Monday, October 16, 2017

Dhanteras Tomorrow, Know Muhurat and Puja Vidhi

Get good health and prosperity in life! Read the religious and historical importance of Dhanteras and how to conduct a proper environment for puja. Also, find out the correct muhurat for puja.

Diwali is a widely celebrated festival and carried out with full fervour and excitement. It lasts five days, starting with Dhanteras. As per the Hindu calendar or Panchang, the day is observed on the thirteenth date of Krishan Paksh in the month of Kartik. As per myths and historical evidences, the father of Ayurvedic Medicine Dhanvantri appeared from the Samudra Manthan with churned Elixir and Amrit. Hence, the day is also called Dhanvantri Jayanti. Decorating houses and spaces from Dhanteras is a sign that Diwali has come. It is believed that no one borrows and gives away the money, asset or commodity. In addition, people buy utensils, jewelries and clothes on this day.

Dhanteras Muhurat

From 19:21:21 to 20:20:41
59 minutes
Pradosh Kaal Muhurat
From 17:50:00 to 20:20:41
Vrishabh Kaal Muhurat
From 19:21:21 to 21:17:09

These timings are applicable locally. Find out the muhurat according to your city: Dhanteras Muhurat

Dhanvantri Jayanti

This day is mainly celebrated by physicians and doctors to commemorate the remembrance of father of Ayurveda, Dhanvantri Dev. When worshipping, offer vermillion and kumkum, rice, flowers and naivaidh. If possible, offer kheer in a new bowl to the god while chanting the mantra given below:

॥Aum Dhanvantray Namah

ॐ धन्वंतराये नमः॥

Hence, worship the lord with a pure heart and wish for a prosperous life, healthy body and love.

Worshipping Lord Yamraj

According to legends and religious texts, it is believed to offer diyas and Deepdan to Lord Yamraaj on this day. It is said that if diyas are lit on the eve of Dhanteras, LOrd Yamraaj blesses the house and sweep away any fear, phobia and negativity. 

  • A diya made of wheat flour is placed on the main entrance, also called as Jamdiva, a diya dedicated to Lord Yamraj.

  • During the night, women must light four-faced diya positioned in the south direction. 

  • Pray to Lord Yamraaj and offer water, flowers and naivaidh while wishing for blessings and prosperity on your family.

Bring joy and good fortune to your family: Establish Mahalaxmi Yantra

One must make rangolis from colors in the house and at the entrance of the house with diyas lit around it. Remember Maa Laxmi and worship her with a pure heart. Take a bath and light diyas for the next three days at ghats, cow shelters, wells, temples etc. during pradosh kaal.

AstroSage wishes all of its users a very affluent and prosperous Dhanteras! 

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