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March 2018 Monthly Horoscope is here! Know Holika Dahan Muhurat

Best Holi Remedies with predictions for a happy life! Read here to know which Zodiacs will be lucky in March 2018 and the wonderful remedies to follow on the auspicious occasion of Holika Dahan.

March is the beginning of Hindu New Year and is also the time for new prospects and great promises that begins with the year. It is also the time for auspicious festivals like Chaitra Navratri, Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti and Cheti Chand. March is also of great significance in terms of Education and Finance. Where on one hand it is the end of the financial year 2017-18; on the other hand, students are hands full with their studies as their boards exams are just round the corner. In this regard, AstroSage has brought March monthly horoscope! It has detailed information related to finance, family, job, business, health and social aspects of your life. Read this monthly predictions to know how your future will flourish and what surprises are there in store for you this month.

Know about Festivals and Ekadashi/Purnima/Amavasya Fasts in March: Read Hindu Calendar 2018

Also read about Holika Dahan in the end which will be celebrated today. Also know its auspicious muhurat in your city and the perfect remedies to end all your pain and sufferings on this occasion.

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You are courageous and have potential to complete your tasks effectively. This month also predicts new promising prospects for your better life. Read here...


Being hasty this month may backfire. Think and act wisely or the results obtained may not be as per your choices. Read here...


Your think before act nature makes you a sensible and wise person. This would also prevent you from engaging into problems. Read here...


Overthinking might affect your health and result in mental stress. So, avoid it for a healthy mind and body. Read here...


You are an ambitious person and possess wonderful leadership qualities that would make you carry out your responsibilities well and in time. Read here...


It is predicted that this month you will be bestowed with exceptional logical and analytical skills that will help you to gain knowledge and skills necessary to gain success. Read here...


If you give your best shot, it is predicted that this month will push you to the right path and will help you achieve your desired goals. Read here...


During this month, your aggressive and stubborn demeanor will prove to be detrimental for your growth at your career front. Read here...


Lack of sincerity and seriousness might hamper your work efficiency and you might have a hard time in making the right decisions. Read here...


Your out of the box thinking makes you stand out from the rest and helps you to perform your tasks efficiently. Read here...


Your cautious nature helps you weigh the pros and cons of a prospect before making a final decision. Read here...


You might feel yourself in a confused state, which will interfere with your ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Read here...

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Now read about today’s auspicious festival, Holika Dahan, and its muhurat and remedies that you should follow to make your life happy and blissful.

Today on Phalgun Purnima, Holika Dahan will be performed that symbolises the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated a day before Holi to destroy all negativity and evil thoughts that may capture one’s heart. It is believed and considered highly auspicious to perform Holika Dahan in Pradosh Kaal of Phalgun Shukla Purnima. Take a look at below table to know the auspicious timing or Shubh Muhurat of Holika Dahan in your city.

Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat 2018
Muhurat TimingsFrom 18:20:47 to 20:49:49
Duration2 Hours 29 Minutes

Note: This Muhurat is valid only for Delhi. Also the timings may vary for different cities depending on their geographic location. Know the timings of muhurat in your city, read Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat

Holi signifies that God is always present to protect his devotees. It is believed that Puja performed as well as remedies that one follows on the occasion of Holika Dahan, brings prosperity and eliminates all pain and sufferings in a person’s life.

Remedies to follow on Holika Dahan

  • During Holika Dahan, family members should move around Holika and must offer gram, peas, wheat and linseed to it. This offering is believed to be the best remedy that brings monetary benefits.
  • You must light a Ghee Lamp (Diya) under a Peepal tree on the night of Holika Dahan and must circumambulate 7 times around it. This helps in eliminating every obstacle in your life.
  • Next day after Holika Dahan, you should go to a temple and offer colors (Gulal) to Gods and Goddesses before playing Holi.
  • Put Camphor (Kapoor) in Holika when it is burning. Doing this destroys the harmful germs present in our surroundings.
  • Offer some mustard seeds to Holika during Holika Dahan. This appeases Goddess Lakshmi and thus, her blessings will always remains on you.

All the above remedies, when followed devotedly, ends all the pains, sufferings and diseases and brings wealth and prosperity in a person’s life.

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AstroSage wishes all our readers a blissful and colorful Holi. We hope that this wonderful festival of Holi will bring lots of happiness, prosperity and wealth in your life.

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