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Venus Transit in Scorpio Proves Lucky For The Zodiac Signs!

Venus transit proves to be favourable for these six zodiac signs! Read the astrological effects of Venus transit in Scorpio on 28 October, 2019.

The transit of Venus in Scorpio affects all zodiac signs both positively and negatively. However, before going ahead with the predictions, we need to grasp the basic information related to the planet Venus.

In Vedic astrology, the positive placement of Venus in one’s kundli helps to lead a blissful marital life and develop artistic qualities. The native becomes attractive, and attains a magnetic personality full of charm. Venus rules over the Taurus and Libra zodiac sign, remains exalted in Pisces and debilitated in the Virgo sign. Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets, whereas it shares an inimical bond with Jupiter. It governs Bharani, Purva Ashadha and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. 

If the planet Venus is afflicted or weak in a native’s birth chart, then that person has to face several problems, such as troubles in married life, poverty, lack of comfort and much more. To avoid such a situation and strengthen the placement of Venus, natives must perform the Venus remedies

Time of Transit

Venus has transited in Scorpio on October 28, 2019 around 08:12 AM on Monday and will remain placed in the same zodiac sign by November 21, 2019, till 12:04 PM on Thursday. The transit of Venus in Scorpio has marked an impact on all zodiac signs. Let us know how the astrological effect of this transit.


During its transitory motion, Venus will get posited in the eighth house of Aries zodiac sign. Because of this, your relationship with the people of the opposite sex will become intense. The new bond of friendship so…..Read More


Venus will remain posited in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. Hence, you may get involved in arguments with people belonging to the opposite gender. Married natives may also argue with their …..Read More

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The sixth house of Gemini natives will host the transit of planet Venus. During this period, you may have to face certain health problems. If proper care is not taken, then more severe problems …..Read More


The transit of Venus will take place in the fifth house of natives under the Cancer zodiac sign. This transit of Venus may bring a lot of happiness and bliss to your life. Taking a look at the familial front…..Read More


The planet Venus will remain posited in the fourth house of your zodiac sign during its transitory motion. While this transit is taking place, you will receive happiness on the familial and societal…..Read More


The third house of Virgo natives will host the transit of Venus, which will be specifically impactful on societal and familial front. During this while, you may witness the inflow of profits from various …..Read More


The planet Venus will take nest in your second house during its transitory motion. The impact of this transit will be visible on your economic condition. As compared, you will be able to accumulate more…..Read More


Since the transit of Venus is primarily taking place in your zodiac sign, hence it will remain posited in your ascendant or first house. During the transitory motion of Venus, you will be able to enjoy certain worldly pleasures…..Read More

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During the period of its transit, the planet Venus will remain posited in your twelfth house. As a result, you will undergo specific changes, because of which your inclination will be chiefly towards sensual activities…..Read More


The eleventh house of your zodiac sign will host the transit of Venus for the natives of Capricorn. The special impact of this transit will be visible on your economic life. Thus, you will witness the…..Read More


Venus will transit in your tenth house. The negative impact of this transit may be visible on your professional life. During this period, you may get into a fight with a coworker or take part in unnecessary…..Read More


The ninth house of Pisces natives will host the transit of Venus. The primary impact of this transit will be seen in your economic life. As a result, you are likely to gain financial benefits from various…..Read More

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