Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sharad Navratri Begins Tomorrow

Know more about Urn Installation or Ghatasthapana, its muhurat and puja vidhi. Read about nine forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri which is beginning from 10 October 2018 till 18 October 2018.

Navratri is a combination of two words; Nau+Ratri, whose literal meaning is nine nights. Worshipping nine incarnations of Goddess Durga is considered to be highly significant during these nine days. In these nine days, devotees receive blessings from Goddess Durga due to his/her perseverance and tenacity. Nine forms of Durga which are worshiped during Navratri are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidtari respectively. On the first day of Navratri, Mother Shailaputri is worshipped. Before beginning, Ghatasthapana is conducted and all Gods and Devtas, along with Goddess Durga are hailed. After this, different forms of Maa are worshiped for nine days.

Sharad Navratri 2018 Ghatasthapana Muhurat
Ghatasthapana TimingsFrom 06:18:40 to 07:26:58 AM
Duration1 hour 8 minutes

Note: Timing mentioned above is effective for New Delhi. Know Ghatasthapana muhurat, rituals and puja vidhi for your city.

Glory of Navdurga

Maa Durga is known to be the eliminator of miseries and bad luck from one’s life. Goddess Durga is known to be the Adi Shakti of this universe. PItamah Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva uses her energy to create, preserve and destroy life.

Navratri Puja Vidhi

  • Wake up early and decorate the pooja plate after bathing.
  • Dress up the statue of Maa Durga with red-colored clothes.
  • Sow barley seeds in a clay pot and water it every day till Navmi.
  • Establish the urn or Kalash in an auspicious muhurat. Fill the urn with Gangajal. Cover its mouth with Mango leaves and put a coconut on top of it. Cover it with a red-colored cloth and tie a Kalava or red-colored sacred thread around its neck. Now keep it near the clay pot.
  • Do Panchopachara pooja using flowers, camphor and incense sticks.
  • Chant mantras related to Maa Durga for nine days straight and wish for happiness and prosperity while welcoming her into your house.
  • After conducting Durga Puja on eighth or ninth day (Ashtami or Navami), worship 9 young girls and offer them different kinds of dishes such as Puri, Chana, Halwa.
  • On the last day after Durga Puja, do Ghata Visarjan while singing aartis and offering her flowers and rice. Then pick up the urn.

Akhand Jyoti During Navratri

Akhand Jyoti or Unbroken Flame marks a special significance during Navratri, which when lightened removes darkness and negativity from life. Therefore, in Navratri, devotees should light up the Akhand Jyoti in their homes. One gets rid of all obstacles, troubles, and diseases. Sages and monks in Vedas have written that the effects of Akhand Jyoti can be observed directly on human life.

Kumari Puja or Worshipping Young Girls in Navratri

Kumari Puja is a special ritual followed during Navratri. Young girls are considered to be the incarnation of Jag Janani Maa Jagdamba. Therefore, Kumari Puja is conducted in Navratri. According to your capability, worship one girl or kanya for nine, seven, five or three days and offer her food.

What To Do During Navratri

  • Worshipers of Mata Durga who are fasting during Navratri should follow the rituals of Brahmacharya.
  • Consume milk, fruit and vegetarian food during fast. Those people who cannot remain empty stomach in the morning can consume milk or Sharbat.
  • During these nine days, devotees must sleep on the floor. It keeps the body healthy and active.

Nine Colors of Navratri & Their Significance

Every day signifies a specific color during Navratri. It is believed that wearing or using these colors brings good luck and prosperity.

  • Yellow on the day of Pratipada or Prathama
  • Green on the day of Dwitiya
  • Brown on the day of Tritiya
  • Orange on the day of Chaturthi
  • White on the day of Panchmi
  • Red on the day of Shashti
  • Blue on the day of Saptami
  • Pink on the day of Ashtami
  • Purple on the day of Navami

Worshipping Adi Shakti Maa Durga hold a special significance during Navratri. In these nine days, the Goddess removes the pains and diseases of her devotees and offers them prosperity.

Happy Navratri to all the visitors from AstroSage!

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