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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (11 to 17 Jan)

See, what your zodiac sign has in store for you by reading our predictions for January 11, 2016 to January 17, 2016. Get ready to know your weekly horoscope & love horoscope. 

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Arians, this week advises you to avoid giving or taking loans. This week, mother’s health might disturb you but the economic situation will remain normal for a disparity. You will be supported by parents. Job seekers - do not let go the opportunities or you may have to wait for a long. A good news is expected from children's side. Love and warmth will be received from the partner, which will help you to move forward. 

Love Predictions: Natives, This week is very favourable for love affairs but restrained your concupiscible desires. Starting of the week will be very good for you. An opposite sex at work might attract you in falling love. Whereas, mid of the week will be very auspicious for couples. However, avoid getting into brawls to maintain a harmonic relation. Weekend of the week will be full of mixed results. Although, due to some reasons gap in relation might arise between couples.

Remedies: Avoid having milk at night and cold products. 

Ratings: 3/5 


An uncharacteristically behaviour will be observed which might be uncomfortable. Lack of courage and enthusiasm might be seen. Be a champ and believe in yourself. The family might experience changes or might travel long distance journeys. Health problems of children especially headaches and problems related to eye are foreseen. Medium or large investment in business or for a new job can be made as this time is perfect but the result is likely to arrive late.

Love Predictions: This week you are likely to get mixed results in love life. In early days of this week you might get into a busy schedule and you are likely to stay a little temperamental due to that. In the middle of the week you to have reconcile between work and love. However, in the week end, attainment of good results are expected but chances of staying together are less. 

Remedies: Yoga and meditation will be very useful at this time. Try to have light meals and good sleep at night.

Ratings: 3/5


Geminis might feel tensed and uneasy this week due to a family member. You will have a little trouble in sleeping. At a professional level, you might feel some sluggishness resulting a decrease in your work performance. Your ability to make decisions will be weak and for work like a new economic or business expansion, time is moderate. Do not take major decisions. You will have to strive for success in education. You might face a low income and high expenses. 

Love Predictions: This week is giving you gesticulation to be cautious and more vigilant in matters of love. Especially in starting of this week you should keep yourself under control. Moreover, in the mid of this week, a programme of going on a date or a movie are likely to be made. Lastly, the weekend is coming with lots of goodness. Hence, love will bloom in your life.

Remedies: Present a gift to the mother or their equivalents.

Ratings: 2.5/5


In the beginning of this week, you might feel an increase in your ability but health can be troubling for some. Your mind will be in turbulent and can face difficulties in decision making. Friends may also cause some ideological differences. Family happiness and domestic growth are on the cards. The last part of the week for education and competition might be unfavourable for you. A weak memory or forgetting things frequently, might give rise to problems. Keep track of your child's health. 

Love Predictions: For love affairs this week will be full of mixed results. You might get attracted towards your colleague and wedded couples will get auspicious results in the starting of this week. Whereas in the mid of the week you will have to keep your actions under control. Whereas, in the end, you might have to rush up for things. Therefore, it will be beneficial, if you will be able to balance your work and love life. 

Remedies: Offer water to the moon.

Ratings: 2.5/5


Try to control your anger and speech. Indifference in views related to spirituality can be observed. A mixture of over-excitement and drop in enthusiasm is there for you. You might face ideological differences with siblings. Lack of happiness might be seen in family. Keep an eye on mother’s health and yourself. If you have BP problem, you have to be extra careful. You will get full support of outsiders. Work related to political issues and government officials will receive success. 

Love Predictions: Natives, this week is largely favorable for you to love. Opportunities to go out with & have entertainment are likely to arise this week. Although, in the beginning of this week; disputes are likely to occur but despite all this love will intensify. Middle of the week is also very good. Warmth love will maintained in a sufficient manner between couples. Married couples will fetch more better results. But over the weekend love should be restrained and taking care of each other will make bond bond strong.

Remedies: Chant Shani Mantra and Mrityunjaya mantras regularly. 

Ratings: 3.5/5


In terms of income, Virgos will prove to be gainful; while for businessmen, the week will be full of opportunities. Family life is full happiness but your mind will wander in some sad and distracted moments. Ideological differences with spouses will be there but unmarried ones might marry. Your life will remain better even if you face some problems in love. This week is very proficient for education and competition. Success is likely to kiss your feet by doing little efforts.

Love Predictions: This week a good compatibility will be there in your relationship. Chances of falling in love with a classmate or colleague is possible. At the beginning of the week, there will be a lot of passion in between you two.This time is good for proposals for you natives. Besides this, in the mid of the week you will enjoy this time a lot but in the end of this week it would be better if you keep yourself under control. 

Remedies: Keep meditating to keep your mind calm. Donate in regard with Ketu.

Ratings: 3.5/5


Librans expenses is going to increase on household resources and on luxury furnishings. Family happiness and pleasure will experience dramatic growth. This time, the enemies will be defeated, and outings/journeys are going to happen. Avoid taking loans otherwise realisation of money will be difficult. Plenty of support from parents will be received and extracting work from higher officials will also be possible. Public life and politics, people will get success. Health will be normal.

Love Predictions: This week, mixed result can be seen in love life. You might fall in love while travelling. Although in early days of this week, domestic affairs might upset you. Whereas, in the middle of the week you will feel encouraged. This week you might propose someone or may get a proposal are on the cards. In the end, the weekend is also quite favorable.

Remedies: To have better time lit camphor in Temple by worshipping Lord Shiva.

Ratings: 3/5


Scorpions might get mental distress from loved ones and family members, especially spouse. But keep calm and restrained. The funds will remain favorable this week. Work related to overseas, and natives who are working abroad will receive tremendous success. Travelling is unfavourable this week. The child may face some health problems and his/her behavior would also be like some unruly. Pregnant women keep a focus on health.

Love Predictions: This week, a mixture of love feelings for you natives can be observed. However, you might get less time while rushing into various things but in the end, you will be able to make best use of your time. While starting off, this week; chances of going out and have entertainment with partner are quite possible. Although, you might get upset in the mid of this week, time will be favourable for you to propose someone

Remedies: Keep control on your anger, Avoid making huge investments. Worship Saturn

Ratings: 3/5


Sagittarians, some unnecessary expenses might occur, but the arrival of income will retain throughout the week. Happiness in the family is there & public relations will also increase. Moreover, you can work on new schemes to bring them into reality ground but one must strive for it. The old debt will now be able to take off but take a note; avoid taking further loan. The brothers are also likely to pique, so keep a check on your anger and speech. 

Love Predictions: This week arrogance nature might overpower your relationship. If your love overpowers this situation then chances of getting favourable results are possible. At the beginning of the week; avoid debating over economical and domestic issues. In the middle of the week; spend and enjoy time together. If you fall in love with a neighbour, chances of getting better results will be gained. The weekend will give mixed results.

Remedies: Donate milk, curd, rice and white clothes for Moon. 

Ratings: 3/5


Capricorns this week is likely to be in your favour in terms of income. If your past deeds are good then chances of receiving money from various sources are possible. A positive environment at home will be seen this week. With the association of spouse, fortune will be strengthened but spouse's health problem may arise. Luck will be in your benevolence. Economic decisions will be successful. You will be supported by partners and higher officials.

Love Predictions: Generally, Week end will be good for love life at personal level but restrain your views on sensuality this week. The beginning of the week is quite positive. Your sentiments will be honored. During mid-week your love will get deepen and you might feel like to see your love frequently. The weekend will give mixed results, a love might stress you a little. 

Remedies: Keep praying Lord Shiva.

Ratings: 3/5


Travelling with safety measures is important for you. Chances of falling into disputes are possible. Due to low fortune ratings you might face tough situations, so trust your work and efforts. Time is not much in favor of financial risk. In first two days, be cautious with fire and electrical devices at your workplace. In the middle of the week and the last part will be the sum of success in work. Travel expenses for family will increase. 

Love Predictions: This week your love life will be very favourable but avoid stubborn attitude. If you do not get time to be with your love, keep conversating on phone calls. In the beginning of the week you might have to stay away from partner. Although, if partner is living abroad then relation will get more sweeter. The relationships at the end of this week will get better. 

Remedies: Do donations related to Rahu and stay away from addiction.

Ratings: 2.5/5


This week is well preferable for lovebirds who want to change their love relationship into marriage, time is perfect. Though married life is in contrast with this. Businessmen might face loss, especially if you trading in fluids, food products and even in matters related to land. Watch your children's health and women who are expecting a baby - take care. In competitions and education purpose, hardwork and efforts will result in victory.

Love Predictions: The sum of mixed results will be obtained this week. At the beginning of the week, the new energy in your love will be generated. A lot of passion, between you two will be observed this week. This time is very much favorable for ones who want to propose. In the middle of this week; possibilities of getting not so much favorable outcomes is there. Also, due to some reasons, you might have to stay away from love. The weekend is better to get good results, but avoid pointless controversy.

Remedies: Donate mustard oil for the sake of planet Saturn and Rahu. Pregnant women worship planet Jupiter and offer water to the moon. 

Ratings: 3/5

Hope you enjoyed reading our Love predictions horoscope which is exclusively given by Pt. Hanuman Mishra.

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