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Valentine's Day - Who To Propose, Who To Say Yes

What do you do when you are dating a male or female belonging to one of the zodiac signs and need some background information? Come on, let us get you going with our helpful tips on the pros and cons of dating the 12 rashis or signs–so that you're able to decide who you may propose and who you may say yes.

Aries / Mesh

The first sign of our zodiac, Aries, is a Fire sign ruled by Mars which is also fiery in nature.

Pros: When you are dating an Aries or Mesh rashi, you will get plenty of warmth and affection and also some fiery action and reaction. Fire is warm, generous, spontaneous and positive in a congenial mood. Aries people are go-getters, brave and bold, and take lots of initiative.

Cons: But when upset, fiery Aries can transform into extremely angry and volatile people. They can be very demanding, impulsive and selfish too.

Taurus / Vrishabh

The second sign of our zodiac, Taurus, is an Earth sign ruled by planet Venus. 

Pros: Earth element offers stability and strength. Venus being an artistic planet, it can make Taurus very creative and artistic, in an earthy kind of way. The partner you are dating will make the relationship stable which will give you loads of security.

Cons: Taurus can be very obstinate and unyielding when under negative influence. When their sensibilities are hurt, you will be surprised with some stiff and stubborn response. They will simply refuse to see reason.

Gemini / Mithun

Mercury is an airy planet and rules over Gemini, an airy sign. 

Pros: Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini borns can create an intellectual and fun-filled atmosphere. You can be sure you will not have a moment of boredom when you are dating a Gemini. They are natural entertainers and need plenty of freedom and space.

Cons: There can be lots of unpredictability and changeability in this relationship. Also, if you are an introvert or the reserved type, you may sometimes be driven crazy by non-stop chatter and activity.

Cancer / Karka

Water sign Cancer is strongly influenced by the watery Moon, which waxes and wanes constantly.

Pros: Your Cancerian dating partner will be very tender, loving, affectionate, caring, motherly half the time, when their mood is fine. Cancerians are great to be with due to their humorous and sensitive nature.

Cons: They will be withdrawn, brooding, sulking, cranky the rest of the time. If you offend or hurt them during your courtship period, they will drown you in a sea of emotions or you will witness quick changing moods. 

Leo / Simha

Sun, the proud fiery planet, is also the ruler of Leo. 

Pros: When you are courting a Leo, ensure that you do not hurt their ego and pride in any way. Otherwise, you are courting trouble. When they are given their due, Leos can be very warm, generous, protective, and noble.

Cons: Their hurt pride can make them very arrogant, angry, cruel, and you may be a witness to temper tantrums. Fire, when treated with concern and responsibility, gives warmth and light. If treated casually, you will be be left cold and lonely.

Virgo / Kanya

An Earthy sign, Virgo is ruled by Airy Mercury. 

Pros: They can be kind and courteous. Virgos prefer order and perfection, and the best way you can get close to them is by being a perfectionist yourself. The way you dress and present yourself, will not go unnoticed by Virgos. You will also be rewarded with plenty of help and service.

Cons: It is always better to be ready for a minor scrutiny while dealing with a Virgo. Be prepared to have intellectual conversations accompanied by critical analysis and caustic comments. 

Libra / Tula

An Air sign, Libra is guided by planet of arts and aesthetics, Venus. 

Pros: Having an interest in arts would make you an instant hit with Libra. They are positive and just people, with intelligent and humourous conversation going around most of the time. 

Cons: Never get into an argument with your Libran dating partner. When their scales go out of balance, the artistic Libran will turn into an argumentative Libran. And their air sign quality will give them endless ideas but drain you mentally.

Scorpio / Vrischik

An intense Water sign, Scorpio is ruled by fiery Mars.

Pros: Scorpio people can be eternal friends or life-long enemies. They have strong likes and dislikes. Your courtship period will be emotionally rewarding and you will have a very loyal partner. If your partner likes you, then your courtship will be memorable and wonderful.

Cons: But this comes with a warning: never ever, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt or ill-treat your partner. Scorpios are known for their vengeful nature, and their backlash will leave a scar or two, which will take a long time to heal. 

Sagittarius / Dhanu

Fiery Sagittarians are guided by benevolent and fiery Jupiter. 

Pros: They are, most of the time, full of life, impulsive-fun, positivity, enthusiasm, generosity, energetic and peppy conversation. They are also the most sportive of all the 12 signs, and will gladly forgive you when you hurt them or treat them casually. 

Cons: But beware: never question their idealism, integrity or their humanitarian causes or be dishonest yourself, in any way. Your dating will go for a toss, and instead of the jovial and philosophising dating partner, you will have to deal with a fiery, outspoken person and plenty of brutal plain-talk.

Capricorn / Makar

Ruled by slow-moving Saturn, your dating experience with Earthy Capricorns will move in a slow but steady pace. 

Pros: They are very practical and pragmatic, so try to balance your ideals and ideas with their perspective. Once they feel stable and comfortable, they will reward you with plenty of security and refreshing down to earth approach. 

Cons: Influenced by cold and stern Saturn, Capricorns may be aloof and distant sometimes. Sit tight on your anger and pride while your stingy dating partner has pulled the purse-strings tight. 

Aquarius / Kumbha

An Airy sign under the rule of Saturn, your dating experience with Aquarians will be directly proportional to your intellectual and humanitarian approach to life.

Pros: Their friendly and revolutionary attitude will appeal to your idealism. They are also tolerant of peculiarities and angularities in others. If you play it fair and deal with things in a mature way, you dating partner can turn into a lifetime friend.

Cons: Do not try to fence them in or put them in a framework. They are fiercely independent, unpredictable, contrary and contradictory. 

Pisces / Meena

Born under the intuitive Water sign, Pisces is guided by wise and expansive Jupiter. 

Pros: Pisces is the most sensitive and humane of all the 12 signs. Once you tune in patiently to their different but empathetic wavelength, you will have a great time with their versatile and multi-dimensional nature. 

Cons: Your lack of sensitivity to the Pisces feelings will be the major block during your dating period. Their dream-like elusive nature and mysterious personality can create misunderstanding.

We hope this proved helpful in understanding and getting along with your dating partner. For extensive analysis, deep insights, customised personal readings, please get in touch with us at astrosage.com

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