Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AstroSage Year Book: Kundli based detailed Prediction for upcoming 12 months

Make your next 12 months successful, prosperous and lucky! Get a glimpse of your tomorrow with our Kundli based Year Book.

Time moves at its usual pace and so does life. Many challenges have been faced by you or may be coming your way. But the way your busy schedule has engrossed your life, you don’t get the time to make decisions about it or create a clear picture of your future. There are so many dreams that you have dreamt of, but don’t know the right ways to achieve them. Home, car, job, business, marriage and family - how you can achieve these? How to fulfil your life’s objectives? These are some questions that roams the periphery of your mind every once in a while, but you don’t have fixed answers for them. To overcome these dilemmas of your life, AstroSage has always come up with our expert astrology services. This time, we have brought “Year Book” specifically to prepare you for a bright and promising future.

What is so special about AstroSage Year Book?

Our Year Book has many qualities that fulfil your future with happiness and prosperity. The most special one is that it is not based on a particular year, but provides Kundli based predictions for next subsequent 12 months from the day you order it.

12 Months and Astrological Points

Just like hard work, luck also plays an eminent role in leading a person to greatness. There are so many points, favourable and unfavourable, that can change a person’s destiny but one is not aware of. AstroSage Year Book has described such astrological points in detail like lucky color, lucky day, lucky number, auspicious planet, auspicious gemstone, lucky metal, etc. These small yet important aspects help in leading a person to success.

Job, Business, Finance, Marriage and Love

Whether job or business, marriage or love; situations in such scenarios are never the same. In more than one occasion, you might have seen the ups and downs in these phases of life. No one knows about what is going to happen next! Will you get a good job in next 12 months? Will you reap profits in your business? Will you get married? If you also have such doubts regarding these important aspects of life, AstroSage Year Book is your best answer.

Solutions that will Change Your Life

Vedic Astrology has answer to every problem and remedies for achieving success. If you follow these solutions and remedies precisely, these may change your life. Including these techniques based on ancient methodologies of Vedic Astrology, Year Book provides precise and accurate solutions and remedies that let your fate shine brightly.

Special Yoga (Combination) for attaining Success

Every planet has immense power that impacts the Earth and humans directly. With its blessings, a person progresses by leaps and bounds. This success is the result of Special Yogas which are based on the planetary movements. Planets are always in motion and so is the formation of special yogas in a person’s horoscope. Year Book includes such special yogas that will formulate in one’s horoscope in the coming 12 months and helps them to attain immense success.

AstroSage Year Book and 2018 Trikal Samhita, both are different books. Where Trikal Samhita is horoscope based predictions for year 2018, Year Book offers Kundli based prediction for upcoming 12 months. That is, from the month in which you order Year Book, you will get experts astrological predictions for the next 12 months.

It incorporates many features like special remedies, astrological analysis, Strength of the Year, etc that will prove to be helpful in giving your future a perfect direction. Thus, AstroSage Year Book provides a glimpse of your upcoming 12 months and helps you in shaping a better future for yourself.

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