Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekly Horoscope - 29 Oct to 04 Nov, 2018

Read this week’s important predictions! Know which two zodiac signs will be blessed with a good fortune.
This week, the month of October will be over. We are just two months away from a new year. This week will be particularly favorable for the zodiac signs Cancer and Aquarius. They will grow and succeed at workplace. Family life will be wonderful and a transfer is possible. Know what the stars have for you this week. 

Astrological and religious perspective suggests that the coming week is significant. The festival of Dhanteras is approaching and preparations of Diwali are going on. Astrosage presents weekly horoscope for 29th October to 4th November 2018. Know how this week will be for you? Will your efforts bring positive results? How will be your health, finance and love life? Will you get a chance to go abroad? Which are the two lucky zodiac signs for this week?

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This week the natives of moon sign Aries will receive a good news. Your performance will be appreciated at work and ideas will be supported.....Read More


This week, your sensibility and ability to take a decision after a grave contemplation will bring good results…..Read More


This week brings average results for the natives of Gemini zodiac sign. At work front, your administration and management along with capabilities will be appreciated...Read More


This week can be a little stressful. There could be some trips that you don’t wish to take. Family life will have some ups and downs.... Read More


Leo will be full of energy this week. The schedule will remain hectic and you will be filled with courage....Read More


This week, you may go on a pilgrimage or short trip to a religious place. This will revive you and free you from the stress accumulated over a period of time....Read More


Let go of your ego or you will later regret for your stubborn attitude. Opportunities will slip away if you don’t grab them...Read More


The natives of Scorpio will have a wonderful week ahead. You will succeed in your goals and will be happy about it....Read More


The natives of this sign must exercise carefulness and discipline in their routine activities.....Read More


Channelize your energies or you will have to face negative results. At workplace, the situation will improve and you will enjoy doing your job. ...Read More


Health related issues demand your attention this week. Take balanced diet and proper rest....Read More


Ups and downs in both family and professional life are predicted for you this week. There will be situations beneficial for you but mental stability will be missing. ..Read More

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