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Chaitra Navratri starts tomorrow! Know Ghatasthapana Muhurat

Seek blessings of Maa Shailputri this Navratri! Also read the importance of various festivals celebrated on the occasion of Hindu New Year tomorrow.
Chaitra Navratri 2018 is the festival of seeking blessings of Goddess Durga and her nine forms (Avatars). The fasts and festivities for this festival goes on for a period of nine days. According to Hindu Calendar, there are total 5 Navratris that are celebrated every year. Among these Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri are prominent. The rest 3 are called as Gupt Navratris and known by the name of Paush, Ashadh and Magh Navratri.

This year, the auspicious occasion of Chaitra Navratri will begin from March 18 and will conclude on March 25. The first day of Navratri starts with worshipping Goddess Shailputri, the first form of Goddess Durga. It is exemplified to be one of the most significant days as Ghatasthapana is also performed on this very day. It marks the beginning of the auspicious nine days festivity. However, there are certain rules and rituals for Ghatasthapana and is performed within a desired auspicious time and muhurat.

Get apprised with Ghatasthapana Muhurat and the procedures of Puja in order to seek blessings of Maa Shailputri.

Ghatasthapana Muhurat

18 MARCH 2018, SUNDAY06:28:12 AM - 07:46:57 AM

Note: The above Muhurat is valid only for New Delhi (India).

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Significance of Ghatasthapana

As per Hindu Calendar, Ghatasthapana or Kalash installation is done on the first lunar day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. To please Goddess Durga and seek her blessings Ghatasthapana Puja should be done within an auspicious time duration while following specified rules and rituals.

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Navratri Day 1 - Worship Maa Shailputri

Goddess Shailputri is the first form (Avatar) of Goddess Durga. Being the daughter of Lord Himalaya, she is also known by the name of Shailputri. She mounts on Nandi (bull) and hence, also known as Vrisharudha. She is depicted with a Trishul in the right hand and a lotus flower in the left hand. Goddess Shailputri is also known by the name of Sati.

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With pratipada of Shukla paksha in Chaitra month, Hindu New Year commences. Various festivals are celebrated in different states of India on this occasion. Gudi Padwa is one such festival which is celebrated in Maharashtra and Central India. Another festival known as Ugadi is celebrated in South India with the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

Let’s take a brief look at these important festivals which are mentioned below:

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is most popularly celebrated in Maharashtra with the beginning of the Hindu New Year. According to Panchang (Hindu Calendar), Hindu New Year falls on the first day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month, and with its commencement, Gudi Padwa is also celebrated.

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India is a land where various cultures coexist in harmony. Different regions follow different traditions, customs and beliefs. New Year in India is welcomed on the first day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. On this occasion, Ugadi is celebrated with glee in the southern regions of India and is also known as Telugu New Year.

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We, at AstroSage, heartily wish you all a very happy and prosperous Chaitra Navratri. We pray that Goddess Durga brings happiness and prosperity in your life this Navratri.

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