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Horoscope Of The Week (FEB 06 to Feb 12)

Curious to know how this week might pan out for you? The Weekly Horoscope of the second week of February is here to acquaint you with what this week might hold for you. It’s time to sit back and scroll through the predictions!

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

ARIES: This week would bring in great news for you, from all sides. You’ll be earning substantially large, and would spend it on lavish articles and commodities for your home. Going for long journeys is possible in this duration. Emotionally, you might feel a little triggered, as this week would test your limits. Glory and success at work is highly probable. Consider your wit, intellect and quick judgement your only friends and make good use of them. Understand the worth of team and work in accordance with your colleagues.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be a fresh start for you. The troubles you had been facing in your life would cease to exist and you’ll be content with whatever you’ve in your plate. If you’re in love with your colleague, the stars are shining bright upon you. The beginning would give you and your partner umpteen moments to spend with each other. By the mid of the week, you’ll be able to maintain the transparency in your relationship. The week would end on a brilliant note, if you share and talk to your partner enough for them to understand your true feelings.


REMEDY: Distribute jaggery and grams to small children.

TAURUS: The week would bring auspiciousness in your love life. You’ll be highly inclined towards multiplying your wealth. Chances of accumulating high gains in this duration are pretty high. Kith and kin would pay extra heed to you, which you’ll enjoy for a certain amount of time. Make sure you don’t lose your temper, whatsoever the matter be. The glory amongst the people would fetch you recognition in the society. This week you might get a little restless and act finicky. Understand the importance of patience and act wisely. Students will excel in studies this week. Your focus and determination would get you great results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Due to some issues at home, you won’t be able to spend much time with your loved one. A trip could also spoil the timing for you to interact with your partner. This week would be average for love related issues. You won’t be able to make it special or memorable for your partner. The week would start on a bright note, but as the week progresses you’ll feel the passion mellow down in your relationship. But the end of the week would harbinger some great news for you, as your partner would make necessary moves to bring back the lost charm. Going for a movie is also possible.


REMEDY: mop your house with salt water.

GEMINI: This week would make you feel a little icky. Your decision making skill would get hampered. You’ll be less focused and will lose determination in an instant. Health would dwindle this week; make sure that you take proper precautions to stay in shape. You’ll be religious this week and indulge in may harmonious events. At home, some minor tiffs and arguments are possible, but you’ll find a way out of it with your deft precision. Going on a short journey is possible for some. The time is inauspicious for younger siblings, so make sure that you stand with them through thick or thin.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks jovial for married couples. You’ll be in a gay mood throughout the week and make sure that your partner feels your love. If you’re in love with a colleague, the chances of togetherness are high for the both of you. However, at the beginning of the week you won't be able to find much time for your lover. Despite of the tough situations, your love will stay rejuvenated and you’ll be in the pink of your health. The end of the week would entice you two to go for a nice romantic dinner at a serene place.


REMEDY: give a present to your sister.

CANCER: The week would make you feel twitchy and icky. You’ll face several mood swings, which might turn off your partner. Feelings of solidarity will hit you hard this week. Abstain from feeling under the heat and interact with people to come out of your mood phases. The time is favorable for love affairs. You’ll spend brilliant times with your partner. The time would bear witness to you outshining your opponents. You’ll bring glory and recognition to your name and will surely do your family proud. Siblings will be supportive; spouse will try hard to please your interests in this duration. Understand them and keep tabs on your speech.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week your love life will be in knots. You’ll have to put in great efforts to straighten it out. A little tiff or an argument could escalate into a huge fight in this duration, si make sure that you don’t say anything that you would regret at a later date. The week would start on a great note’ you’ll be in high spirits, but as it progresses you’ll start coming down with something. Lack of passion and romance would make your partner icky. The end of the week bears good news for you. You’ll start growing up and will get tired of minor issues and confrontations.


REMEDY: Chant Om Namah Shivay

LEO: The week presages health issues for you. You’ll indulge in sensual activities in this duration. Your income level might decline this week. You’ll start spending lavish, which could increase your expenses by a substantial amount. Students will face a problem of concentrating. Their focus would dwindle in this duration. Those in love relationships, will think about giving it a permanent name. Headache and fever will hamper your peace of mind in this duration. Exam results received this week will be favorable. It’s advised that you drive carefully this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: If you’ve made up your mind about spending the rest of your life with your partner, then the week’s going to be great for you. Otherwise, chances are that your partner might get hot under the collar for one reason or another. The week starts on a great note for you; those in love with their colleagues would get brilliant results in love life. The mid of the week would be average, and it would end in your favor as well.


REMEDY: Offer water to God Sun.

VIRGO: The week would give you gains in love and education. Children would be focussed on education and will get great results in exams. You’ll be inclined to try some new things in life in this week. Marital life would improve for the better in this duration. You’ll bond with your partner over shared interests and will make sure that you both understand each other well. Your performance at work would be ace and you’ll gain lot of glory and recognition. Keep your interests peaked and spirits high.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you average results. Love relations would be great. If you’ve been thinking about getting married, the time is in your favor. Keep your erotic senses in check and make sure that you avoid any confrontations. Do not get hot under the collar. The beginning would be average, with the mid slightly better. By the end, you’ll be in perfect contentment over your situations.


REMEDY: put tilak of chandan

LIBRA: This week you would gain strength over your opponents and make great use of your intellectual prowess. Children may suffer a bit; you might feel a bit lethargic due to all the exertion at work. Some losses are possible for you in this duration. Expenditure is also predicted to rise for you as you’ll start spending on lavish items. You need to maintain healthy relationship with females in general. Respect them and value their views. A journey is also probable for you. Some favorable results are possible this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would bring you mellow results; you’ll be in perfect sync with your partner. To get better results this week, you’re advised to keep a tab on your anger and refrain from losing it on your lover. Ignite the passion in your relationship. You need to focus on speaking making better use of your time. Speak mildly and truthfully. The start of the week would be a little dicey. You’ll be faced with a lot of temptations. By the end of the week, things will start to take a turn for the better and you’ll enjoy all the time spent with partner.


REMEDY: offer red flowers to maa durga.

SCORPIO: Love is in the air for you this week. You’ll be blessed with a cool temper this week. It’s advised that you avoid conflicts and clashes with anyone. This week will be a hectic issue for you. You’ll stay away from home due to business for most of the week. This period might increase your earnings. You’ll be glad to notice a change in your behaviour, as you’ll start to look at things in bigger manner. Rational approach will grow. Mother;s health might decline in this duration. You’ll have to make sure that nothing hampers your good vibes. Students will be energetic in this period. Financially, you’ll get the support of your siblings.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you average results. You’ll be in for a treat as opponents will take a back seat without you even trying. Abstain from making fun of others; understand that others have feelings too. The start of the weak looks great. You’ll utilize your time in doing good and cherishing with your partner. Do not confuse a no with a yes. The mid of the week looks bleak; you’ll have to try harder to make things work with spouse. Keep tabs on your sensual feelings. The end would be great; you’ll be watchful towards your temper.


REMEDY: apply kesar tilak on your forehead.

SAGITTARIUS: The week presages long journeys for you. You’ll get great new opportunities at work. Your great ideas will get their place and you’ll receive glory in return. You’ll be highly appreciated by your seniors and colleagues. At the domestic front, you’ll get mixed results. Though a business or a business partner, some gains are likely. Your attitude might turn a bit finicky and your mood swings might sour your mood and that of your closed ones. You might go for a pilgrimage or a dip in the holy water. Siblings would be kind enough to support your views.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you tremendous results. You’ll start experiencing more and more love towards your partner. Your stubborn attitude might make things a little twitchy for your partner. Don’t get frustrated in a jiffy. At the beginning of the week you’ll have a playful banter with your lover, which would make you enjoy every little moment. The mid looks great as well. Married couples will get god results in the week. The weekend looks bleak for some; maintain cordial relations with everyone and start meditating.


REMEDY: You should worship Lord Vishnu and offer sandalwood to him.

CAPRICORN: You’ll gain through foreign connections and accumulate wealth. A slight decline in health can be expected. The week might make you feel a bit alone; feeling of solidarity would hamper your inner peace of mind. You’ll be highly determined to attain great heights and make the best use of your time. AA pilgrimage is also probable. The week might witness a rise in ego and clashes in family. Your harshness in speech might tamper with your relations and you’ll have to face a hard time mending them at a later stage. Children would excel in their fields. You’ll be quick on your feet and would not mind helping other people in this duration. Maintain healthy relations with your colleagues and seniors.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be almost good for you. You’re advised to stay loyal to your partner to get good results in married life. Stay transparent and believe in your love. Its beneficial if you stick with one partner and do not complicate matters. The start of the week would be great to meet new people for the single masses. You can expect some banter and bickering with spouse by the mid of the week. Overall, the week looks good for you.


REMEDY: Chant shani mantra.

AQUARIUS: People around you may misjudge you as you might appear to be a reclusive person. High gains are possible for you in this week. A sacred ceremony at home is probable for some. Students will lack concentration and their focus will be haywired. Health might decline in this duration. You need to take proper care of yourself and the people near you. Some benefits in matters related to property and land are probable. You need to keep your eyes peeled, as some misunderstandings in love life are possible. At work, you’ll get your work done with high diligence and get glory that you duly deserve. Domestic life will be harmonious; you’ll have cordial relations with everyone at home and will make sure that everything runs smooth.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Even the slightest of tiffs could escalate into a huge argument. You need to understand that love needs patience and care. Do not let anyone come between you and your lover. The start of the week would be auspicious. You’ll be able to meet with your lover at someone’s house or at a secluded place. The mid of the week would be great. You’ll enjoy the time spent with lover. The end of the week would be on a sweet note; little tiffs and banter is possible.


REMEDY: On saturday donate multi coloured blanket to the needy.

PISCES: This week you would work extremely hard and become a workaholic. There is a serious chance of increment in your anger and ego. You’ll be terse most of the times and will start fidgeting every time a issue gets raised. Your marital life will be great; partner would make you feel loved and blessed. You’ll feel togetherness and closeness towards them. Your domestic life needs time and patience. Good communication will help you get ahead of the line. Siblings would be kind enough to lend a caring hand towards you. Your earnings would increase and you’ll start experiencing life on a whole new level. Do not let your expenses rise.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks great for love matters. You’ll start the week on a super sweet note by spending time with your lover and going for short trips and excursions. The mid of the week might give you something to ponder over and stress, but keep in mind that tensions are temporary. Trust your partner and walk hand in hand with them. The last days of the week will give you ample of chances to create memories with your partner and spend great time with them. You need to stabilise your relationship with your partner this week.


REMEDY: Use kesar in the food items.

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