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Weekly horoscope – 16th to 22nd October 2017

How better this week will treat you, want to know? Read out this week’s predictions and find how favorable will the situations be for you, where or how you may get lucky/unlucky and much more.

Predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate yours: Moon sign Calculator


Your mind will be inclined towards studies and interested in learning new things. You will try to pursue your artistic talents and skills, which will become a leading source of your income. Some problems may arise in the family. Due to extreme busy schedule, you might not be able to give time to your family, hence one of the reasons for dispute amongst members. You may feel disillusioned within the workplace. Do not think much and devote your time and energy into being a productive employee.

Love Predictions: Overall, this week will be good for you. Beginning will be good, midweek average and weekend a normal one. Mingle well with your partner and avoid any kind of arguments. If married, this week will bring good moments in your life, your strengthening your bond.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Pour raw milk on the roots of Banyan tree.


This will be a good week for you. Hard work will open many doors for you to move ahead. You may achieve progress within the workplace. You may go on short trips. You will be largely inclined towards religious aspects. Family life will be happy and satisfied, but it is possible that for some reason you may have to be away from family. You will grow to be a courageous person. Siblings may face some problems. If you have debt latching onto you, you will be able to repay it.

Love Predictions: It is a good time to go ahead with getting involved in love relationships. There are chances of you two getting into quarrels and fights, although avoiding such instances can help your love life to improve. With your partner, you'll enjoy picnics, movies, food and outings. There will be an added benefit from your spouse’s side if you’re married.

Fortune Star: 4/5 

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga and offer her Kheer.

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Natives of Gemini will have a mixed week filled with numerous situations. The beginning of the week will be quite favorable, helping you to boost your confidence levels. Several disputes may arise in the family life. Mother’s health will decline during this time, so keep in mind to take good care of her. Your children will make progress and have fun this week. You might change your job and think about investing in some property.

Love Predictions: Your love life will likely grow beautifully. Your relationship with the beloved will be sweet and full of intimate moments. There will come a stable point in your relationship where you’ll be able to understand each other’s mind and needs. Beginning of the week will be good, followed by an average midweek and ending on an excellent weekend. Your spouse may receive a promotion. 

Fortune Star: 3.5

Remedy: Worship Lord Hari Vishnu and offer him yellow flowers.


This week, you will enjoy a peaceful family life. You will feel more courageous and channelize all of your energy to complete your task. You will feel confused sometimes. Your mother will have a good health. Younger siblings may have to face physical and health problems. You are likely to change your workplace. You might face challenges from your seniors, so just stay ready. You’ll have a normal and stable income.

Love Predictions: The week will be a real delight for you from start to finish. Stay loyal to your partner. You might plan a short trip with your partner. A new relationship is also possible. There are chances of certain arguments seeping into your married life. Your spouse will have a good luck throughout this week. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Feed chapatis to a black dog and worship God Bhairav. 


There are chances of an auspicious function being arranged in the family. Speak swiftly and avoid being rude and insulting with your words. You will enjoy doing social work and participate actively in religious programs. Your siblings will help you. You will be able to accumulate or save funds. You will have a smooth professional life. Try to control your expenses and try not to get involved in any wrong activity.

Love Predictions: Beginning of the week is good, midweek average and weekend fantastic. Devote time into your relations, be it love and family. Don’t leave any chance and opportunity to eat together. If you’re married, focus on your family and spend a good time with your partner. On the other hand, your spouse might undergo some physical pain.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Offer water to Sun Lord and worship Shwetark tree. 


You’ll feel a wave of love as well as anger within yourself this week, resulting in emerging problems within your relationships. Your health might weaken. You will overlook your responsibilities towards your family. Your income will rise and will find opportunities to move forward and build your career. Your efforts will be appreciated at the workplace. Seniors will praise your actions. Family life can be full of little ups and downs. Drive carefully.

Love Predictions: The starting of the week will be slow, moving on to a generic midweek and ending on to a good weekend. Don’t let any suspicion and doubt come in between you and your partner, and spend a good time together. Try managing the situation in case you’re already in a relationship. If married, your spouse is likely to gain some money. Quit ego.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer him Kaner flowers.

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This week, your actions and thoughts will get mature with time and situations, leading you to a successful output. Although, there are likely to be some differences in the family life. Due to busy schedule, you will not have enough time for your family. You can make plans for travelling overseas. You’ll be engrossed with the luxurious life surrounding you. Students will devote their time and efforts to study well. Your children will be happy and content. Don’t let sensual thoughts overpower you.

Love Predictions: This week will prove to be good for lovers. You’ll feel the intensity in love and understand each other better. In case you’re married, the spouse is likely to encounter some problems. You may travel overseas with your partner. Try to stay away from vain arguments.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Offer red flowers to Maa Durga.


This week will prove to be productive for you. Execute your effective schemes and ideas for beneficial purposes. Your income will increase. There will be a balance in your personal life. Siblings may have to face some troubles. Students who want to study abroad will seek a fair opportunity this week. Your children will have a blissful life. Your seniors at workplace will be very supportive.

Love Predictions: This week, you will enjoy good moments with your partner. You might plan to roam around together and watch cinema. If married, you might get promoted through the spouse. You will spend a good time together.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Apply a Kesar tilak on your forehead regularly.

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This week there are chances of you visiting several places and going on trips. You will get good results in your career. There are possibilities of you getting a promotion. You will be benefited financially. Avoid gossip at work. Take care of your mother, as she might suffer from some health issues. This week will be good for your children. Students will focus more on studying. On the other hand, you may be benefited from foreign relations.

Love Predictions: Week will start off on a good note, midweek will be average and weekend will be very good. Dependency between you and your lover will increase, leading to a far better compatibility. Your partner will forward to marry you. You might be benefitted through your spouse. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Pour water on Peepal tree every Thursday. 


You might be mentally stressed at the beginning of the week. You may suddenly have to go on a trip. You will do good work throughout the midweek. Weekend will likely be better for you. Your social status will increase. You will feel loneliness on an occasional basis. In terms of career, it might be the best week. You’re likely to get a promotion.

Love Predictions: It will be a mixed week for love matters. The beginning will be good, midweek nice and weekend great. You will get a chance to go out with your partner and have a good time. If you’re married, you might end up facing some issues and disputes. Nonetheless, there will be plenty of love between you two.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Feed chapatis to a black dog. 

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For you, week will start on a good note. You will come across opportunities to move forward in life. Career wise, you’ll have a favorable week, allowing yourself to push your limits and take good decisions affecting your life in a positive manner. Suddenly, you are likely to gain a lot of money, while expenses may also increase. Your child will live happily and won’t give you a hard time. Students will aim high for higher education and will get successful too. Control your sensual thoughts.

Love Predictions: Looks like it will be an average week for lovers. You will create some romantic memories with your partner, but there are chances of you two getting involved in some arguments. Those married will have to be a little cautious, as disputes are inevitable. Although you’ll be able to solve them completely.

Fortune Star: 3/5 

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and apply a paste of white sandalwood on him. 


The beginning of this week for you will be kind of slow. Take care of your health. During the midweek, there are chances of you getting promoted within your professional boundaries. Weekend will bring along spiritual vibes along with it. You’ll take interest in gathering knowledge about spiritual and esoteric aspects of universe. Family life will be peaceful. Students may have to face some problems regarding concentrating on their work, though their sharp and attentive mind will help them gain focus.

Love Predictions: For love matters, this week will be full of mixed surprises. There might be some misunderstandings between you two, which are required to be taken care of. You'll get a chance to spend some happy and cherishing moments with your partner. Your marital life will be blessed with lots of love, although there are chances of you two getting into a brawling fight over any instance. Keep a straight head and avoid such cases.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him four bananas.

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