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Weekly Horoscope (19 - 25 March 2018)

5 lucky Zodiacs will reap monetary benefits! Read weekly horoscope and know which zodiacs will get big surprises this time. Also know how your job, business and education will flourish this week.

This week is auspicious for people who believe in Hinduism. Navratri, the holy festival of worshipping Goddess Durga, will be celebrated with lots of devotion and glee in this duration. Today is the second day of Navratri and Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped on this day. As per Hindu religion, it is believed that Maa Brahmacharini controls planet Mars. So, worshipping her today will eliminate all the malefic effects of Mars and blesses you with good rewards. Furthermore, the birthday of Sindhi Patron, Saint Jhulelal, is also today. On this occasion, Sindhis honor him by celebrating the day as Cheti Chand festival, which is also the New Year Day for Sindhi community.

Now, let’s take a look at horoscope prediction for this week and know what your stars has in store for you.

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Your expenses would increase, though earning sources would remain the same. Father’s health may decline or you may face some differences with him. It is advisable that you remain patient in both situations. Your children may face some issues as well. Natives who are planning to go abroad for further studies, may get successful. You will reap rewards as per your expectations in job/business. You might get bored sometime at workplace, but otherwise you will remain dedicated to your work. Students might see these as challenging times.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars are hidden this week. You love each other, but there are chances of some fights between you two. You may plan a trip with your beloved in this period. If married, your relationship with your spouse would get stronger.

REMEDY: Offer Vermilion mixed water to Sun God.



Taurus natives would reap monetary benefits generously along with new sources of earning. Getting support from your loved ones as well as your objectives being fulfilled in this duration will make you happy. However, you may face challenges in job or business. Beware! You may become a victim of some conspiracy at work. Sudden financial loss may cause you trouble. Your courage will get a boost this week. Children will feel elated as well. Family life will remain normal. Students should concentrate on their studies, as their mind may deviate from its goal.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel happy and will spend a great time with your beloved this week. You may plan a trip or a lunch/dinner date with your love partner. Married couples might face some issues in this duration. Pay attention to your spouse’s health, as it may decline.

REMEDY: Gift green bangles to a little girl.



You will pay more attention to your work this week. However, this engagement will drain your energy, and you will feel exhausted. Family life will be happy and blissful. Pay attention to your health. You may plan to change your job. Your children will be well-behaved and will act obediently. Your expenses would decrease and monetary gains would increase. Students will study hard to achieve good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems promising for love related matters. Though you may get to spend less time with your partner, but your relation will strengthen more. Together, you will move forward in your relationship. If married, you may face some issues with your spouse. Disputes or physical pain might be a possibility in this duration.

REMEDY: Offer red flowers to Goddess Durga.


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You may go on several trips this week. Your relationship with your father will progress positively. Family life will be blissful. Chances of property gains or monetary profits seems a possibility. You will dominate your opponents and they will not be able to harm you. You will feel satisfied with your children. Profits from foreign places might also be a possibility. Conditions will get better in job and business. Students will find this duration beneficial for them.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The time seems promising for love relationships. Despite small squabbles and fights, your love will grow for each other. You may go on a trip together, where you may confess your love to your partner. Married couples may face some challenges during this period. Avoid misunderstandings as it may affect your relationship.

REMEDY: Offer water to Lord Shiva while chanting Panchakshara mantra.



Unnecessary expenses as well as unplanned trips may occur, try to keep a tab on both. Family life will remain peaceful and harmonious. Psychology and similar subjects may interest you in this period. You will actively participate in religious activities as well. You may feel less energetic towards daily tasks. Your child may suffer from physical pain. There may be ups and downs in job or business. Students may face hardships while studying.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You may meet with some challenges this week. Control your behaviour and speak wisely, or it may affect your relationship. There will occur some sweet moments in your love life. If married, your spouse’s progress will make you happy. Try to avoid unnecessary disputes.

REMEDY: Offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu.



There are chances of financial profits through business partnerships and foreign relations. Family life may get distressed and unhappy. Mother’s bad health will cause you more worry. Your job/business will flourish and you will gain monetary benefits as well. Your children will love and respect you and will devotedly perform their tasks. You will also get support from your siblings in every task. Students will study hard to get good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You may face ups and downs in your relationship. The more you understand each other, the more stronger will be your bond. It is recommended that you have less meetings this week. If married, your love for each other will strengthen and your marital life will be more happy and blissful.

REMEDY: Offer Durva (green grass) and worship Lord Ganesha.


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Libra natives will get appreciated for their work as well as will be rewarded for it. You may face ups and downs at workplace, but more hard work will reap you good benefits. Siblings may face some problems. Due to some reasons, your family life would be stressful. Some good news in middle of the week will boost your spirits. Your daily life will be a little busy. You will dominate your opponents. The time is favourable for your children. Students will also study devotedly this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are promising times for love relationships. Due to your busy schedule, you will spend less time with your love partner. This may cause fights at some occasions, so try to avoid it. If married, you will enjoy a blissful and happy marital life.

REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp and worship Lord Shani.



You will spend money in religious activities and this will make you mentally happy. Though, using harsh words may affect your relationships. Family life will be happy, but there may arise some disputes. These are promising times for your children. Your siblings may face some problems. Your income may increase. Employed people will look out for new job perspectives. Students will study hard and will get good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are best times for couples. You will feel more in love. You may plan a trip with your partner as well as go out on a lunch or dinner date. If married, your relationship will become more strong. Marital life will be happy and blissful.

REMEDY: Donate a mustard oil filled vessel after seeing your shadow in it.



You may feel temperamental this week which may affect your relationships, so work with patience. You would feel happy with the progress in your job/business. Family life will be peaceful and harmonious. Pay attention to your health as it may decline, though you may get relieved of some old illness. Your children will remain devoted to you. Drive carefully this week. Avoid stale and heavy foods. You will gain monetary profits normally and may also spend money in decorating your home. Students will perform greatly in exams.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars are favourable this week. Your relationship will improve and will get strengthen. You both may plan for your future together. Avoid ego in your relations. If married, your life will be better. Any kind of problem will also end this time.

REMEDY: Water Peepal tree on Thursdays.


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Your courage will get a boost this week. There may be short trips as well as meetings with friends. You will get support from your siblings in every task. Family life will remain peaceful. You will feel elated with positive response at workplace and will also get support from your colleagues. Your children will progress in their respective domains. These are good times for students. There are strong chances that you may go on a foreign trip. You might face some physical pain as well. There may be spending on some activities. Give special focus to business partnerships.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel happy this week. A new relationship may start in this period. Old relationships will flourish as well. You may gift something to your love partner or may get a gift from him/her. You may go on a tour. If married, there may occur some tensions in your life. However, they will get better with time, so be patient.

REMEDY: Offer Durva (green grass) and worship Lord Ganesha.



Some festival or auspicious ceremony may conclude at home. These are good times for your children. A new member may arrive in your family. You may get promotion at workplace. Your income may increase as well as monetary gains are on charts for you. Relatives may come and go during this period. You may gain financial benefits from your siblings. Be patient as you may engage in an argument with your seniors. Family life will remain happy and blissful. You may also buy a vehicle this week. These are good times for your children. Students may get good results as well.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are challenging times for love matters. Avoid arguments as it may cause disturbance in your relationship. If possible, try to have less meetings this week. Married couples will have an average week. You love each other, but engagement at household chores will cause your spouse to spend less time with you.

REMEDY: Offer flowers and worship Radha ji.



You will feel happy and elated this week. You will accomplish multiple tasks together in this duration. Your dominance will remain in work area. However, you may engage in an argument with someone, which may cause you mental distress. It is recommended that you avoid such controversies. Tensions in family life may also upset you. You will spend more money on self-entertainment. Children will remain devoted to you, but will also be mischievous. Students may face hardships in this duration.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel mixed emotions this week. Where on one hand you will feel loved, understanding your partner on the other hand may be a little difficult for you. Chances of some fights seems a possibility, so be patient. If married, your spouse will remain devoted to you and your relationship will be strengthened.

REMEDY: Offer Vermilion to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa.


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