Monday, February 20, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (Feb 20th- Feb 26th)

Want to wade through how this week might pan out? Weekly Horoscope for the fourth week of this month is here to let you plan out your week well in advance so that you have a jumpstart over everyone else. Embrace this information with grace and make the most out of this week.

ARIES: This week you might get stuck in strenuous situations, which will require your quick wit and intellect. Long journey is on the cards for you. At the work front, you’ll get benefits from your good ideas. You’ll need to double up your efforts to maximise the results this week. Children might feel icky in this duration; their tone of speech might turn a bit harsh. Some issues might erupt with seniors, which will require your immediate attention. Domestic life will be great in this duration; you’ll share a cordial relationship with everyone at home. Expenditure might increase, as you’ll make it a habit to shell out more on your spouse or lover. Partner might have to face some health issues. The week predictions advise you to hold your investments for now, as the time is not favorable for them. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The love forecast of this week warns you to be cautious in love matters. You’ll have to take every step with precaution, as things might take a turn towards the wrong side. Maintain transparency in your love life to avoid suspicions and doubtfulness. Your anxious nature might spun a web of all the rumors that have no base associated to them, whatsoever; so abstain from that. People who are not sure about their relationship must try and instill some faith in them. Being in two at a time would ruin your reputation and might also defame you. The start of the week might be slow and mellow but with the week coming to an end you’ll see better changes in your life. 


REMEDY: Feed the fishes. 

TAURUS: This week you’ll experience a gain in your intellect. Students will have a great time in this duration. You’ll learn new things and make great plans to enrich your mind through new ways and snips. You might consider going on a long journey, that’s bound to turn out fruitful for you. Some great time would be spent with lover in this period. Your love life will improve in this period. An essence of togetherness will keep you both together and madly in love. At your workplace, you’ll have to up your efforts to build a castle for you. This week you’ll accumulate wealth and get at the top of your game. Your health won’t be a fuss for you in this duration. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll see the world through optimistic lenses. You’ll be pleased to get your partner’s support at every step of life. However, chances are that you might get annoyed and icky sometimes. The start of the week will be average, with the mid slightly better. If you’re in love with a neighbour, it’s advised that you take better precautions to stay out of trouble. The week won’t add much to your substance, so you’re advised to maintain a decent behaviour throughout. 


REMEDY: Feed wheat flour to ants. 

GEMINI: This week you are advised to keep a tab on your health. Headache, skin infection, rashes, or mild fever might bother you in this period. Energy levels will be low during this month. You need to maintain proper sleep and keep healthy patterns of sleep. You’ll exert yourself too much, despite being unwell. You’ll will earn great in this period. You might go and meet your in-laws in this duration. Father’s health might dwindle in this period. Students are required to do a lot of hard work in this period. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week will produce you average results; you’ll be in for a treat this week as time is auspicious for you. If you’re married, you could expect greater happiness coming your way. Those who are in love with a colleague, the time looks great. You won’t have to take out much time out of your busy schedule, as your lover would be quite understanding. However, some of you might feel a little low and dull. However, some tiffs are possible at the start of the week, but with patience and calm you’ll be happy in your relationship. The mid of the week advises you to be modest. With the week coming to an end, you’ll see the doors of happiness opening up for you. 


REMEDY: Feed green fodder to cows.

CANCER: This week your health might decline. You’ll be mentally stressed and in agony. It’s advisable that you meditate and cease taking a lot of stress. You might get lethargic in this duration, due to which some problems might occur for you. Some long term illness might hamper the speed of your growth. Some disturbances in your relationship might sour your mood. Travelling somewhere far is on the cards for you. Efforts will yield you great benefits. At home, you’ll have a peaceful and harmonious relationship with everyone. Children will bring in peace and love in your home. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks average in love matters. Natives who have are either married or have their partner living somewhere far will have a blast this week. The start of the week advises you to maintain abstinence from physical pleasures. By the mid of the week you’ll be happily in love but as the week comes to an end, some problems might start escalating into huge tiffs. Try to maintain your calm and peace no matter what. 


REMEDY: Practice meditation. 

LEO: Some ups and downs in health can be expected in this period. Inflow of income will be there, but there’s a catch in it. You need to take your game to the next level if you want to achieve major profits. Some health issues to father are possible. People might spew some scandals for you, due to which you might get defamed at office. Students might face some issues in concentrating at education. But with proper hard work you’ll get great results. Debate or arguments must be avoided at all costs in this period. The period is very challenging for love life. You are required to keep tabs over your aggression.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week Lord Saturn would grace your horoscope. The planet might create some issues in your life, if you’re thinking about changing your relationship status from dating to married. Otherwise, some long term issues might grow between you two. The start of the week looks mellow and dull, but with the week coming to an end you will start experiencing some bright changes. The week end might start some issues between you two, but with proper care, you’ll start experiencing new changes. 


REMEDY: Help poor people with medicines on sunday.

VIRGO: This week your aggression might steep. You’ll be inclined towards trying new things and making or creating stuff. Some issues regarding the lower body parts, mainly your abdominal parts is likely. Mother’s health might create some mental stress for you. At the domestic front, some issues are likely. Some long distance travel is on the cards for you. You will get fame and glory at work in this week. Children will gain interest in studies. A promotion is also a probability. Lack of contentment in domestic life might bother you and hamper your peace of mind.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you average results when it comes to love life. If you’ve been thinking of proposing someone, chances are that your proposal would result in affirmative. The start of the week would be great, as you’ll go out for entertainment options and dinner dates. By the mid of the week, you’ll meet up with your partner, but it’s advised that you do it in a secluded place. Indulge in indoor games with your partner to have a healthy relationship. The weekend promises to be a great end to a beautiful love filled week. 


REMEDY: Feed jaggery to black cow.

LIBRA: Luck will support you this week. A good news will approach you in this period. You’ll get mixed results at workplace; efforts you do will yield you great results. Parents might suffer with some health issues. Your nature might get icky and irrational; students will do hard work and achieve good results. Chances of repaying old loans are high. Minor quarrels with partner are a probability. Harmonious marital and familial life would lure you towards a peaceful existence. Income would increase, but at a slower pace. So keep hanging there. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you mixed results. However, you’ll indulge in unreasonable tiffs with your partner, which might get escalated to larger problems if not solved. Things require your patience, especially at the beginning of the week. Abstain from using foul language with your partner. By the mid week, you can plan a trip or a day out with your partner. The week end will give you positive results. 


REMEDY: Feed black buffalo. 

SCORPIO: Keep your tongue tied this week to avoid arguments at work and home. Some losses are probable this week, due to your irrational behaviour. Marital life will be great; love will blossom in your relationship, spouse will garner some gains that will help you accumulate wealth. Your hard work will fetch your great results. The week looks like the best time for love affairs. Relationships will be at their peak. Some income rise is also possible for you. Students might get overconfident, due to which some minor issues are possible. You might think of making swift changes at your workplace.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give solace to your heart, as you’ll be blissfully in love with your partner. Some minor issues are possible due to familial tiffs. Make sure that you keep an open eye towards everything and be loyal to your partner. Try to maintain transparency in your relationships to avoid any arguments. The start of the week will be amazing as you’ll learn new things about your partner. The mid will be weak, but the end would make up for all that’s lost. 


REMEDY: Recite Shiva Mantra. 

SAGITTARIUS: This week would give you high mental stress. You’ll be in mental agony due to too much work pressure. Being a workaholic you won’t complain about work and exert yourself too much. Income will rise in this period. You will get your things done on time and will hate procrastination. Seniors will be highly supportive and will lend a caring hand towards you. Keep in mind that you do your every task by yourself and do not hand it to anyone else. Children might get aggressive in this duration. A sacred or religious activity at home is possible. You’ll spend some great time with lover in this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will get you amazing results in love life. Keep in mind that you must maintain a sweet tone with everyone, and do not indulge in any shady work. Be modest in your approach. Single masses will find someone interesting in this duration. You’ll be happy to find your partner totally in love with you. By the mid of the week, you might plan a trip or a small excursion with your loved one. As the week comes to an end, things will start settling down and you’ll be happy at your place. 


REMEDY: Water a banana or sacred fig (peepal) tree, regularly. 

CAPRICORN: This week you’ll get your father’s support, which will boost your morale and you’ll strive to achieve more in life. Luck in on your side this week, so make the most of it while you can. You’ll be intellectual and knowledgeable in this duration, but make sure that you don’t let it get to your head. Stick to the earth, while conversing with anyone. You might plan a long distance trip in this period, which will earn you fame and glory. Health might dwindle, but with proper care you’ll be able to make it through this week. Your expenses might increase in this period, so make sure you keep tabs on it. You are advised to drive carefully this week. Some natives might find this period to be a little challenging for them, but with added efforts in every arena you’ll be able to succeed. Domestic life will be cordial; every relationship would give you great results. Try to avoid any issues, as much as possible. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll be in love with your partner. So much so that you’ll be eager to put everything on the line for them. Those in a long distance relationship will have a great time this week, as you’ll be able to go and meet your partner. The start of the week will be great, you’ll be able to make good plans. Married couples might bicker about some issues, but at the end everything would work out for the better. The mid of the week looks a little mellow but as the weekends you’ll get good results. 


REMEDY: Recite Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap. 

AQUARIUS: This week would give you loads of options to make money. You’ll get your long awaited wishes fulfilled in this week. Must keep your tongue tied this week, as chances of some issues erupting are high. Spiritual activities will lure you this week. Your income will increase, but so will your expenditure. Doubtful situations in marital life might erupt. You need to understand the importance of love and your lover. Students might face some challenges in their studies, but with added efforts everything will come through great. You’ll have to ae at your game to earn this month. Huge investments must be postponed this week to avoid any losses. Seniors will keep tabs over your work, so you need to take extra precautions. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is great for love related matters. Natives who are in love with a colleague will find this time to be refreshingly pleasant for them. You might consider going out for a movie or a romantic dinner date during this week. You’ll move heaven and earth to replenish the passion in your love. Those in a long distance relationship would find this week to be their solace, as the week would provide them numerous ways and options to meet. At the beginning of the week, you’ll have to maintain a balance between your love life and work life. The mid would yield you average results, with the weekend being a little on the mellow side. 


REMEDY: Feed a black dog.

PISCES: This week you would feel detached from your workplace. Health will require your attention, as minor health issues might dwindle your well being. Your expenses might hit the ceiling this week, as you’ll be eager to shell out on luxuries of life. Partner will be supportive and will walk hand in hand with you. Love life will be steady and you’ll embrace the one you love with your dear life. Your hard work would get your desired results and you’ll make sure that you cash in all the previous efforts that you’ve made. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks sound for you. You’ll be pleased to get satisfactory results in all arenas. A pilgrimage seems like a viable option for you. You might plan a vacation with your loved one. During the mid of the week, you’ll not be able to spare much time for your lover. Count your blessings as you’ll be back on track as the week comes to a close. Keep your mind at peace, when it comes to your partner; there’s not much to worry about. Whenever you meet them, meet them with a clear mind and heart full of love. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu.

We at AstroSage hope that you see this world through tinted rose glasses this week!

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