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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (September 12 - 18)

Now, take a sneak peek into the future. We present you the predictions of weekly horoscope from September 12 to 18, 2016. Which is analysed by our expert astrologers. Now, read them and get ready to take a step forward in your life.

Now, read the predictions of upcoming week


Arians, this week, an amazing power of making decisions will improve which will direct you towards the success. With many favorable changes, you will be encouraged. Success shall kiss your kiss feet. The projects which were pending, will now be completed. Happiness will be received through achievements. 

Love Predictions: This week will be good for you in matters of love, however, it will be important to take care of your partner’s health and feelings. You might find it difficult to take out time for your partner due to work pressure at the start of the week, the end of the week will be positive. During this time, you must make up for all the lost love. The end of the week might be a little low. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: You are advised to avoid travelling at night.


Taureans, the starting of this week will be surrounded with positivity. You might choose some unique way to handle things. This way will also be appreciated by people around you. You will observe a calm nature in yourself, that might help you to go through a tough situation. Taureans, who are housewives might start some new work. Time is good for students and competitors. They might gain desired results. 

Love Predictions: This week will present you with mixed results in love matters. Don’t let your home issues affect your love life. If possible, take a trip with your partner. However, you might have to face some difficulties at the start. Mid-week will be positive for you, you will be able to maintain a balance between your work and love. The end of the week will bring in more positivity, love will prosper from every aspect.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Don’t waste your energy in wrong direction.


Geminis, starting of the week will going to be in your favor. People who are close to your heart might demand your precious time. Others will maintain good relation with you. With all this, one thing that should be kept in mind is, to keep a check on your health. You might get ill due to seasonal problems. It is advisable to maintain a balance professional and personal life. Also, do not let people to take decisions for you. 

Love Predictions: This week has mixed results in store for you. Don’t do things which might make your partner lose trust on you. The start of the week will be good. If you are married, this week might prove to be better for you. Mid-week looks a little low, maintain your decency. The end of the week will be better, however, you father might doubt you. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid intake of milk at night.


Cancerians, this week you might work on your skills to attain the positive outcomes. An enthusiasm and motivation will be observed. This hard work will going to be very helpful in future. You are recommended to spend most of your time with friends and family. You might get deviated from your aim. Thus, focus is important. Also, do not let the gap grow, between you and your soulmate. 

Love Predictions: This week will present you with mixed results. You will face opportunities of both kinds in matters of love, you might take a memorable trip with your partner or you might even have some arguments with them. The chances of an argument will increase at the start of the week. However, there will be no loss in love. Mid-week will be positive, while the end of the week looks low, maintain decency.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Try to avoid all kinds of distractions.


Lions, a lovable memories will be maintained with dear ones. You might plan a sudden trip with family and friends. This is a perfect week for entertainment and an enjoyable week is ahead. The key message for you that should be noted down is; at workplace, do not get distracted, just stick to your plans. Drive safe, follow all the traffic rules and avoid alcohol. 

Love Predictions: This week is positive for you in terms of love. During this time, you can pour your heart out to someone. You can take the vow for life with someone. However, you must also keep a check on your words. Don’t make a promise which you will not be able to fulfil. The start of the week will be good. There might be some minor arguments during mid-week. The end of the week might be low.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Try not to delay your important projects at workplace.


Virgonians, the whole week is the sum of mix outcomes for you. With your increased efficiency and decision making abilities. You shall receive success in business. Natives, if you relate with the fields like politics and social work. You might be able to turn things in your favor. The suggestion for you is, to have control on your speech. Words once spoken can’t be taken back. Thus, try avoiding arrogance attitude. 

Love Predictions: Overall, this week will be positive for love matters. This week will be helpful for the individuals who are planning on spending their life together. The start of the week will be good. You will be successful in your attempts to meet. There might be minor ordinary arguments during mid-week, but harmony will also prevail. The end of the week will be positive.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Lord Shiva for gaining auspiciousness.


Librans, you might become weak, it is very important to have control on your emotion. You might spend your week, thinking about the ongoing situations in personal life. This overthinking might put you in troublesome. Thus, it is important to increase your concentration at workplace. Also, avoid negative thoughts enter your mind. Try avoiding any kind of stressful situations. 

Love Predictions: This week might be mixed in terms of love. You might face a series of events which may lead to arguments and anger. However, you will also be presented with opportunities to sit and talk them out with your partner. The start of the week is good, you will get opportunities to take a trip or watch a film with your partner. Mid-week might bring some home issue which may affect your love life, but the end of the week will be good.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Try meditation and do things you like.


Scorpions, this time might test your abilities at workplace and at home. Therefore, it is advisable to act calm, control on your speech and anger also. These things will help you to win over every test. You might face some unpleasant changes, but not worry, you will be able surpass them. Since, family members will prove to be very supportive. Also, you will enjoy happy moments in the weekend with spouse and children. 

Love Predictions: This week will be mixed in matters of love. Your partner will respect you feelings, while you might be careless with the situations around you. You will be noticed by everyone around you for the contributions you make. Keep a check on your words at the start of the week. Mid-week will be appropriately positive, while the end of the week looks mixed. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Maintain calm and patience.


Sagittarians, it will be good, if you purchase vehicle, land or property this time. You might plan a visit to a pilgrim or some short journeys. Your colleagues’ and servants’, behaviour towards you will become very supportive. Thus, do not get angry unnecessarily. Mother, the heart of our home will also support. Whereas, a little bickering with siblings might be occur. An excellent performance at workplace is accepted. It is advisable to take care of your health. 

Love Predictions: In a general view, this week looks mixed for you in matters of love. You might be pressurised with work, but you will be successful in maintaining a balance between your personal life and work life. You will be emotional during the start of the week, avoid using bad language. Mid-week will be positive, while the end of the week might be mixed.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Don’t take stress of any kind, otherwise your health will suffer.


Capricorns, a behavioural change might be observed. Your anger level might go up which might reduce your level of peace. This week, you are advised; to keep control on your speech. Your harsh words might hurt other’s sentiment. This week, you might observe a change in attitude of yours. It would be better, if you improve this nature of yours and work on it. Lastly, avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

Love Predictions: This week will be positive for you in love matters, however, stay away from negative thoughts and maintain transparency with your partner. You might have to stay away from your partner during the start of the week, while away there are also chances of getting the opportunity to meet. Mid-week will be good, and the end of the week might bring in mixed results. Spending time with your partner will help you bring warmth in the relationship. 

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid drink & drive.


Aquarians, you be might escape from tasks & challenges at business or workplace this week. But, it is important for you to know that; opportunity knocks the doors from these ways only. If you work hard, no difficult challenge can harm you. This week will be bit hectic. Therefore, it is advisable to break that schedule after completing all the work. And take some break, It will help you to break the monotony in work. 

Love Predictions: Overall, this week will give you positive results. It will be the right time to make a marriage proposal. Married couples will receive good results. The start of the week will be quite good for you. Harmony will be maintained in the relationships. Mid-week looks a little low, but also positive. You will want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. 

Fortune Star: 2/5

Remedy: Try to take good sleep.


Piscean, luck will support you this time. You just have to enhance your skills, in order to improve your financial conditions. Multiple and new source of income coming in your way will be observed. This time you will be succeeded in balancing your budget. The key message for you is to listen your heart rather than listening to others. 

Love Predictions: With the unfavourable health of your partner, you might face a weakness in the love relation with them. However, keeping aside the unfavourable times, the start of the week will be positive. In case of love with a co worker, the positivity will increase. Mid-week will bring along good moments, while the end of the week looks a little low. You will get less opportunities to meet and there might be some arguments. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Avoid showing your weaknesses this time.

Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

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