Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mercury transit in Scorpio, Know its effects

Mercury transit will bring a major change! It will transit in the Scorpio sign at 00: 54 AM on the date 2nd November 2017 and will remain till 24th November 2017 by 14:09 PM. It will affect all twelve zodiac signs differently and churn out different outcomes. Let's read the impact of this transit:


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Seeking loan from bank or from miscellaneous sources is predicted. An inclination towards spirituality might increase and you might get apt towards mantras and occult sciences. Read more...


You would be inclined towards making your domestic life peaceful and harmonious. Moreover, good conversations would add essence and gist in your domestic and love life. Read more...


Your health might decline, so you need to take proper care of yourself. Debates and disputes would be the nucleus of your attention, as you would be involved in them. Read more...


A sense of high determination would persist in you in this transit period. You will have good communication skills and a boost in your intellect is presaged. Read more...

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The transit of Mercury would bring happiness and prosperity in your domestic life. You might spend over household activities or in making your family members happy. Read more...


You would witness a boost in your passion, anger, determination and communication skills. In the course of this period, you might look for a change in job. Read more...


You might also gain through your impressive speech. Gains from foreign land is also presaged along with several monetary gains. Look after your spouse. Read more...


Your focal point would be on increased earnings. There would be an elevation in your status and multiple gains are presaged. Attending social gatherings is foreseen and some arguments with brothers or friends is predicted. Read more...

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You would experience high expenditures and probably, you might go abroad for business or professional purpose. These expeditions to abroad would be fruitful for you. Read more...


A feeling of accomplishing something would surround you as far as your undertakings are concerned. Though hurdles would come your way, but still you would emerge out with gains in wealth. Read more...


You would apply your intellect at work which would fetch you fruitful results. This transit period would mark your recognition and your mindwork. Read more...


Benefits through business partnerships and an enhancement in social status is presaged. Probable chances of receiving a prize is also predicted. Read more...

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