Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sun Transit in Aquarius

Sun is the bearer of life and light. The planet Sun represents the self: the personality that a person has and the air of ego that it carries. The unlikeness of an individual is what’s described by the movement and placement of the planet Sun in its horoscope. Sun also plays a pivotal role in determining the authority and influence of all the male relatives of the individual such as father, son and husband and so are his children. In a nutshell, the planet Sun decides what it would make an individual into. 

The planet Sun will be transiting into the sign Aquarius on the 12th of February. This transit would mark a number of changes for people belonging to different zodiacs. Let us know how this Sun transit would muddle through!

ARIES: The transit of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius might bring your long awaited desire to the journey's end. This period is also predicted to be rewarding for your father. Financial gains to the spouse can also be expected in this period. Read more... 

TAURUS: The movement of the planet Sun into the sign Aquarius might bring dissatisfaction amongst family members. You also might get a little aggressive in this duration. Though, chances of a financial gain are also high. Read more... 

GEMINI: The transit of Sun in the sign Aquarius would be bitter-sweet for you. This period would give you long journeys and an increased interest in sacred activities. While being completely engrossed in your career during this period, keep an eye out for those who might backstab you. Read more... 

CANCER: The movement of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius might be the bearer of health issues and financial losses for you. Your inclination towards spiritual activities might increase. Unplanned journeys might keep you on the go during this period. Read more... 

LEO: The transit of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius would pump you with aggression. Your partner might also have to face minor health issues. You might gain recognition and glory at work. Try to avoid partnerships at work as they might not prove to be beneficial in the longer run. Read more... 

VIRGO: The movement of the planet in the sign Aquarius would bring long journeys for you during the transit period. Increased efforts and diligence towards work would lead to attainment of goals. Take one step at a time and keep negativity at bay. Read more... 

LIBRA: The transit of the planet Sun into the sign Aquarius is expected to open new avenues of professional success for you. Your income might also hike up. Though, your children's health might need attention during this transit period. Try to balance out your personal and professional life. Read more... 

SCORPIO: This period of transit of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius would leave you hemming and hawing before taking any decision. You might get influenced and manipulated by others very quickly which would keep you indecisive over major issues. Try to keep yourself knuckled down. Read more... 

SAGITTARIUS: The transit of Sun in the sign Aquarius would brim you over with focus and determination. You would prioritise your work over everything. Short trips with family and friends is also on the cards. Glory and recognition in the society can be expected in the near future. Read more... 

CAPRICORN: The movement of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius might herald sudden gains for you. Your performance at work would be your best so far. Though, look out for people who might slander behind your back and cause you defamation. Inclination towards spirituality might help you maintain your calm during this period. Read more... 

AQUARIUS: A devoted spouse at home and a compatible partner at work would make you ace through this transit period of the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius. You would find solace in solitariness. Your performance at work would reap appreciation. Slight hike in aggression is also expected during this period. Read more... 

PISCES: The transit on the planet Sun in the sign Aquarius would set your career on the right track and would provide it with momentum. Government employees might get a reason to rejoice during this transit period. The thought of taking a loan might cross your mind in this duration. Keep your ego at bay to avoid sour relationships. Read more... 

We at AstroSage, hope that this transit brings the best for you and helps you achieve what you truly deserve and desire. Let’s try to make the most of this auspicious period!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Chandra Grahan Today - Effects On You

February 11, 2017 has witnessed the first Chandra Grahan of the year. Not every eclipse is same; each one is unique given its type, presence, time, and situation. Let’s know how this lunar eclipse is affecting your life.

Time duration of this Grahan: 04:04:14 to 08:23:25 (IST)

Visibility: Asia, North America, Africa, North America, South America, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic, Europe, Antarctica

Type: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This Grahan is visible in India.

Mantra To Make This Grahan Beneficial

Chant this Mantra on this Chandra Grahan to gain the benefits of this time. Eclipses are not all about negativity afterall.

ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्॥

Precautions For Pregnant Women

  1. Avoid going out of your home.
  2. Don’t do any work; especially those involving instruments or cutting, peeling, stitching, etc.
  3. Chant a Mantra to empower the positivity or simply meditate.
  4. Avoid sleeping.
  5. Avoid eating during Grahan or a few minutes before and after the eclipse.
Click here to know more in detail about this eclipse: Chandra Grahan 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo

The retrogradation of Jupiter is here. It shall begin on the 6th of February, 2017 at 12:12 pm and then, would gradually become progressive on the 09th of June, 2017 at 19:35. The heavenly body would remain in this state of retrogression motion for a total of 124 days, give or take.

The celestial body Jupiter usually remains retrograded for 4 months a year. It is the significator or the molder of the second, fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house. As per the astrologers, Jupiter is believed to be the lord of Puravasa, Vishakha and Purvabhadra nakshatra. To be the most mightiest and dominant of planet’s among the nine planets is something only Jupiter could pull off . It represents opportune-ness, honesty, justice, positive qualities as well as galore of happiness. 


If you do the donkey work, you shall be equally rewarded. All your hard work & perseverance would finally pay off. A legal obstacle might bother you before being finally taken care of, successfully. 


Students would witness a dramatic turnaround in fortunes as far as their academics is concerned. Garnering knowledge would surely be on your agenda as you would be desperately inclined to do so.


Fruitful span for business associations. You will gain harmony, love and strength in your familial relationships. Spouse will do well in their professional endeavour. Progress in your health betterment. 


This span will be in full swing. All departments of life shall be uplifted. There may be a fat chance of hike in earnings. Take care of opponents and competitors, as they could be the one calling the shots. You would most likely have to pull your own weight in order to attain success.


You could be getting some financial aid from your in-laws. Students could see a sharp rise in their results. Overall, happiness & contentment will surround you & your loved ones. 


You would have to be more understanding as far your relationship goes. Try to listen things from their prospective else these pitty tiffs and quarrels would soon consume your relationship. Expenses could rise as well. 


Your expenses would walk hand in hand with your income. You could also be heading towards multiple sources of income. Your health could take a beating so keep good care of yourself. 


Try not to get into altercations with your seniors, or people high up the corporate ladder. Your professional life shall be blazingly awesome as you would witness a meteoric rise. Just remember, you have to stay focused. 


You might go on a long fulfilling trip a lot sooner than you expect. You would be very confident of your things as well as yourself. You will have punch above your weight in order to have a blistering professional life. 


You might wanna give switching your job a shot. Your expenses could rise significantly so in order to avoid bankruptcy, it is advised to keep a tight leash on your expenditures. Health of siblings could increase. 


Spontaneous travel plan will keep you highly engaged as well as occupied. You could get your fingers burned but not in the literal of senses. Health of spouse could keep you bothered. Try to eat healthy & exercise regularly.


Try not to behave like a bear with sore head on matters that require sensitivity & tenderness. You will enjoy an enthralling period in your marital life. You would be quite gregarious as well as you would see your social circle increase. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (FEB 06 to Feb 12)

Curious to know how this week might pan out for you? The Weekly Horoscope of the second week of February is here to acquaint you with what this week might hold for you. It’s time to sit back and scroll through the predictions!

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

ARIES: This week would bring in great news for you, from all sides. You’ll be earning substantially large, and would spend it on lavish articles and commodities for your home. Going for long journeys is possible in this duration. Emotionally, you might feel a little triggered, as this week would test your limits. Glory and success at work is highly probable. Consider your wit, intellect and quick judgement your only friends and make good use of them. Understand the worth of team and work in accordance with your colleagues.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be a fresh start for you. The troubles you had been facing in your life would cease to exist and you’ll be content with whatever you’ve in your plate. If you’re in love with your colleague, the stars are shining bright upon you. The beginning would give you and your partner umpteen moments to spend with each other. By the mid of the week, you’ll be able to maintain the transparency in your relationship. The week would end on a brilliant note, if you share and talk to your partner enough for them to understand your true feelings.


REMEDY: Distribute jaggery and grams to small children.

TAURUS: The week would bring auspiciousness in your love life. You’ll be highly inclined towards multiplying your wealth. Chances of accumulating high gains in this duration are pretty high. Kith and kin would pay extra heed to you, which you’ll enjoy for a certain amount of time. Make sure you don’t lose your temper, whatsoever the matter be. The glory amongst the people would fetch you recognition in the society. This week you might get a little restless and act finicky. Understand the importance of patience and act wisely. Students will excel in studies this week. Your focus and determination would get you great results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Due to some issues at home, you won’t be able to spend much time with your loved one. A trip could also spoil the timing for you to interact with your partner. This week would be average for love related issues. You won’t be able to make it special or memorable for your partner. The week would start on a bright note, but as the week progresses you’ll feel the passion mellow down in your relationship. But the end of the week would harbinger some great news for you, as your partner would make necessary moves to bring back the lost charm. Going for a movie is also possible.


REMEDY: mop your house with salt water.

GEMINI: This week would make you feel a little icky. Your decision making skill would get hampered. You’ll be less focused and will lose determination in an instant. Health would dwindle this week; make sure that you take proper precautions to stay in shape. You’ll be religious this week and indulge in may harmonious events. At home, some minor tiffs and arguments are possible, but you’ll find a way out of it with your deft precision. Going on a short journey is possible for some. The time is inauspicious for younger siblings, so make sure that you stand with them through thick or thin.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks jovial for married couples. You’ll be in a gay mood throughout the week and make sure that your partner feels your love. If you’re in love with a colleague, the chances of togetherness are high for the both of you. However, at the beginning of the week you won't be able to find much time for your lover. Despite of the tough situations, your love will stay rejuvenated and you’ll be in the pink of your health. The end of the week would entice you two to go for a nice romantic dinner at a serene place.


REMEDY: give a present to your sister.

CANCER: The week would make you feel twitchy and icky. You’ll face several mood swings, which might turn off your partner. Feelings of solidarity will hit you hard this week. Abstain from feeling under the heat and interact with people to come out of your mood phases. The time is favorable for love affairs. You’ll spend brilliant times with your partner. The time would bear witness to you outshining your opponents. You’ll bring glory and recognition to your name and will surely do your family proud. Siblings will be supportive; spouse will try hard to please your interests in this duration. Understand them and keep tabs on your speech.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week your love life will be in knots. You’ll have to put in great efforts to straighten it out. A little tiff or an argument could escalate into a huge fight in this duration, si make sure that you don’t say anything that you would regret at a later date. The week would start on a great note’ you’ll be in high spirits, but as it progresses you’ll start coming down with something. Lack of passion and romance would make your partner icky. The end of the week bears good news for you. You’ll start growing up and will get tired of minor issues and confrontations.


REMEDY: Chant Om Namah Shivay

LEO: The week presages health issues for you. You’ll indulge in sensual activities in this duration. Your income level might decline this week. You’ll start spending lavish, which could increase your expenses by a substantial amount. Students will face a problem of concentrating. Their focus would dwindle in this duration. Those in love relationships, will think about giving it a permanent name. Headache and fever will hamper your peace of mind in this duration. Exam results received this week will be favorable. It’s advised that you drive carefully this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: If you’ve made up your mind about spending the rest of your life with your partner, then the week’s going to be great for you. Otherwise, chances are that your partner might get hot under the collar for one reason or another. The week starts on a great note for you; those in love with their colleagues would get brilliant results in love life. The mid of the week would be average, and it would end in your favor as well.


REMEDY: Offer water to God Sun.

VIRGO: The week would give you gains in love and education. Children would be focussed on education and will get great results in exams. You’ll be inclined to try some new things in life in this week. Marital life would improve for the better in this duration. You’ll bond with your partner over shared interests and will make sure that you both understand each other well. Your performance at work would be ace and you’ll gain lot of glory and recognition. Keep your interests peaked and spirits high.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you average results. Love relations would be great. If you’ve been thinking about getting married, the time is in your favor. Keep your erotic senses in check and make sure that you avoid any confrontations. Do not get hot under the collar. The beginning would be average, with the mid slightly better. By the end, you’ll be in perfect contentment over your situations.


REMEDY: put tilak of chandan

LIBRA: This week you would gain strength over your opponents and make great use of your intellectual prowess. Children may suffer a bit; you might feel a bit lethargic due to all the exertion at work. Some losses are possible for you in this duration. Expenditure is also predicted to rise for you as you’ll start spending on lavish items. You need to maintain healthy relationship with females in general. Respect them and value their views. A journey is also probable for you. Some favorable results are possible this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would bring you mellow results; you’ll be in perfect sync with your partner. To get better results this week, you’re advised to keep a tab on your anger and refrain from losing it on your lover. Ignite the passion in your relationship. You need to focus on speaking making better use of your time. Speak mildly and truthfully. The start of the week would be a little dicey. You’ll be faced with a lot of temptations. By the end of the week, things will start to take a turn for the better and you’ll enjoy all the time spent with partner.


REMEDY: offer red flowers to maa durga.

SCORPIO: Love is in the air for you this week. You’ll be blessed with a cool temper this week. It’s advised that you avoid conflicts and clashes with anyone. This week will be a hectic issue for you. You’ll stay away from home due to business for most of the week. This period might increase your earnings. You’ll be glad to notice a change in your behaviour, as you’ll start to look at things in bigger manner. Rational approach will grow. Mother;s health might decline in this duration. You’ll have to make sure that nothing hampers your good vibes. Students will be energetic in this period. Financially, you’ll get the support of your siblings.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you average results. You’ll be in for a treat as opponents will take a back seat without you even trying. Abstain from making fun of others; understand that others have feelings too. The start of the weak looks great. You’ll utilize your time in doing good and cherishing with your partner. Do not confuse a no with a yes. The mid of the week looks bleak; you’ll have to try harder to make things work with spouse. Keep tabs on your sensual feelings. The end would be great; you’ll be watchful towards your temper.


REMEDY: apply kesar tilak on your forehead.

SAGITTARIUS: The week presages long journeys for you. You’ll get great new opportunities at work. Your great ideas will get their place and you’ll receive glory in return. You’ll be highly appreciated by your seniors and colleagues. At the domestic front, you’ll get mixed results. Though a business or a business partner, some gains are likely. Your attitude might turn a bit finicky and your mood swings might sour your mood and that of your closed ones. You might go for a pilgrimage or a dip in the holy water. Siblings would be kind enough to support your views.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you tremendous results. You’ll start experiencing more and more love towards your partner. Your stubborn attitude might make things a little twitchy for your partner. Don’t get frustrated in a jiffy. At the beginning of the week you’ll have a playful banter with your lover, which would make you enjoy every little moment. The mid looks great as well. Married couples will get god results in the week. The weekend looks bleak for some; maintain cordial relations with everyone and start meditating.


REMEDY: You should worship Lord Vishnu and offer sandalwood to him.

CAPRICORN: You’ll gain through foreign connections and accumulate wealth. A slight decline in health can be expected. The week might make you feel a bit alone; feeling of solidarity would hamper your inner peace of mind. You’ll be highly determined to attain great heights and make the best use of your time. AA pilgrimage is also probable. The week might witness a rise in ego and clashes in family. Your harshness in speech might tamper with your relations and you’ll have to face a hard time mending them at a later stage. Children would excel in their fields. You’ll be quick on your feet and would not mind helping other people in this duration. Maintain healthy relations with your colleagues and seniors.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be almost good for you. You’re advised to stay loyal to your partner to get good results in married life. Stay transparent and believe in your love. Its beneficial if you stick with one partner and do not complicate matters. The start of the week would be great to meet new people for the single masses. You can expect some banter and bickering with spouse by the mid of the week. Overall, the week looks good for you.


REMEDY: Chant shani mantra.

AQUARIUS: People around you may misjudge you as you might appear to be a reclusive person. High gains are possible for you in this week. A sacred ceremony at home is probable for some. Students will lack concentration and their focus will be haywired. Health might decline in this duration. You need to take proper care of yourself and the people near you. Some benefits in matters related to property and land are probable. You need to keep your eyes peeled, as some misunderstandings in love life are possible. At work, you’ll get your work done with high diligence and get glory that you duly deserve. Domestic life will be harmonious; you’ll have cordial relations with everyone at home and will make sure that everything runs smooth.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Even the slightest of tiffs could escalate into a huge argument. You need to understand that love needs patience and care. Do not let anyone come between you and your lover. The start of the week would be auspicious. You’ll be able to meet with your lover at someone’s house or at a secluded place. The mid of the week would be great. You’ll enjoy the time spent with lover. The end of the week would be on a sweet note; little tiffs and banter is possible.


REMEDY: On saturday donate multi coloured blanket to the needy.

PISCES: This week you would work extremely hard and become a workaholic. There is a serious chance of increment in your anger and ego. You’ll be terse most of the times and will start fidgeting every time a issue gets raised. Your marital life will be great; partner would make you feel loved and blessed. You’ll feel togetherness and closeness towards them. Your domestic life needs time and patience. Good communication will help you get ahead of the line. Siblings would be kind enough to lend a caring hand towards you. Your earnings would increase and you’ll start experiencing life on a whole new level. Do not let your expenses rise.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week looks great for love matters. You’ll start the week on a super sweet note by spending time with your lover and going for short trips and excursions. The mid of the week might give you something to ponder over and stress, but keep in mind that tensions are temporary. Trust your partner and walk hand in hand with them. The last days of the week will give you ample of chances to create memories with your partner and spend great time with them. You need to stabilise your relationship with your partner this week.


REMEDY: Use kesar in the food items.

We at AstroSage hope that you put this horoscope to the finest of its use and channel energy and enthusiasm appropriately!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Mercury transiting In Capricorn - Know how it would be for you!

The planet of intellect and communicative prowess, Mercury will be transiting in the Capricorn zodiac on 3rd of February. The planet boasts of imbuing us with quick logics and reasoning. Due to the influence of this planet, you act quick on your feet and depend mostly on your wisdom. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

The earthy sign, Capricorn would welcome the naturally benefic planet Mercury on the 3rd of February. This transit would affect the signs; some in a major way and some in minor. The planet affects the signs based on the planet it's sitting with. It can give both negative and positive results but that depends solely on the nature of the planet it has an association with. Know the results of this transit on your sign:


With the movement of planet in your 10th house, benefits will ring in form all the directions and you’ll move heaven and earth to cash in all the benefits of your previous toils. To know how your love life would be in this Mercury Transit, Read More.


The planet Mercury would move into your 9th house, symbolising good times for socialising. Students will be glad to see a steep rise in their determination. Familial life will be great, despite of some tiffs, to rectify this, Read More. 


Move into 8th house. Health down. Will find interest in Spirituality and occultism. Will work on some new shore. Keep a tap on your tongue, avoid arguments. Will experience lack of happiness/peace/contentment at home. Unexpected gains in terms of money and will receive some good news through communication channel. Read More.


The transit of Mercury in the 7th house from your moon sign would bring in expenses for you. Partner would be supportive and make you feel loved throughout the period. To know about this in detail, Read More. 


The planet of intellect would move into the 6th house from moon sign. Financially, you might have to take special precautions. Rivals will be in for a treat, as you’ll outshine them. To know about the aftermath of this transit in detail, Read More.


The 5th house from your moon sign will be graced by the presence of Mercury. This would make you more determined towards work and you’ll outshine others at work. To know about the love horoscope, Read More.


The planet would move towards your 4th house, harbingering good news from around the world for you. You’ll be much interested in exploring the wilderness and have an eye for beauty in details. Home might undergo some changes. To know about them Read More.


Transit of Mercury into the 3rd house from moon sign, would see a steep rise in your energy levels. You’ll be quick on your feet and act wisely. Siblings might have to face some serious issues, which would aggravate your stress levels, read more to know the aftermath of this transit. Read More.


The planet of wisdom would move into the 2nd house from your moon sign. This movement would bring in a little harshness in your tone. You might get slightly fickle minded and turn a blind eye towards your peers. Spouse will demand more attention from you, but might remain distracted, to rectify this situation, Read More.


The movement of mercury in your ascendant will help you gain popularity amongst the masses. You’ll befriend new people and make good use of your time by socialising. Support from elderlies will benefit you, but little glitches could make you terse, know more about them, here. Read More.


The period of the transit would lure you towards spirituality. A great time for students, who’ve been aiming for higher education overseas. The potion of your love might just dwindle, Read more to rectify it. Read More.


As the planet moves into the 11th house from your moon sign, you’ll gain a lot of ardor and wit. This period will see you in a brighter light, as you’ll keep yourself socially active and maintain cordial relations with everyone.

Despite of a great time with family and friends, you might have to suffer from some drawback, know about them here. Read More.

We at AstroSage, wish you the best in this period. May you fare well and achieve great heights.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 - Your Monthly Horoscope

AstroSage has brought the monthly horoscope for the month of February 2017. Get to know what this month has got for you and how your daily routine will moe ahead. The February horoscope is written by our expert astrologers and hence, you can rely upon them. So, here we go:


Now would be a good time as any to chance your arm as you would in the most literal of senses ride your luck & would witness things skew in your favour. Students though, could be in for a hard time as far as their academics go.
To know in detail about your personal as well professional sphere, follow the link below


You might change your workplace, sooner rather than later & for reasons you would know far better than anyone else. Your business could lead you to a trip abroad & shall keep you & your spouse equally involved in your respective works. 

To get a piece of the complete cherry, follow the link below & read in detail about every aspect of your zodiac sign. 


Your appetite for work shall increase a great deal which would make life easier at work as people shall finally see your true caliber & mettle. Your father’s health could dwindle a bit so take good care of him. 

To learn in depth about how your various department of life would fare up against the greater odds, follow the link below.


Your marriage might run into a minor speedbump of some kind & the aftermath of this shall depend on your ability to quickly forget & forgive but remember that the more time you take, the more awful it would get so, act fast because the clock is running, TICK TOCK. 

To find out what the stars are holding out for you in every other fields of life, kindly follow the link below


You shall be in for a time of your life as you would live life to its fullest, basking in its full glory and rightfully so. Health could use some attention as this period could keep you bothered & concerned with numerous ailments & niggles, but nothing as such that would make your heart skip a beat. 

To know in greater depths about your each & every department of life, just follow the link given below & you’ll be off, on your way.


You would be the perfect employer at work, diligent & what not, thereby completing your quota of awesomeness as the wonderful person that you are & the positivity that you dish out. Students would witness a major overhaul in their situation surrounding academics. 

To reach in depth of all the predictions for your zodiac sign, follow our lead & click on this link given below.


You would be going through one of these phases that whatever you touch turns to gold as you would make a fortune with little or no efforts at all. Equanimity and Tranquility shall keep you safe as a child in his mother’s arm.

To know more on this agenda of life. Kindly follow this link mentioned below.


If you are into business of some kind then there is to be written a glorious chapter in your professional career. You would earn accolades and plaudits for the hard work that you keep putting in day in day out. 

To learn about your life in great deal of depth, just follow our lead & click on this link mentioned below.


Health should be one thing that you would have to really step your efforts on, as chances of you contracting a chronic ear disease is on the rise. You might have to control your anger & let some things go in order to not jeopardise your relationship with your friends.

To get in more of the action surrounding your life & well being, kindly follow the link mentioned below. 


Your siblings will have a glorious time as they would make a name for themselves both professionally as well as personally. Expenditure shall not be in tandem with the earnings as you would have to redraw your financial plans. 

To get in on a greater depth on the matters of family & career, kindly click on the link given below.


You might find all the materialistic things in life to be the least of your concerns as you would finally be able to think with a clear head about the more pressing events there are in life. Things might change as far as your business is concerned. 

To get a jump on further details, follow our lead & click on the link below.


Your personality will surely turn many heads and you’ll do justice with it as well, attracting more eyes than necessary. Take care of your health as some stomach related niggles could keep you over the edge. 

To get a bite on what else is on the table, kindly click on the below mentioned link.

We really hope that this bit of information was enlightening as it was imparting. Use this information to your advantage & see your fortune shoot up like a rocket in the sky. We at AstroSage honestly hope & pray that the month February brings you sterling opportunities that you rightfully grab hold & make the most of.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (Jan 30 to Feb 05)

Yearning to know your weekly prediction? AstroSage brings to you your Weekly Horoscope from 30th of January to 05h of February is here to help you ace through this week. Acquaint yourself with what the upcoming week might have in store for you!


This week might bring prolonged bliss and contentment, as the Arians might plan a long pleasant trip. Excessive expenditure on comforts and luxuries is also a possibility this week. Those belonging to the sign Aries might suffer from mental agony, katzenjammer, tensions and stress in this duration. Though, they would enjoy glory and reputation at workplace this week. You might have to work harder to achieve your goals. Your seniors will be supportive of you in your endeavours throughout. Multiple opportunities to earn more will knock at your door during this period. Keep a tab on your sensual endeavours. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Though, this week is expected to bring good results for your love relationship, minor irrelevant stress might cause some trouble in the paradise for you. The onset of the week is predicted to be quite eventful. The mid of the week might seem a little colourless but the weekend would be delightful and satisfying. Try to exercise control over your emotions to keep the blissful period going.


REMEDY: Offer 4 bananas to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. 


This week would prove to be quite positive for love matters of the Taurians. You might plan a trip or a social gathering during this week. You might find yourself mentally drifted and your energy would seem to be muddled and dispersed. Your seniors at work might behave in an icky and weird way. You will have to work harder this week to meet your goals. You would spend great time with lover. Your partner is predicted to benefit you financially during this period. You would have to go an extra mile to maintain a harmonious environment at home. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your controlled and caring attitude might prove to be a bonus this week. Though, this week is predicted to be quite pleasant for your love relation, paying heed to what your partner expects of you might just make it better. Try to establish an equilibrium between your personal and professional life during this period. The mid of the week might prove to be quite satisfying. The end of the week might be a little drab hence, refrain from getting emotional unnecessarily and behaving unexpectedly.


REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp beneath a Peepal tree.


Those belonging to the sign Gemini are expected to have high determination and inclination towards their work this week. Though, slight mental stress might bother you during this period. Abstain from indulging in a fight with a colleague at work. Also, refrain from boasting about your achievements. Minor tiffs with partner this week might keep you distracted. Though, your devotion and loyalty will not be doubted upon. Your luck will favor you throughout. You might go for vacations during this period. Your authority at work and your income would increase in this duration.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would prove to be truly blissful and engrossing for those in love. Those in a love relationship with their colleague might be able to make the most of this week. Try to imbue spirituality in your love relationship during the onset of the week as this might give you wonderful results. The middle of the week might feel considerably pleasant while the weekend would be as per your expectations. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Ganesha regularly.


Cancerians might plan vacations this week. At the beginning of the week, you might feel gloomy but try not to be in complete solitude. Abstain from indulging in any kind of confrontations or arguments as it might escalate into bigger issues. You would want to spend some cosy time with your partner this week. Minor health issues are possible in this duration. Maintain cordial relations with everyone to retain at home. Try to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week might urge you to remain balanced and exercise acute control over your desires. Try to obtain the middle path maintaining your excitement levels to a normal. Practice restraint, especially during the onset of the week. Try to turn towards spirituality during the middle of the week. Weekend seems to be brimming with love and compassion towards each other. Try to straighten out your older issues during this period. 


REMEDY: Meditate regularly.


This week, try to maintain cordial relations with your partner. You might have to focus more on your personal and professional life in order to get desired results. You would annihilate your opponents in this period. Your health might need attention this week. Try to communicate your feelings to your lover so that misunderstandings do not breathe in. Keep your feelings in check otherwise your image might get tarnished this week. You would employ new ideas to get income benefits. Students might have to work harder this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be pleasant for you. Albeit, married couples would be able to make the most of it. Try to bear with your partner during the beginning of the week as they might undergo mood swings and feel easily irritable. Keep a tab on your sexual desires during the middle of the week as this might not turn out the way you want it to. The weekend seems to be satisfying for you as you might plan a short trip or a pilgrimage with your love partner.


REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly. 


This week is predicted to bring in a blissful time for your marital life. Your kids might get mischievous during this period. They might get a little aggressive too. Keep your tongue tied to avoid disrupted relationships. You might indulge in unnecessary arguments. With your quick wit, you would be able to handle different situations efficiently. You might consider a change of place during this period. You would be determined and focussed on work this week, churning out great results at work. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is expected to bring in mixed results for your love relationship. Though, you would expect much more during this period. Try to avoid redundant quarrels with your love partner. The onset of the week might imbue slight irritation in your relationship. But the middle of the week is expected to be pleasant. Exercise restrain during the weekend. 


REMEDY: Feed green fodder to cows daily.


Librans might indulge in small arguments with their partner during this week. You might find yourself to be detached from love affairs during this period. You might feel lethargic during this period and might consider going for small trips to keep yourself fresh and rejuvenated. You might shell out on a pilgrimage in this duration. You are expected to outshine your rivals and come up with new plans to accumulate wealth this week. Chances of you contracting a disease in this duration are pretty high hence, exercise caution. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is predicted to be pleasing and delightful for your love relationship. Try to balance out your choices and decisions and do not be hasty during this period. Abstain from unnecessary stubbornness. You might feel inclined towards a peer or colleague during the beginning of the week. Slight squabble is a possibility during the mid of the week. The weekend might give mixed results. 


REMEDY: Offer kheer to Goddess Durga on Fridays. 


Scorpions are predicted to be completely focused on love and on keeping their relationship intact this week. You would be highly determined to go for a love marriage during this period. Though, avoid making hasty decisions as they might turn out to be detrimental later on. Your income would rise in this duration. A peaceful marital life is on the cards too. Albeit, there might be lack of contentment in familial issues. You are expected to remain focused and thoroughly determined this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: In general, this week would be quite pleasant for you love relation. Though, you might miss the essence of your love bond due to some stress or by being way too occupied in other things. You might feel a little drab and influenced during this period. The middle of the week might seem to be better. You can expect the weekend to be quite blissful. Minor tiffs and passion will keep your bond alive during this period.


REMEDY: Feed a brahman on Thursday. 


Those belonging to the sign Sagittarius might show earnest commitment towards their work this week. You might also plan long trips too. An argument with younger siblings will be a possibility during this week. Your kids might have a hard time concentrating on their studies. Your life partner would be supportive of you in your tough time. Do not pay heed to irrelevant tiffs at home. Keep a check on your tone, though. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week might not be very well for your love relation. Try to maintain your love bond lively and fresh this week. You might want to plan a date with your beloved during this period to avoid the rants. The onset of the week might bring you closer to your partner as you would come up with new ways to keep them entertained. The mid of the week is predicted to be quite pleasant. Though, the end of the week might not be as per your expectations.


REMEDY: Donate iron on Saturdays. 


Those of the sign Capricorn might indulge in making new relationships in this duration. Rejuvenating travel is on the cards for you. Disturbances in the family environment due to avoidable situations might occur. You’ll be lured towards spirituality during this period. Your expenses would increase too. Your partner might get glory as they might get an appreciable achievement in this period. Your health would need your acute attention. Do not be overconfident in this period. Financial gains from foreign sources would keep you motivated this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Try to maintain the trust and transparency in your love relationship this week. Also keep a tab on your sensuality and exercise restrain during this period. Refrain from smutty talks during the onset of the week. The mid of the week seems to be pleasant. The weekend will give you enough chances to spend quality time together and have fun.


REMEDY: Distribute candies amongst little girls on Fridays. 


Aquarians might have a gloomy start this week. Sudden gains are probable. New opportunities would knock at your door giving you space for professional growth. If you’ve been thinking about selling a property, the time would be in your favour this week. Try to make the most of it. Prosperous ceremony might take place at home to celebrate a happy and auspicious event. Wealth would increase during this period. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You can expect this week to be pretty satisfying and worthwhile for your love relationship. Try to maintain your emotional balance during the beginning of the week. Do not go overboard with sentimental and impassioned self. You might plan a date during the middle of the week with your beloved. A small trip or a movie date would be a good idea. The weekend might urge you to meet your love interest at a safe place to spend some cosy time together.


REMEDY: Feed chapati to street dogs, daily. 


Partnerships might get good results this week for those belonging to the sign Pisces. Those aspiring to pursue foreign studies might get great results during this period. Keep a tab on your wishlist this week. You are predicted to achieve success through toils. You might have a brilliant time with your spouse in this duration. Though, this week might not be a great time for those in love relations. You will be thoroughly engrossed in your work this week. A favorable time can be expected for all those who’ve been desirous of a promotion or a salary hike during this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is predicted to fare quite well for your love relation. Though, the onset of the week might not be as per your expectations. You might not get enough opportunities to meet your beloved but the middle of the week can be expected to get better. You would be able to get back the old passion and tenderness in your relationship. You might plan a date with your beloved to spend some quality time together. The end of the week would come with new energy and entertainment in your relationship.


REMEDY: Put a flag at a Hanuman Temple. 

We at AstroSage, hope that this week would contribute massively towards your career and your personal life. We hope that you make the most of all the opportunities that come your way this week!