Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chaitra Navratri Day 5 - Worship Maa Skandamata for Prosperity

Get blessings of Maa Skandamata for a blissful life! The fifth day of Chaitra Navratri is the day when people perform fasts for Goddess Skandamata, the fifth swaroop of Maa Durga. Read here to know the Puja Vidhi for worshipping the Goddess and also know the significance of this day from astrological point of view.

Maa Skandamata - the Nurturer of Life

When Maa Parvati became the mother of God Skanda (Kartikeya), since then, she was called as Goddess Skandamata. Being the fifth avatar of Maa Durga, Goddess showers her devotees with power, strength, money and prosperity, when pleased with their dedication and devotion. A devotee also achieves salvation, if worships the Goddess selflessly and with pure devotion.

Maa Skandamata is represented as sitting on a lion with baby Skanda sitting on her lap, who is also the brother of Lord Ganesha. She has four hands and carries lotus flowers in upper two hands. She holds baby Skanda, also called Lord Kartikeya or Lord Murugan, in her left hand and her right hand remains in Abhaya Mudra. 

Puja Vidhi for Worshipping Maa Skandamata

On fifth day of Navratri, people perform fast to worship and appease Maa Skandamata. By performing the right Puja Vidhi, the devotees please the Goddess to seek her blessings. Following is the procedure for worshiping Goddess Skandamata for a healthy and prosperous life:

  • First, worship the Kalash and the gods, goddesses, pilgrimage/village/city deities, and the nine planets in it.
  • After that, start offering prayers to Maa Skandamata. Take a flower in your hand and ruminate about the Goddess.
  • Perform Panchopchar by offering red flowers, Akshat, Kumkum and vermilion to the Goddess.
  • Burn ghee/camphor, perform Aarti and Bhajans, and pray to the Goddess for forgiveness.
  • Chant this mantra while worshipping Maa Skandamata.....
Siṅghāsanagatā nityama padmāśritakaradvayā |
śubhadāstu sadā dēvī skanda mātā yaśaśvinī ||

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Astrological Significance of Chaitra Navratri Day 5

According to Vedic Astrology, Maa Skandamata governs Planet Mercury and the person who appeases her, she/he is freed from the malefic effect of this planet. It also believed that if the most uneducated or mindless person fasts on this day, the Goddess blesses him/her with immense knowledge and wisdom.

So, worshipping the Goddess on this auspicious occasion of Navratri held more significance than it reflects. Maa Skandamata eliminates all pain and sufferings, remove all obstacles that hinder the growth of a person and brings prosperity and happiness to one’s life.

We, at AstroSage wish that Goddess Skandamata bestows happiness and prosperity upon you and your loved ones.

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