Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly horoscope – 06-12 November 2017

How bright your fate will be this week? Go through this week’s predictions and find out the remedies to follow and resolve the issues hindering your life. Explore how favorable the situations will be and what might cause troubles for you in the longer run. Here are the predictions for twelve zodiac signs.


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Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate yours: Moon sign Calculator


Beginning of the week will be good. Your way of communicating will improve, leading to several benefits and financial gains. Family life will be normal. Do not let any doubt take over your head for some reason. Due to a hectic schedule, you will be incapable of denoting sumptuous time to your family. You might feel reluctant to go to the office, losing all interests. Keep this in mind and focus on your work. Children will become a little stubborn but will respect you. Students will work really hard. You’ll win legal or court cases, if involved.

Love Predictions: Starting will be good and end with a generic midweek and weekend. You might think of getting married, but have to strong opposition from relatives and people. Avoid arguments or fights. You’ll spend good on your spouse. Also, they will get benefited from government and their advice will prove to be advantageous.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman


You'll live a satisfied life, and be filled with energy and enthusiasm. Look after what you eat and you might catch some illness. You may go on small trips. Avoid arguments and fights. Your family life will be satisfactory but there will be issues surrounding property. Your father may suffer from bad health. Students will work really hard but might catch fever, so take good care. Similarly, your child may also contract fever and get a little stubborn. There will be ups and downs within the workplace, but the intensity of your hard work will help you move forward in life. Income will be good, but expenses will also increase.

Love Predictions: This week won’t be that special. Your heart will be happy, but you might get into a fight with your lover partner due to a silly reason, hence avoid such situations. Beginning and midweek will be normal, leading to an easy weekend. If married, your spouse may get some good news. On the other hand if already in a relationship, your efforts to take the next step and popping the “question” will be successful.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Distribute Mishris and sugar to young girls.

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Expenses will increase in the beginning of the week, but will mellow down gradually. Take good care of your health, as you might suffer from skin, nerves or stomach related problems. People will manipulate you with their words. There will be a decline in your mother’s health. There can be disputes within the family, but you’ll win legal or court cases. Your children will do well in their fields. Students will do well and take interests in different genres. You might change your job. Due to your knowledge and constant efforts, you’ll see financial progress. Also, your father might get monetary gains

Love Predictions: The beginning and weekend will be good along with a normal midweek. You’ll maintain a good bond with your partner and spend some quality moments such as going out for a movie, party or dinner. If married, you may have to face certain challenges. Although your spouse will make some progress, which will in your favor.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Read Vishnu Sahasranama.


You’ll find new and innovative ways to gain some money. You might make progress due to women. You’ll find yourself between lines and in a dilemma. Family life will be a bliss. You may join a job, invest in a new house and renovate it beautifully or buy a vehicle. Your expenses will increase by midweek. Your child will make progress and make it big, and students will get positive results for all the hard work they have done. You’ll win the legal or court cases, if involved.

Love Predictions: Beginning of the week will be the best, midweek normal and moving on to a general weekend. You’ll share your feelings, which will help you strengthen your relationship. So keep in mind that if you are not available physically, try to communicate via phone. If married, you may have to face some problems and be unable to understand what your spouse wants. Hence, avoid fighting and try to make them understand.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.

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Beginning of the week will be brilliant. You’ll devote yourself to your work, hence will make progress within the workplace. Also, your colleagues will support you. Family life will be good. Your child may earn an achievement. Students will study hard and put in efforts, which will be reflected in the results they’ll get. There will be monetary benefits. Stop spending money on useless things.

Love Predictions: This will be a normal week for your love life. You might feel some bitterness in the relationship. It becomes important for you to remain loyal to your partner. Beginning of the week will be good, midweek a bit challenging and weekend normal. Those married will have a normal life and bond between them will grow.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Offer water to Lord Shiva.


You might go on a long journey. Your father might suffer from bad health. There will be disputes within your family, so try to avoid getting into any argument or extend one. Your way of speaking will improve, which will bring financial gains and help you impress people. Although, you’ll become aggressive and it will become important for you to control the anger within. You’ll put efforts in achieving the target, but will expect more than required in regard with the outcomes. Hence, you may think of changing your job. You will witness monetary gains. There can be an engagement ceremony or function within the family.

Love Predictions: This will be a challenging period for couples. Beginning, midweek and weekend will be normal. Due to some other issues, you might start doubting your partner. As it can sabotage your relationship, try talking it out and resolving it. If married, you’ll be benefited through your spouse. Your aggressive nature will affect your family life. Take good care of your spouse’s health.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva grass. 


You’ll try your best to create an equilibrium within your life. You’ll try to put yourself up above everyone else, hence dominating people, which will not be a good sight, hence avoid it. Do not get into any argument within the workplace and use a shortcut to attain your targets. Staying genuine and loyal to your work will help you gain the support of your seniors. If involved in legal matters, you’ll get successful. Your health might weaken, leading to illnesses such as fever and blood-related diseases. You might go on unplanned trips. Minor monetary loss is possible, but after midweek, there are chances of various sources of income coming into light. Your children will have a good time, but might suffer a decline in health. Students will work hard and achieve good results. There will be tension within the family.

Love Predictions: Starting of this week will be normal, leading to a dazzling midweek and ending with a general weekend. Be cautious, as your partner may suffer from physical illness. Other than that, you’ll spend a great time together. Stability in your life will help you strengthen your bond. If married, times can get difficult for your spouse. There is a possibility of you going overseas with your spouse. You’ll make an effort to know each other. Your life will be a mixture of small confrontations and blissful moments.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Serve the cows and feed green fodder to them.

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The beginning will be fantastic and you’ll be more interested in earning some profits and get successful. You’ll lead a comfortable life throughout this week but your expenses will increase simultaneously. As a result, your income will decline and expenses increase. Soin order to maintain your financial status, keep an eye on your cashflow. Your knowledge will increase and you may go on a long journey. You may spend on materialistic luxuries as well as religious activities. There are chances of you going on a professional trip. You’ll be fully devoted towards your work. Do not pour all your faith in your coworkers. Your children may try for an overseas trip. On the other hand, students will get an opportunity to travel abroad.

Love Predictions: Beginning of this week will be good with an average midweek and weekend. You may go far away from your partner due to some reason but not for too long. Communicate properly and try to keep your anger and stress under control while speaking, as it might deteriorate the relations. Avoid such actions. If married, you’ll live a luxurious life with a devoted spouse. Your siblings might have to face some serious issues.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Pour water on Peepal tree’s roots.


Your sense of self determination will inspire you to move forward in life and help you to attain success. You might attain a big designation and power within the workplace, but avoid getting into any controversy. You will be commercially benefited, but there will be minor expenses. You’ll be able to save some good amount this time. Your family life will be blissful, although there might be disputes between you and your children. Hence, try to talk like a friend and access their problems. Despite some issues, students will be able to achieve success in their fields. Siblings will be devoted towards you. Try not to talk rudely.

Love Predictions: Beginning and midweek will be good, leading to a normal weekend. You might get into a fight with your partner, so behave properly and do not cross your limits. You might check out new places with your partner and try new dishes. If married, you must learn to value your spouse’s ideas and spend good time with them.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Apply a Kesar tilak on your forehead.


People under this sign have to be very cautious with what they say, as there is a possibility of them getting involved into a big brawl due to the statements passed by them, although they’ll be innocent. People will understand your importance within the workplace. Your seniors will achieve success because of you, and hence both them and coworkers will support you in every way possible. Your intelligence and skills will pave ways for you into the big world. Family life will be good, although there will be small disputes arising every now and then. Your children will succeed in getting a good job and students will devote themselves and get favorable results. You and your father may get ill, so take good care. Respect the women.

Love Predictions: For couples, this week’s beginning will be bright, midweek normal and weekend generic. There can be some differences due to some disagreements, but you’ll handle the situation well and make up with your partner. Your love life will be peaceful, and you’ll share your deepest feelings with them. Also, love within them for you will grow. Maintain a steady communication. If married, there will be disputes and doubts between you two, and spouse won’t be able to understand you. Try to resolve the fight and cast away the doubts.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and honor Goddess Durga with red flowers in her temple. 

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The beginning of this week will bring lots of happiness and prosperity for your family, and all members will unite to celebrate the occasions. Your parents will have a good health, although your father might feel some issues during the midweek. You may have to face some challenges within the workplace. Hence you’ll feel that all your efforts are in vain. Stay focussed and do not lose hope. There is a possibility of sudden monetary gains. You might catch eye or sleep related problems. Children will do well in their work, and students may have to face certain interruptions. You’ll dominate your opponents and win over court or legal cases. Take care of your health. You’ll be financially benefitted.

Love Predictions: starting will be brilliant, moving on to a simple midweek and ending with a challenging weekend. You may feel irritated with something petty, which can become a big thing amongst your relatives and bother them. Try to resolve the issues. Give plenty of time to your partner and try to understand him/her feelings. Communicate properly and avoid meeting during the weekends. If married, you’ll earn respect and monetary gains via your spouse. Also, s/he may experience some health issues. Bond between you two will grow stronger, leading to more closeness.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Plant a pomegranate tree in the garden. 


You’ll have a cheerful mood and a sense of high determination throughout this week. You may go on a short-distance journey. You may have to work really hard within your workplace. Your mother’s health may decline, leading to several physical problems and pain. Your child may get moody at times. Students may face troubles in studies and try to apply short cut methods. You might go on a long professional journey. Domestic life will remain fine. You will witness sudden gains but not exceeding your expenses, as the level will remain high.

Love Predictions: Beginning will be good, leading to an average middle and ending on to a fantastic weekend. This week will be high on romance, as you’ll enjoy good times together. Those married might face disputes in marital life. Your spouse might try to dominate you and see their career graph growing at an increasing speed.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5 

Remedy: Chant the mantra, “ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः”.

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