Saturday, November 11, 2017

Health Issues? Consult @ ₹299

Smog, allergy, asthma, diabetes, BP etc: ask health astrologer to stay safe with big discounts!
In the current times when a metro city like Delhi is going through a disastrous environment condition, people are bound to live with smog. Diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Cancer, and heart disorders are becoming common. If you or your loved ones are suffering with any health issues, go for our Ask Health Astrologer service now.

Price : ₹ 455   ₹ 299

Consult Health Astrologer

Consult our expert health astrologer with our unique service. Get yourself cured with the ancient proven methods.

The life is unpredictable and fluctuations are bound to happen in all phases of life. Health is a big subject of current times, because people are so busy in filling bank accounts that health has become a secondary aspect. The Big Horoscope is your personalized horoscope with has everything about you related to health, education, finance, marriage, children, etc.

Price : ₹ 1105   ₹ 499

AstroSage Big Horoscope

Get detailed prediction on your health and other issues including finance, love, education, career, etc at a discounted price of just Rs. 499/-.
It is said that health is the real wealth. If you are not fit and healthy, luxuries and other worldly assets are worthless. Our comprehensive health report would tell you what is causing the problem and what astrological measures should be taken into consideration to get out of jinx of the bad health’s rut.

Price : ₹ 1625   ₹ 799

Health & Fitness Report

Get your comprehensive health report at just Rs. 799/-. Get sure shot remedies and in-depth analysis of your health based on your question..
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is a great bead from health point of view. It is a divine bead provided by the Supreme Power "Lord Shiva" created by his tears. It is known to have medicinal, health and astrological benefits. Get yourself cured with a genuine, certified Ek Mukhi Rudraksha at the most reasonable price.

Price : ₹ 1500

One Faced Rudraksha - Lab Certified

Health is wealth. Buy 1 Mukhi Rudraksh at just Rs. 1500/- and get rid of various health related issues ..

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