Friday, October 4, 2019

Venus Transit In Libra Brings Major Life Changes!

Venus transiting in its own zodiac sign, will be favourable for these signs. Read the effects of Venus transit in Libra and how favourable it can be.

Venus is the benefactor of beauty, art, opulence and sensuality. Vedic Astrology says that when Venus remains in a strong state in one’s kundli, that native tends to become beautiful, attractive, sensual and artistically skilled. The planet Venus is considered to be the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra. It remains exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Looking at its relationship with other planets, we can say that Mercury, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu are its friends. On the other hand, Jupiter is inimical to Venus. When Venus conjuncts with its allied planets, it becomes stronger, whereas its placement with its enemy planets weakens its influence. 

Venus in a debilitated and weak state negatively affects the life of the natives. If the planet Venus is afflicted in the kundli, then the native may have to face problems related to marriage. Apart from this, one suffers from the lack of opulence and physical and mental agony. Hence, to avoid this, the natives should follow the remedies and measures to pacify the planet. The planet Venus, in its transitory state, remains posited in a sign for less than a month or about 30 days. As it is transiting in its own sign, hence it will cast a powerful influence.

Duration Of Transit

The planet Venus will transit from Virgo to Libra zodiac sign on 4 October 2019, Friday at 04:56 AM and remain there till 08:12 AM on 28 October 2019, Monday. The effects of Venus transiting in Libra will be seen on all the twelve zodiac signs.

Impact On The World

With the planet Venus transiting in Libra, people associated with the field of arts will make progress. There can be a rise in the stocks of companies associated with film production to film distribution. At this time, people associated with arts and creativity can express their opinions openly on any social issue. The demand for cosmetics will increase. Companies producing beauty products in FMCG companies will attain benefits. Their shares are also likely to increase in the stock market.

Let’s know the impact of this transit on other zodiac signs, and read the detailed life prediction.


As Venus transits in the seventh house of your zodiac sign, Aries natives can see a particular impact in their workplace. Some of you can attain a promotion at work, while some can even emerge as a hero amongst your co-workers. However, you need to stay away from any disputes.….Read More


aurus natives need to take special care of their health as Venus transits in their sixth house. As per astrology, this house corresponds to our enemies, diseases, pain, job, competition, immunity system, differences in married life, and legal matters. Therefore, you should adopt healthy lifestyle….Read More


This transit of the planet Venus into the fifth house of your zodiac sign will be quite favourable for Gemini natives. On a personal level, you will be successful in defeating your opponents, while economically, you will be able to repay any old debts or loans that you may have taken from…...Read More


As Venus makes its transit in your happiness house or fourth house, it will bring with it success for Cancer natives in various fields of life. On the familial front, an environment of happiness will prevail and you will be able to spend precious time with your family members. Moreover…...Read More

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There can be an increase in your courage, will power, and ability to work, as Venus makes its transit through the third house of your zodiac sign. You will remain victorious over your enemies due to this transit, and not let them dominate you. This planetary movement will also make…..Read More


As Venus transits in the second house of your zodiac sign, Virgo natives can attain good financial gains in this duration, especially through foreign sources. If you have been thinking of investing in share market or real estate, then now is the time to act, as there is a good possibility…..Read More


As the transit of Venus is taking place in your own zodiac sign, therefore it will be posited in your ascendant or first house. The time will be beneficial for you from a health perspective, but you need to pay attention to your wellbeing and avoid the excess of anything because that will …..Read More


The transit of Venus in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign can bring in profits for Scorpio natives, especially through some foreign sources. You may even get to go on a trip to your favorite place. Economically, you need to maintain a balance in your life, because while on the one hand …..Read More


The transit of Venus in your income house, i.e., your eleventh house, will bring about good benefits for you in terms of finance. Prosperity will be a part of your life and you will get to luxuriate in materialistic comforts. Your hard work at your workplace will be highly appreciated…..Read More


The transit of Venus in the tenth house of Virgo natives will bring obstacles in their professional life. Despite working hard with all your might, you will not achieve satisfactory results at your workplace. Some of you may even go for a job change, but it is advised that you think carefully…..Read More


As Venus makes its transit through your ninth house, Aquarius natives can look forward to gains in various fields of life. A long journey with family or friends is on the cards, and it will prove to be rather beneficial for you in various ways. Socially, your respect will increase and you will make…..Read More


As Venus transits in your eighth house, Pisces natives will need to control their amorous desires, but there is a possibility that you gain materialistic amenities. Your family life will remain pleasant in this duration and some of you may even buy a new vehicle. As you take good care…..Read More

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