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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (Jan 25 - 31)

Read the predictions from January 25 to January 31, 2016 and see what this week has brought for your life and also for your love life.
Read Weekly horoscope for this week and follow the remedies
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You are going to meet someone who will be helpful for you in future. Businessmen are going to get great opportunities in the ending of the week. You are suggested to be patient and control your anger. Be careful from your enemies and avoid reacting. Mother is the greatest gift given to us from lord. So, value her and spend some time with her. Ladies who are expecting, have to take very good care of health. Drive carefully during this phase.

Love Prediction: Unconditional love results are expected for you but you might experience some emotional turmoil. Always remember pain is the messenger of growth. So, plan meeting in a safe place in the beginning days. Midweek is very favourable for you. Beware of negative thoughts and have faith to make things better.

Remedy: Donate milk, curd or rice to temple or pilgrimage.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


This week is really good for those who belong to politics or social work. Travelling and foreign business related things will get green flag. You are suggested not to depend on your luck. Investments should be avoided and keeping yourself away from gambling is also important. Siblings and friends will be helping you to take important decisions. Love needs your time. So, spend some quality with each other to avoid any kind of grudges.

Love Prediction: Your positive thinking will get stronger which will evoke your initiative and happiness in love. In the starting days of the week you will get a chance to entertain each other in a healthy way. You might spend time with your partner while on shopping but mid of the week is not very cool therefore avoid getting irritated.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh fand offer milk and scutch grass. Offer green fodder to cow on Wednesday.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Transfusion of luck and hard work is going to be there this week. All pending work will now be completed. Females will enhance chances of reaching your goal. Young ones will bring happiness in your time. Your fate and dedication both will help you if participating in any competition. Amazing opportunities for the job-seekers is also predicted for the natives. Hence, patience & honesty is what you have to maintain to get rewards.

Love Prediction: In general, this week is favorable in terms of courtship for love birds especially for married couples. Your partner will stand by you in good days and even closer in bad days. Hence, good results will be obtained. Romantic things will bring you both closer. A little bit of time in isolation will give you bliss bringing lots of incentives in love.

Remedy: Stay cautious from hidden enemies.

Love Rating: 3/5


Favorable time for pending disputes as this week will be the end of all this. People who envy you will now be failing to affect you. Your health related issues will now resolve. You have to be careful all the time as good people are the target of the bad ones. Impatience will be there in you but try to be calm. Hardwork will be required to earn money and not the luck. Also, take care of yourself as expenses on health might increase.

Love Prediction: This week is quite favorable, giving you a message; ‘To respect and Don’t suspect’. If someone proposes you, do check before trusting him/her. In the beginning of the week, chances of getting emotional are there. A joviality will be obtained in love at the same place in the mid of this week a little caution is needed.

Remedy: Offer water to Sun and chant Gayatri Mantra.

Love Rating:


Amazing time for the ones looking for job and also for those who are studying. Adventurous self of yours will be seen. Conglomeration of sweet and sour times will be experienced from long journeys. There might be some finance related issues but do not loose hopes and get depressed. Instead, get yourself time to think that you can fight this time and will come out as a hero. Avoid any decision related to finances as this time is not favorable.

Love Prediction: Favourable time for lovers if they are totally devoted toward their partner. Love is not a game or entertainment, this is very important for you to understand. You may face reasons to stay away from each other. But, nothing will change as true love doesn’t mean being inseparable. Your emotional behavior will be observed and you will enjoy your love life..

Remedy: Offer green fodder to cow and offer water to Moon daily.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Success will most probably knock your door, if you are preparing for any competitive exam. Romantic trip with your lover can also happen. You will be successful if you are planning to have a baby together. You can start a new venture or anything corelated. Take care of your valuable things while travelling during this week. Legal matters might take time to settle down. Still be careful toward it.

Love Prediction:
In general, this week is going to be in your favor. Especially the beginning days will be good enough. Time is good for proposals so make the best use of it. But the middle days of the week might result in less time for love. Lastly, again the weekend will come with full compatibilty in love life but do control your unpleasant words before speaking.

Remedy: Offer grass to Lord Ganesh and chant Om Gan Ganpataye Namah.

Love Rating: 3/5


Lovers are going to enjoy this time together and those who want to marry will be successful in doing so. Anything you have lost will come and surprise you. Try more to get favoravle results in competitive exams. Your bad company might make you enjoy the wrong doings. But this happiness is not for long time so avoid doing so. You are suggested to take your time before coming to a conclusion as these decisions might not be the right ones.

Love Prediction: In this week you will gain power to put all your efforts to maintain love compatibilty in your relationship. With all this efforts you will enjoy beautiful moments like going on a movie together. If you are in love with a colleague then chances of enjoying are more. In the weekend there are possibilities of getting angry and having unpleasant conversation.

Remedy: Make donations to girls. Flow green lentils in running water after wrapping in a green cloth.

Love Rating: 3/5


Your expenses will increase now. There are chances that you might loose hope but don’t forget that you are much stronger than you think. Take care of your health and avoid doing anything in hurry. You are suggested to be careful from those who are jealous of you. Plan your trips as per your convenience and do not feel that someone else is earning more than you. Its not money that matters but what path you follow.

Love Prediction: This week is arriving with favorable results in love life. But, beware of the barreness of busy life, you might find hard to spend time together. Chances of visiting some religious places are there. You are likely to fall in love with a colleague. Love each other along with giving respect. Good results can be found in the weekend if living decently.

Remedy: Donate red cloth, gram dumplings and grams to temple and avoid wearing black/green clothes.

Love Rating: 3/5


You are going to be lucky throughout the week as all your decisions will result in your favor. Mixture of luck and hard work is giving you all that you want. But you should also take care of your health especially if you are having any health issue. Female friends will be there to support you. Money related things will be giving average results. You might buy a house or a vehicle if you were planning it. Legal matters will be on your side.

Love Prediction: This week is largely favorable in terms of courtship, but in the early days, do not let anger and amuck ruin the relation. In order to maintain a lovable bond, respect your partner's emotion. Being in love will bring good outcomes but the suspicious nature might be troublesome. Therefore keep loving your partner and make this time memorable.

Remedy: Chant Maha Mrityunjai or Rudra Gayatri Mantra and wear clean clothes.

Love Rating: 3/5


Spending time with your partner will lead to a blissful married life. Yet make sure you are there to listen to his/her problems whenever they need you. By doing so will help you forget all the tensions of life. You are going to enjoy whatever you do and desired results will come to your way due to this dedication. You are a person who never looses hope. Work done with full dedication and honesty is going to result in your favor.

Love Predictions: Although this week is very good, it might give you mixed results. But doing efforts will do wonders. The beginning of the week is going to be very auspicious. But you have to remain dignified in relationship which is very important. A great love will be experienced over the weekend. You might fall for someone at your workplace but avoid over-excitement.

Remedy: Avoid any addiction.

Love Rating: 3/5


Never let anyone know what your weaknesses are, as they might use it against you. This is the time when you need maximum patience as you might not get support from anyone. You are suggested not to switch your job this week as it might not be the right decision. All the tensions going in your life might make you helpless but have faith and let this time pass. Things will settle down slowly.

Love Prediction: This week is very good in terms of courtship. Talking to someone will be a treat to your heart. The beginning of the week is good, avoid fussy situations. By all accounts, middle of the week is filled with lots of prosperity. Married couples will get amazing results. Though lack of compatibility are likely to appear. Although being dignified will bring good results.

Remedy: Offer Kheer to children on Monday. Offer Bael Patra to God.

Love Rating: 3/5


Health related problems in females of the family might stress you. You are suggested to take care of yourself. Avoid foreign trips in this week if it is not so important. You will successfully get loans if trying for a long time. Lovers have to be patient and not rush in anything as the situation might go against you for your relationship. Your son might demand more from you but thats what children do so nothing to make yourself so stressed.

Love Prediction: In general, this week will be bringing mixed results for love affairs. The beginning days are very friendly for you. A classmate or colleague might take your heart away and you will fall in love with him/her superficially. However, you might get in mood to take risk in love. Avoid being suspicious in the weekend, be decent and take care of each other’s health along with an understanding of emotional values.

Remedy: Donate wheat flour to temple. Offer stationery items to needy.

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Hope you enjoyed reading our Love predictions horoscope which is exclusively given by Pt. Hanuman Mishra.

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