Friday, January 29, 2016

Rahu-Ketu Transit (January 29, 2016) - Know Their Effects

As per the Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are most powerful planets, believed to have strong impact on everyone's lives. In 2016, Rahu transit and Ketu transit will happen on January 29 at 11:37 pm in Leo & Aquarius respectively. 

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To know how Rahu transit & Ketu transit in 2016 will affect your lives, read below horoscope predictions:

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You will be rewarded with lots of goodness in the form of income, progeny & education. Health is wealth, therefore a full concentration is needed to keep yourself well. Taking risks in life is sometimes important, this is not the right time.


Some of you might undergo stress but keep focussing on how blessed you are instead of taking stress. An excellent performance is expected by you which will make things smooth. However, stay away from legal matters.


You will inhale confidence and exhale all the doubts which were troubling you in past. Your confidence, success, devotion in spirituality and profits will catch speed. Disputes between siblings can be observed whereas you might travel unnecessarily.


You will be receiving tremendous amount of money but with lots of unusual expenses, so save money in order to be saved by money in future. Drive safely and take care of your health to avoid getting health issues related to stomach.


There is no caste in love and with this view you might fall in love. A momentary sadness might be felt among natives which may lead in dissatisfaction among family members. Having a sacrificial nature will solve all brawls. Taking decisions wisely in business will be gainful.


This planetary movement will result in many trips including foreign. Victory and defeats are part of life. Hence, you will receive victory over enemies. You will be able to clear your past debts now. On the other hand, due to this transit health will improve.


On monetary terms your time is very favourable and love life will be full of beautiful moments. Natives who are students will excel in their studies. Will power, decision making ability and interest in religious matters will increase. During this transit avoid taking shortcuts.


You will receive tremendous success whether it is related to legal, political or administrative matters. ‘’Every family has problems but sticking together is the key’,’ Therefore, avoid getting into brawls. Take care of parents health and yourselves.


You will receive mixed results depending on Rahu of your birth time. While in general journeys might bring some troublesome. But your inner confidence will increase now which will give you success. However, maintain good relations with knowns.


It is said that bad time brings good lessons. So, do not worry and avoid following false path, bad eating habits and maintain cordial relation with loved ones This transit is not much favorable for you, chances of getting health issues and financial problems are there.


Your business life will be flourished due to this transit. However, maintain lovable bond with spouse to avoid quarrels and with business partners as well. Be careful in financial matters and health. Last, an enhancement in courage will be observed.


This transit is happening bringing goodness to your life. Relation with spouse and business partners will improve. If trying for loans you will be successful. During this transit control your expenses and keep an eye on health.

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