Friday, November 3, 2017

Venus transit in Libra: How will it affect your life?

How lucky will this transit be for you? Venus, known as the Goddess of Love, represents wealth and love in one’s life. It is said to be a leading factor of emotions, beauty, pleasures, inclinations and much more.

This 2017, it will transit in Libra on 3rd November at 00:12 AM, Friday, and will remain till 10:20 PM, Sunday, on 26th November. This transit will bring along several unexpected outcomes for 12 different zodiac signs. Let’s read and find out.


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You would maintain cordial relations with the people of the opposite gender and would respect them and value their advice. Some health issues related to your reproductive organs are probable. Read more...


You need to pay attention to your health, failing which it might decline a bit. Your marital life might face troubles, which you need to tackle with your sensible and mature approach. Read more...


You might get a chance to repay your loans and debts. Your health would improve, and you might consider going abroad for further studies. Romance and passion would make their way into your love life. Read more...


People around you would coordinate with you, and your mother would live a luxurious life. Your domestic life would be filled with love, affection, peace and prosperity. Read more...

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Your calibre, courage, and determination would increase. You would gain an upper hand over your enemies. You would have a religious bent of mind, and as a result, you would indulge in religious deeds. Read more...


There are chances that an auspicious activity can take place in your family. A rise in status, honour, and favours from the government would fall into your lap. Read more...


Your health is bound to improve, however you need to avoid an excess of anything that might affect you negatively. Your personality would improve for your betterment. Sudden monetary gains may amaze you. Read more...


You would perform exceedingly well and your career would see a rise on foreign land. You would spend extravagantly and lead a lavish lifestyle. Read more...

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Your love live would be packed up with romance and harmony. A rise in dignity and success in your undertakings would add to your happiness. You would end up your food cravings with tasty foods. Read more...


You might think about switching your job. You might have issues with your children, so you are advised to act maturely and sensibly. Your opponents would be strong during this period. Read more...


Long journeys would bear fruit, and you would earn name and fame. Your status would rise, and you would have a religious bent of mind. There is a high probability of gains with the support of females. Read more...


Children would feel happy and satisfied during this period. There are chances that a new relationship might blossom, which you would keep hidden from the world. Read more...

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