghanta, following all the customs and ceremonies, then Maa blesses him/her with courage, valour, and might. Moreover, her grace eradicates all our sufferings and diseases in life. Click Here To Read Complete Puja Rituals For Goddess Chandraghanta.

Transits This Month

As per Hindu Panchang, the month of October is also known as the Ashwin month. Below are the four major transits taking place this month:

  1. 4 October 2019: Venus Transit in Libra
  2. 18 October 2019: Sun Transit in Libra
  3. 23 October 2019: Mercury Transit in Scorpio
  4. 28 October 2019: Venus Transit in Scorpio

Numerous changes will be seen due to the planetary transits of these four planets. Due to these changes, your life can get affected, and significant changes can be seen in the country as well. So let us know what changes can take place in the country with the transit of Sun, Venus and Mercury.
Venus Transit In Libra

Venus is considered to be a significator of beauty, art and charm. Since Venus is transiting in Libra this month, the outcomes are likely to be favourable. People involved in the field of art can achieve success with this transit. Efforts can be made during this period to promote artistic creativity in the country.

Sun Transit In Libra

Sun planet is considered as the representative of leadership, government services, soul and father. On 18 October, the Sun will enter the zodiac sign Libra. During this period, there will be lots of accusations and revelations made in Indian Politics. The opposition party may raise a political issue on which the government can respond appropriately. Along with this, people working in the government sector are also expected to get good results at this time.

Mercury Transit In Scorpio

Mercury is considered a neutral planet. It gives fruits according to its placement with any planet. On October 23 this year, Mercury’s transit will take place in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Due to this transit, a new national policy can be implemented by the government for the development of children. At the same time, the birth rate of the country can also increase. More emphasis will be laid on acquiring technical knowledge in the field of education.

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Venus Transit In Scorpio

Venus is transiting in the ruling sign of Mars, i.e. Scorpio on 28 October. Due to this planetary transit, economic improvement will be observed within the country. There will be some changes made in the field of education. The national debt may decrease during this period. Many people will witness an increase in their income during this period. Overall, the transit of Venus in Scorpio is going to be very good.

Now let's read in detail the monthly horoscope for the month of October, and know how this month will be for all the zodiac signs.

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During this month’s time, you may exhibit capability of performing any assigned task with enthusiasm. There is probability that you may achieve success in whatever you do at this time and may even feel better in adverse circumstances. Opposition may be faced from near and dear ones… Read Now


In the month of October, problems may crop up in business and other types of work due to the lack of self-confidence. You may even be unable to finish jobs on time. Better success in any work can be obtained only with the aid of with self-confidence. You may have to face mental disturbance and stressful situations this month and also get trapped… Read Now


Gemini natives are of intelligent and smart nature generally. You undertake jobs to deploy your reasoning capabilities. This way, you are able to achieve better success. You are a person who tries to move ahead in any task; keeping track of each and every piece of information associated with the particular task… Read Now

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Unnecessary thinking on your part leads to the generation of stressful conditions during the time of this month. Doing so will add to your mental disturbance and your work capacity will also keep on decreasing. You may remain trapped in all types of problems owing to your depression. Your business may also get affected… Read Now


Leo natives are generally of ambitious nature. During the time of this month, you will be having a stronghold in the administrative area. Whatever work you try to do, you will do it with full responsibility, due to which there is a possibility of achieving good success in the undertaken task. You always try to seek a strong grip in every area with your courage and strength… Read Now


Tasks taken up by Virgo natives are accomplished with full responsibilities. However, during the time of the month, you should first conduct a full investigation before undertaking any work, as it will improve your methodology of fulfilling assignments. Your explanation method is good because you possess the ability to create a very good position of yours… Read Now


Libra natives are quite intelligent in nature. You tend to walk along with everyone by maintaining a sufficient amount of mutual balance. Keeping this is mind, you should make attempts to expand your future works. You try to do any work together with everyone in the family. And due to this, you can see favourable… Read Now

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You are a brave and mighty person, who loves to do any work enthusiastically. You try to keep doing tirelessly until the time it gets completed. You always make efforts to fulfill your responsibilities. Also, you are a person of stubborn nature. You turn ferocious very quickly and due to this you might face problems. Tendencies of self harm are… Read Now


It is predicted that you will not trust others easily. Due to this cautious nature, you are likely to avoid a number of problems. However, you will have a confused state of mind during the span of this month. Being unpunctual might put you in trouble. Therefore, you should manage your time well. Have faith in yourself and continue making efforts for your betterment… Read Now


You will remain alert and cautious during the time of this month. You will get success if you work hard. Physical exertion and work pressure will be a part of your daily routine. You should, therefore, manage your tasks well if you do not want to spoil your relationships or your health. You should make decisions with a calm state of mind. Hasty judgements… Read Now


You will exhibit a serious demeanor and will be seen dedicated towards your goals during the span of this month. You will have remarkable reasoning and analytical skills that will help you to make the right decisions. Because of your hard work and sincere efforts, you are likely to achieve success in your endeavours. Plan your moves and actions wisely… Read Now


You will experience a lack of mental peace during the span of this month. Thus, try to be stable if you do not want to suffer through losses. You should have faith in your own abilities and should not let anyone demotivate you. Make your own decisions and do not get influenced by others. However, paying heed to the advice of your well-wishers… Read Now

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