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First Solar Eclipse of 2017 Today, Know The Time And Precautions

Scared of Solar Eclipse? Know the optimistic side of this eclipse. Don’t be afraid of the shadows that veils the light, rather they can eclipse it for a short period of time. It is a well documented fact by now that every Solar Eclipse has a different effect on us, as all Solar eclipses have numerous variations as well as countless types. Join us as we take you on a ride and explain you the effect, this Solar Eclipse (which would fall on 26 February, 2017) shall have on us along with its astrological significance. 

Type of Solar Eclipse: Partial Solar eclipse

This shall be the first Solar Eclipse for the calendar year 2017, and although the fact still stands that it shall not be witnessed in India as well as other Asian countries, still it would hold great astrological importance. Having said that, the effect (sutak) for this Solar eclipses shall however be to no avail & wouldn’t hold of much significance. 

Time for the eclipse: 17:39:00 to 23:04:00 Hours (IST)

The countries that shall witness this Solar Eclipse

The countries/regions that shall witness this phenomena are as follows:

The south-western regions of Africa, South American countries such as Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and region across . 

As per the Indian Standard Time, the Solar eclipse shall start & end as follows:

Eclipse starts at 05:39 PM
Partial phase starts from 06:44 PM
Peak phase 08: 26 PM
Partial phase ends at 10:00 PM
Eclipse ends at 11:04 PM

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As per science, an eclipse is an astronomical occurrence yet, according to vedic astrology, it holds of great importance. People belonging to the nakshatra & the zodiac sign that is eclipsed, feel the direct brunt of its effect, which could either be positive or negative and sometimes even both. On 26 February, 2017, Shatabhisha nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, would experience the eclipse first hand. This would be the reason for the possible ill effect that people born under this nakshatra might experience. 

Although every zodiac sign shall experience different things from this eclipse, which would solely and completely depend on other astrological facts as well as planetary positions. We don’t mean to scare you but this Solar eclipse could witness one too many incidents such as terrorist attacks, earthquakes or even death of a pivotal & a famous political leader.

Let us find the effect this eclipse shall have on all the zodiac signs. The following predictions are based on your Moon Signs. To know your Moon Sign - Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: You could act like a bear with a sore head. Your finances could see a sharp decline as well. 

Taurus: There is a strong chance for you to score a new lavishy property or a vehicle. Things are looking up for your mother but the same could not be said about your father. 

Gemini: Your reputation & prestige shall rise significantly at your workplace. Family life could struggle as you might spend most of the time away from them. 

Cancer: Your enemies would try their best to derail the good run that you currently find yourself in. There could be a strong chance of ending in a dispute or even a court hearing so, lookout for that as well. 

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Leo: Your marital life could be going through a sticky patch & you might have a quarrel or two but, nothing of much significance. Just try to keep a cool head & you shall be fine. A long trip is on the cards too.

Virgo: You could suddenly find yourself gaining a thing which you thought wasn’t gettable. Take care of your health as it could dwindle during this period. 

Libra: Your children could be in a world of pain. Pregnant ladies should be very cautious. Studies would be an area where the students would have to work their socks off. 

Scorpio: Your vehicle or property could suffer from harm so, keep your eyes wide open. Your mother’s health looks pretty bleak too. 

Sagittarius: Your siblings wouldn’t know what hit them but, you would & yes hindrances, roadblocks and obstacles could hit them. Your social status as well as reputation would see a meteoric rise.

Capricorn: Mental & physical problems could peg you back real hard. You could also end-up burning your fingers but, obviously not literally. A long and satiating trip could soon be a reality.

Aquarius: Foreign as well as foreign relations could give you many a opportunities to reap in the benefits. You could end up printing money as you would see your treasure chest fill to the brim & then some more.

Pisces: Your in-laws could keep you engaged, but for all the wrong reasons. Monetary gains would be all over the place for you. So, just stuff all that money in a bag & run.

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Mantra For Solar Eclipse

During the Solar Eclipse Chanting of Mantra is very essential. According to the religious beliefs, the recitation of Mantra can eliminate the malefic or ill effects from our lives and thus it becomes necessary to chant the Mantra. During the Solar Eclipse, chant the following mantra:

"ॐ आदित्याय विद्महे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात् ॥"

Things that you shouldn’t do during an Eclipse

It is a widely known & accepted fact by now that during an Eclipse, the air gets contaminated or becomes impure due to the harmful rays that the Sun so blatantly radiates while the Eclipse is taking shape. Just follow these simple guidelines & you shall be just fine from all the ill-effects of this Solar Eclipse & others that might follow after this one. 

During an Eclipse, it is advised that you get on with literary as well as religious books, recite/chant various mantras or even Vishnu Sahastranaam.

It is strongly advised not to worship the idols of all the gods & goddesses as well as the plant Tulsi. Once the Eclipse is over with, one should bathe the idols diligently. 

One should neither cook nor eat any food item during an Eclipse. If you have cooked food already stored in your kitchen, you are advised to put a tulsi leaf over it, in order to keep negativity at bay.

One shouldn’t indulge in any kind of physical relations during an Eclipse. 

Sprinkle holy Ganga Jal all over your house once the Eclipse is over for good. 

Pregnant women should not step out of the house during an Eclipse. They should be extra cautious during the entire period of the eclipse & otherwise. 

Kids, old folks as well as ill people would not experience any bad effect during Sutak kaal, whatsoever.

To know the complete detail about all the zodiac signs for the entire years. 

A Solar eclipse would have both good as well bad effect on the lives of people, but with the proper astrological guidance & tutoring you shall come out on the other side unscaved. 

We sincerely hope that this piece of information comes to good use & that you are successfully able to wade away the ill effects of this Solar Eclipse.

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