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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (September 19 - 25)

Now, sneak peek into the upcoming time with us. As we are presenting you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step forward towards success.

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator


This time you can expect good relationship with business partners. You will do a lot of hard work just to complete your projects on time. All these efforts might put you in hectic schedule. But, not worry, this will give you fruitful results in future. Get ready, as luxuries and comforts demand will going to increase. Lastly, you might spend more time on grooming sessions. 

Love Predictions: The week looks good for your love life. Try to be more patient with your partner; don’t let ego come between your relationship with them. Let go of petty issues, otherwise chances are that they might escalate into arguments. The beginning of the week would be emotional for you, by the mid of the week things will start getting better as your stars will be in alignment with your luck.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Try to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

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This week you will be blessed with good amount of money which might put you in a question. Where to invest? so you can be benefitted with profits. This time your ability to think for domestic issues might become weak. Even at office ability to make managerial decisions might get low. As per the predictions, it is advisable to keep a watch on your health. If you are suffering from any chronic illness, you might visit to a doctor. 

Love Predictions: This week will be bittersweet for you. Married life might be a little stressed. If you are planning to get married, time is in your favour. Avoid going for any trips with your lover. The beginning of the week will be sluggish, but the end will be on a happy note. Chances of going for an entertainment related activity or fun outing by the end of the week are high. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid all kinds of distractions.

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You might enjoy an outing with family and friends occurring this week. In the mid week you will be busy in the domestic activities, rather being busy in professional life. The elder member in family might suffer from some illness. Due to this, expenses will occur, he/she may ask your time. But nothing to worry, no major problem will occur yet some irritable nature might be discovered in you. 

Love Predictions: The week looks promising for the gemini’s, love wise. New love might enter your life. The start of the week looks auspicious for those who want to propose their lover. The mid of the week might feel dull to you, but the end looks promising. Be patient with your lover and listen to their words carefully. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Don't take decisions in hurry. 

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This time your wish of going on a trip with family or friends might come true. Although, it is a good week to sit and relax. You will be busy in implementing plans for the future. Also, there are chances that some good plan ideas will be put forward by you. But, you might fail. Thus, it is important to make a delay on planning. It is recommended to stay calm and relax, do not expect anything this week, Lastly, stay cautious and relax. 

Love Predictions: The week doesn’t look too good for you, love wise. Don’t pay heed to inane matters; they might hamper your mental peace. Take out time from your busy schedule for your relationship as well. Try to avoid going for any trips with your lover. At the beginning of the week, stars will be in favour of those who are in love with their colleague. Overall, your week would be great and full of love, but chances are that weekend might be a little low for you, so try to maintain your inner peace.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Do meditation for mental peace.

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Lions, your star's position are nice. Hence this time is very auspicious to do hard work. With this you can take expansion decisions Those who are freshers or working on getting transferred this time perfect. You might get success this week in business or may be a transfer. Difficult situation might occur, so avoid taking rest. Also, you might waste your time in thinking unnecessary. So, try avoiding it. 

Love Predictions: Despite of the week looking good for your relationship with your lover; chances are that your busy schedule might hamper it. Spend time with your lover this week and create memories. Be determined and passionate about your love affair. The start of the week will be blissful; don’t let the laughter die in your relationship. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Increase your efforts if searching a new job.
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You might get blessed with a business trip Do not leave any of your documentation at home. The attitude of taking decisions lightly might put you in problem. You even might think of skipping the decision about that. Due to that issues might grow. Your power of doing hard work might decrease. Therefore, work hard to fetch desired wishes. It is also advisable to stay positive. Lastly, it is very important; do not forget any documents while going on a business trip. 

Love Predictions: The week seems favorable for you; although chances are that you might not get much time to spend with your partner. The start of the week will check your patience; maintain your calm. The mid of the week will be dull, but the end of the week looks bright. Chances are that you might learn the art of balancing your love life with your workload. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Take care of thefts while travelling.

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This week, your courageous and enthusiastic attitude will be maintained. Your enemies will not be able to stand in front of you. Many things might not come in your favor. Also, some ups and downs are possible. But not to worry, you just need a good planning in advance and that’s it. A message for you is; you have to be cautious while working and try to give space in your relationship. Otherwise, problems might occur. 

Love Predictions: This week looks promising for you love wise. Utilize your time in creating memories with your lover, instead of getting into an argument with them over petty issues. As predicted by your stars, if you’re in love with your colleague, time is more auspicious for you. The middle of the week looks meek but by the end of the week spark will return to your relationship. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Offer a gift to your mother or wife.

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Scorpions, you will obtain mixed results. Success will find you and goods news will be heard regarding family. But, some tensed situations might occur giving you stress. At workplace, hectic conditions might surround you. Natives who are studying and are competitors, have to work hard. Many new opportunities will come in way, so make the best use of it. Lastly, making concrete plans will help you help you in perfecting the future. 

Love Predictions: The week looks fabulous for you love wise. The stars look favorable for those planning to get married soon. The beginning of the week could bring in some minor tiffs in your relationship but don’t stress over it as the mutual love between you two would remain the same. The end of the week looks a little low for you, but try not to fret over it much.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Try meditation to reduce stress.

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You might enjoy an auspicious event at home. Due to that, a small get together with friends and family might take place. You might not felt like working as the domestic work will keep you busy. Money will flow out of the hand. Expenditure will going to increase and you might go on a shopping. The major change sagittarians might see; they might shift to a new place or residence. The week will bring a fresh start, taking up new challenges confidently. 

Love Predictions: The week will be bittersweet for you. Stay away from anger and tenacity in your relationship. Planning a trip with your lover is on the cards for you, but beware of difficulties while travelling. Your love will strengthen this week with your partner. You might face tid bits of problems during the week, but with the week coming to an end, all will cease and only love will prevail between you two. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid wastage of money.

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Get ready to experience some fresh encounters this week. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable with the ongoing things in life. You are expected to give wonderful performances in your respective fields. Expenses will going to increase as you might go on a shopping and spend all your money on luxurious things. There are chances that some guests might arrive and satay. This will keep you very busy. It is advisable to treat them honorably. 

Love Predictions: The week doesn’t look too good for you. Keep putting in your efforts to make your relationship work. Avoid proposing on any social media platform. The beginning of the week will be emotional for you. By the middle of the week, you’ll make your partner happy by doing something for them. If you’re married, the weekend will be favorable for you. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid anger and disputes.

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This time, your quality of getting mixed up with everyone will surely gonna help you. Your social status and reputation in your circle will be maintained in a good manner. While, some new friends will going to be added in your friend circle. Also, you might plan a journey with friends. You will also get appraisal at work. Everything will be in your favor this week. Also, you might go on a pilgrim.

Love Predictions: The time looks favourable for you this week. Chances are that one of you might be less interested in spending time together. However, if you show some interest, chances are that your relationship will soar high and the week will be blissful. At the beginning of the week, spend time together doing any entertainment related activity, by the mid; go and meet your lover, and when the weekend comes, you can express your love through some playful teasing. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha.

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You will feel happy and will celebrate proud moments, as you will be receiving lots of appreciation. Your financial stability will now get improve and also a gainful of income will be come. The efforts that you have made in your past will now give you fruitful results. Pisceans, who are students will be able to fetch good score in exams. A competitive spirit will be gained in them. It is advisable; to focus on relationships and do not ignore the problems. 

Love Predictions: The week will be full of mixed emotions for you. If you’re married, chances are that there will be little tiffs along the way but love will remain same. For unmarried people, the week will be okay. By the middle of the week, go and watch a film together or spend time travelling with your lover. Plan meeting at a safe place and make every moment with your lover count.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Spend time with your loved ones.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

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