Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mercury transit in Libra, Know its benefic effects

This is how your life will change overnight! Mercury will transit on 14 October 2017 around 12:00 midnight in Libra sign, and will remain there till 12:54 AM up to 02 November 2017. Let's go ahead and read how this transit will treat your luck!

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You would find yourself devoid of energy and might be subjected to health issues. Conflicts with your spouse and issues with family and friends are quite probable...Read More


You would achieve success in legal cases, debates and disputes. Children would be comfortable during this period. You would find books as your best friends, and would indulge in reading...Read More


You would develop a thirst for knowledge and would try to learn new things. You would develop a soft corner in your heart for children...Read More

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Mental satisfaction, domestic harmony, and happiness would prevail. It would be a favourable period for your mother. There are chances that your property and assets would expand...Read More


You would lend your support to your siblings with financial aid but might engage in debates or disagreements with them. Your friend circle would expand for your betterment...Read More


The transit would bring about a period of happiness and enjoyment for you. Your communication skills and charismatic speech would be your tool to gain money...Read More

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You would enjoy comforts, but you need to be cautious with money-related matters because wealth losses along with mental stress can make their way into your life...Read More


There might be an outflow of income due to your excessive expenditure. You would travel abroad, and might not find yourself willing to travel...Read More


Wealth gains and an increase in dignity would be bestowed upon you. The possibility of a childbirth is likely. You would enjoy the company of your friends and relatives, and spend your time in social gatherings...Read More

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You would gain respect, and rise in position at your workplace. You would supercede your opponents. Your business would expand...Read More


You might have to face obstacles in your undertakings, which you would be able to overcome by your hard work. Mental stress might bother you, so you are advised to meditate in order to get rid of it...Read More


The transit would bring happiness to children as they would enjoy comforts during this period. The period should be utilised to repay any loan levied upon you...Read More

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